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63 Serangoon Garden Way Singapore
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 01, 2012    

Pow Sing was started by Mr Lee Chin Soo & Mr Steven Tan in the year 1983. Their aim is to serve up the best local cuisine.

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I keep going back for their Crispy Nyonya Tofu.

In the midst of my ‘A’ Levels, I had intense cravings for authentic Nyonya food and was delighted to discover that near my house there was an old restaurant that offered a whole array of traditional Nyonya dishes AND Hainanese chicken rice! Two of my favourites in a single restaurant, what more can a girl ask for??

While their chicken rice was not bad, I would say that I’ve tasted better ones elsewhere. What blew me away was their Crispy Nyonya Tofu. Do not be deceived by its unassuming exterior, one bite of these little morsels of goodness and your tastebuds will be transported to tastebud heaven. Seriously. It’s skin is fried to just the right level of crispiness such that it does not taste too oily, while the beancurd inside is smooth and silky with a twinge of egg-iness. Pair it with the black sauce provided and you’ve got a dish that’s good enough to have on its own. I would be lying to say I have not been tempted to order a plate of 10 all for myself. Other fantastic dishes include their Bakwan Kepiting which has flavourful pork and crab meatballs served in soup, and their Sambal Kang Kong!

The fact that Pow Sing expanded to occupying 2 shop spaces in the same row of shophouses is testament to the quality of the food. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants a taste of authentic Peranakan food!

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Famous for their chicken rice

My family first discovered this place while driving along the road of Serangoon Gardens. My father, being a "foodie" decided that he had to try the chicken rice. After that virgin experience, our family became a fan of Pow Sing, planning birthday dinners there to share the good food they offered.

The exterior of the shop is recognisable by its glass case that hangs dead, cut and butchered chicken. Along with that are usually children who press their faces along the glass panels curiously as they watch the butcher flawlessly cut the chicken to be served.

That chicken that is served, however, is part of the good chicken rice that they serve. In fact, their other dishes are not too shabby either. The sweet and sour pork is one of my other favourite dishes together with their well made steamed fish. Not forgetting that their home-made orange juice is also generous in pulp!

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Proud to be Hainanese

I am a Hainanese and am proud that Hainanese is so famous for having so many good chefs. When I was first introduced to this restaurant by my colleague, my colleague was also a Hainanese. She told me this was the restaurant that her family would normally dine in, they lived in Seng Kang so it was not that far.

I thought I should also follow suit and bring my family to this restaurant. At that time, I was living in Pasir Ris and my brother was also living in Pasir Ris. We drove all the way from Pasir Ris to Serangoon Garden. My whole family agreed that it was a good dinner and it was also a good thing that my son's favourite food is chicken rice so they had no complaints also. The food did take a bit longer to be served so a little patience for the good food to come is required.

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Very good!

A restaurant which my family frequently visits, pow sing is a place when good and cheap food can be found! Be sure to reserve a table before going to this restaurant, if not you would have to wait at least 30 minutes for a table.

One dish which everyone will order is the chicken. The restaurant sells only white chicken; only the neighbouring shop sells roasted chicken. As the other dishes take some time to cook, the chicken would come first to satisfy the hungry stomachs first!

One of my favourite dishes is the meat ball soup. The soup is cooked for a long time and the flavour of the meat balls is quite special. The soup has a very unique taste, and we always cannot get enough of it.

All in all, the dishes are quite affordable and good, would definitely recommend to my friends.

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More of a peranakan haven

When I tried the chicken rice, I felt that it was not as good as the price that I was paying for it, as the rice was not that fragrant and the chicken not that tender or succulent.

What appealed to me about this restaurant was the traditional peranakan cuisine, which did not feel like food with sauce from msg filled packets in shops, like those in food courts.

My favourites were the bawan kepiting, a soft meatball soup, and the babi ponteh, fat and juicy meat in a special sauce.. Perhaps this is the rare place where you can savour the peranakan foods the way a "nya" would have cooked it.

Word of advice, when you come here, be prepared for a wait as some dishes take time to cook.

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I've never been a big fan of chicken rice, but this place keeps making me go back for more. In fact, Pow Sing has been around for ages and most of the time, it's always packed! The food is really good; the chicken is tender, the rice is tasty and one plate of chicken rice is sometimes not even enough to satisfy my appetite.

Do try their herbal chicken as well. But most of the time, I would go for a simple plate of rice, some steamed chicken with gizzards at the side and an iced cold barley to complete the meal. I must say this is a must visit place for chicken rice lovers.

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