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244R Upper Thomson Road Singapore
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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on November 19, 2012    

Located at Upper Thomson Road, A-One Porridge serves Chinese cuisine.

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10AM - 10PM


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Tasty porridge - arguably the best around!

I used to hate having to eat porridge, because it reminded me of when I was sick. One cold, rainy day, I decided to warm myself up with a steaming pot of A-One’s special Hong Kong porridge, and it was pretty much a life-changing experience.

This porridge is unlike any other. It is so, so tasty, even when it’s eaten on its own, and I suppose it’s because of the stock used to cook the porridge. Many different types of ingredients are included in the porridge, and they include cuttlefish and peanuts, which add so much flavour. I also love the texture – its not too thick nor too runny, and the claypot that the porridge is served in keeps it nice and hot.

A-One’s porridge is definitely my favourite place for hot comfort food. It has probably the best porridge around, so you NEED to try it out.

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Stock-full porridge.

Their porridge comes in a claypots in a variety of flavours. The claypots is a smart and brilliant way of serving their porridge as it keeps the temperature of the porridge, maintaining its heat as you slurp it up mouth by mouth. The hongkong style porridge came with many different types of ingredients and the fried peanuts add a delightful crunch.

They also sell other claypot dishes at the thomson branch, i must say the prices are pretty cheap for the quality and the taste of the food. A great place to dine I must say. And since you're in thomson, hop to one of the dessert cafes after!

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(Updated: December 26, 2012)

Had my first frog leg's porridge here

My sister tried to spoil it for me by repeating that a princess is waiting for this dead frog and I am a horrible person to eat it and I was wholly convinced, till they served it and by god did it smell heavenly.

We ordered their egg signature dish which I fell in desperate love with, a crunchy fried rice that was truly my 19 years' of bad karma amassed to have the displeasure of eating, and a lot of steamed peanuts that made the wait a lot happier.

Do not order any drinks from here. Order outside and bring it in. I bought Gongcha and when that is coupled with hot porridge, it becomes a 8th Wonder of the World. Kudos to whoever came up with making wet rice.

Come here for their specialty porridge, give it a miss and you would have just said no to life.

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Bukit Panjang Plaza
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