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Hill Street Coffee Shop

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Gardens By the Bay 18 Marina Gardens Drive Singapore
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 10, 2012    

With its flagship store opened at the Supertree Dining at Gardens by the Bay, this "coffee shop" is actually a restaurant selling Singapore's local delights. 

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Think Char Kway Teow 3x the price.

Think ice kacang at 4x the price.

Yes, this is what we call "Gourmet local food", "Gourmet Charkwayteow".
Now now, don't snigger. We were real happy with our dining experience today, after a long trek viewing colourful flowers and man-made nature landscapes. We plonked our butts down and hastily ordered a variety of food to share, like their specialty Nasi Lemak, $2 otah not much bigger than the usual 30 cents one, sayur lodeh, char kway teow and an ice kacang.

The otah was not too bad, but seriously, $2 for a pop? You must be kidding me. And $2 is already a discounted price. Now to the Nasi Lemak- it came with a huge braised thigh slathered with sweetish, a little spicy sambal sauce. And at the side were acar, 2 pieces of keropok, some nuts, and finally the star, coconut scented basmati rice. That's some expensive rice man. The chicken was slide off the bone tender and the rice was soft and not too heavily coconut laden, we were impressed. At least good food at high prices doesn't get us as worked up as bad food at high prices.

The sayur lodeh gravy was pure heaven too. Rich and coconutty, it came with cabbage, long beans and even a rare sighting- lontong, which not many places add. If i didn't care about my waistline, i would have drank up the gravy. But you know, a girl's gotta do what she gotta do.
The ice kacang, at $4,50. My oh my, it was a towering one, even though 4x more expensive, it came at least 4 times taller. And, GUESS WHAT. 5 ATTAP SEEDS. Yes, FIVE. Instead of the normal 2. The ingredients at the bottom were generously given too, the 3 of us had difficulty finishing up all. The CKT came with a chockful of "hum" and was well fried.

Practically all the dishes didn't disappoint, so if you want to indulge in some gourmet local food, give here a try!

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