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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 13, 2012    

Already packing in lunch-time crowds for its scrumptious and delectable combination of Oriental cuisines, even we were taken aback by the great buzz surrounding in the short time that it has opened. offers an unrivalled range of “xiao chi” and “dian xin”, many of which were specially developed in-house by our culinary experts. That means you won’t be able to find many of these tantalizing food items anywhere else!

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Affordable Chinese buffet

I went to this Chinese café for dinner buffet as it is recommended by my sister friends for its affordable pricing and authentic Chinese food. The dinner buffet starts operating at 6pm to 10pm. Therefore my parents and sisters decided to give it a try as the food on their website show all of our favorite food like cereal prawns, butter prawns, steam fish ,pork ribs etc.

Being a prawn lover, going to this Chinese buffet would be more worth it as we are able to eat a lot of prawns which is being cook in all different methods. My family has ordered at least 4-5 times of prawns and I could say that their cereal prawn is the best compared to butter, salt and pepper prawns etc. The quality of the prawn is just average, not really tender or what, but it is still acceptable since it is a buffet which is below $20.

The Chinese buffet comes with a soup that is just worth the price of visiting this restaurant, I guess. The soup is perhaps brewed for hours because the soup is filled with the sweetness of the chicken, not by msg or flavouring. My favorite dish would then be the cereal tofu! It is just awfully awesome, we ordered 2 plates and I ate almost 1 ¼ all by myself. The egg tofu that is being fried just perfectly matched with the cereal that is normally used for those cereal prawns. Indeed a heavenly good combination that I have never tried in my entire life.
It would be better to visit the restaurants around 6+ as there will not be much people inside and the staffs would be able to cater to your needs even better.

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Cereal Tofu
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excellent chinese food but poor service

I had dinner at this place just yesterday as my friend had bought coupons from a coupon site that collaborated with this restaurant. At $15.80++ for dinner buffet which consists of a bowl of soup, prawn rolls, unlimited orders of dishes like cereal prawns, butter prawns, various type of fishes, sauteed beef with leek, chicken dishes, pork dishes and vegetables, I'm sold. I love a good Chinese dinner every now and then.

The dishes are so good! I love the cereal tofu, the texture of the tofu is very hard to describe. Soft and bouncy while coated in fragrant cereal. I enjoyed using my chopsticks to poke the tofu. That dish was wiped out within minutes. The prawn dishes were good. Prawns were fresh and not small at all. Big, juicy prawns! I tried all the prawn dishes and I am glad to report that they are all very delicious. As a prawn lover, I thoroughly enjoyed the dishes! The garlic pork ribs were so well-marinated and tender. I have never tasted this dish before but I'm glad my friend ordered it. For the prawns and pork ribs alone, it is worth a trip already.

The bad part of the meal was the vegetables and the beef. The vegetables were bitter. We ordered kailan and it was bitter so we thought the fault lies with the vegetable, so we ordered "nai bai", this cute looking vegetable, it is also bitter. We gave up on the vegetables. The beef was slimy and felt fake. My friend even commented that the beef does not taste like beef. Not recommended. Service was also very bad. The waitress snatched our order slip very rudely. I had to wait for 10 minutes for someone to attend to our table. When I asked for a soup spoon, I was served a big serving spoon. Do I look like I have a huge mouth?

There are some falls and rises here but for the fall itself, it already justifies the price. The soup is so sweet and had baby clams in it as well! I recommend this place for the prawn and pork dishes but not if you are looking for good beef dishes and good restaurant service. For the good dishes, I am willing to close one eye on the bad service. So it really depends on what you are there for.

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