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We think Epicurious represents the best of casual dining in Singapore: home-made, reasonably priced food, friendly, unpretentious service, presented in a unique style.

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(Updated: May 27, 2013)

relaxing breakfast place

Got a feeling for a fancy breakfast but don't wanna spend $22 on a set of toast, eggs and ham? Welcome to Epicurious! I was recommended to visit Epicurious when I was complaining about expensive and mediocre tasting breakfasts from places that serve all-day breakfast like Wild Honey. She told me to try Epicurious and being the curious and hungry girl I am, I went down the next day with my sister with two rumbling tummies. We ordered a plate of 3 pancakes and a breakfast burrito to share. Service was great and friendly and the ambience was really relaxing. Shop was clean and neat as well!

The pancakes that we ordered were so fragrant. There's this milky smell about it that I like. It was smooth and moist inside. Nothing like the dry and crumbly pancakes I had experienced at Five & Dime. It came with sliced bananas, strawberries and loads of syrup which went really well with the pancakes. We both loved it a lot! The breakfast burrito felt really hearty with the generous amount of ingredients inside the wrap. It was a surprise the wrap did not gave way! It also came with salsa at the side. The wrap is an improved and much nicer version of the KFC breakfast wraps. If you like those wraps, I am sure you would be head over heels over the breakfast burrito wrap at Epicurious.

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All day breakfast!?

Situated or merged with Sweet Salty and Spicy, Cafe Epicurious is a wonderful and quirky little place. Till now, I'm not sure if the two are the different ventures by the same person or what.

Be prepared to be greeted by warm lighting and black walls tastefully partitioned with huge mirrors. The place is quiet and I would consider it a hidden gem.

The food is good. I've tried the Epicurious burger and it is served in generous portions. The caramelized onions are wonderful :D Couple that with the medium-rare beef and one gets a juicy and delicious burger to die for. However, the lamb fajita wasn't all that great. It was too dry in my opinion. Still, one wayward dish doesn't detract from the overall experience that this cafe offers. Do visit it!

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Rail Mall
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Great Brunch Setting

Cafe epicurious serves wonderful breakfast sets. I ordered an Epic Breakfast (for 2 persons) which consists of an Eggs Benedict set, 2 scrambled eggs and 2 regular coffee or tea. The portion is really huge. My friend and I are rather small eaters and so we were unable to finish the entire dish. However, the epic breakfast set is indeed epic. The scrambled eggs are very fresh and extremely well done. I believe that it is one of the best scrambled eggs I have tasted in a long time. The roasted potatoes at the side were cooked to perfection. The taste and texture was just perfect.

Because my friend and I visited Cafe Epicurious on a weekday, we had the entire cafe to ourselves. The staff were very attentive and the service was good! Overall, a very good dining experience!

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(Updated: September 24, 2012)

Great Ambience & Mains

Epicurious is a small, cozy place with al fresco dining. The view is beautiful and very peaceful.

I really love this place for the ambience, and of course, the food. My favourite dish from Epicurious has got to be the chili crab pasta (sadly it’s only available once in a while as the daily special). The sauce is authentic, and the serving of crab is generous as well, making it a really good dish – spicy and sweet. I also like the vegetarian pasta, which has lots of greens, and it’s not too oily despite it’s aglio olio dressing. Unfortunately, I wasn’t too fond of the bread pudding as it was simply too rich, and a little one-dimensional. I think there was too much bread for my liking, making it a little difficult to swallow after a while.

Overall, I’d recommend this place for the mains and the great ambience. I will definitely be back to try their famous brunch. I do recommend making a dinner reservation on weekends, as it does tend to get a little crowded.

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