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#B2-37 Vivocity, 1 Harbourfront Walk Singapore 098585
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The Chicken Rice Shop serves traditionally prepared steamed, roasted, honey barbecued or braised chicken as its signature products. Besides dine in and take away options, The Chicken Rice Shop also provides catering services for special occasions.

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Bedok Point
799 New Upper Changi Road Singapore 467350

Causeway Point
1 Woodlands Square Singapore 738099
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(Updated: March 29, 2013)

I've had better for much lesser.

I went to their outlet at Bedok Point, which almost always seems crowded especially at night, and decided to have a try and see for myself what's so special about their chicken rice.

It tastes like disappointment, honestly. I've had better for much lesser. The rice was a bit bland and the chicken wasn't that soft. The whole ambience of the place feels all shiny and polished, so different if you were to have a plate of chicken rice in an open-air hawker centre or by the street.

The staff there was courteous enough, but I still feel like there's a lot of things lacking. I don't think I'll eat here again anytime soon.. or ever.

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Never going back

At vivocity's basement, i usually eat the toast box, super hotdog or food republic. This time i decided to try The Chicken Rice Shop was the signage is so striking. I always wondered why there are so little customers and after trying their chicken rice, i wonder how they can survive with food republic just located in front of them.

At $6-$7 a plate, i expected it to be better than the chicken rice stall any food court or hawker centre. As the place specialises in chicken rice, I thought they might have some secret ingredient in their chicken rice which makes to more fragrant or such.

However, it was upsetting. Their rice was normal with slight pandan smell but hardly worth any mention. The chicken was not juicy or tender. It was just all so normal but priced double the chicken rice you could get at a hawker centre. Big disappointment.

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(Updated: March 16, 2013)

I have come to realize

That if you can mess up chicken rice or laksa, your ladle should leave you for another chef and leave you a note in alphabet soup spelling "SHAME ON YOU, WA MAI ZHOR LIAO." (it means but I love you dad in hokkien)

So I came to this place with high expectations. I mean come on, you want to specialize in something so idiot-proof in a fancy place like vivo, then I want to be impressed.

I was not.

For the first-time Vivo visitor, please turn left from the control station, ignore this flaming red sign, and walk into Kopitam for a moderately delicious meal because this one will waste your stomach space. Utterly.

I was not impressed with what I was eating. The whole time my parents were really hyping it up and trying to make it seem like god's love with their food but neh I was not sold.

The chicken is normal, not salty not bland. The rice can pass almost for fragrant, though I really would just fail it. And the place feels.. pseudo.

I will never eat here again. Not adviced even for the first-time experience unless you like first-time regrets. Settle your chickeny cravings elsewhere.

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too much branding for an authentic dish

Personally, I am quite a fan of chicken rice and being a student, I would definitely want to hunt for the most delicious and affordable chicken rice! Their chicken are tender and every bite seemed so effortlessly. There is a particular fragrance in the rice that captivates me but ironically, I didn't feel the satisfaction that I had while eating in a hawker centre.

There isn't any sense of familiarity and warmth from their chicken rice despite tasting really delicious. It could be just my personal preference for I feel that chicken rice tastes the best in a hawker centre or a coffee shop, where you hear the bustling in the background and savoring every bit of chicken. The chicken rice here is overpriced and I feel that it focuses too much of branding rather than the authenticity of chicken rice. It's like just wanting to create a shopping mall kind of chicken rice shop instead of selling authentic chicken rice to the public.

Personally, I agree that their chicken rice are pretty good but I somehow feel that there is something lacking from it. And well, this could be subjected to varied opinions. I would suggest to try a chicken rice from an authentic shop in the hawker before going for their chicken rice, and you might taste a difference which you could not place your fingers on. Just like me.

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Atrocious restaurant style food

Over the past few years, the quality of food I had at this restaurant has deteoriated sharply. The original Chicken Rice Shop served fragant, mouth-watering chicken with rice and its smooth texture and richness left behind unforgettable memories. However, over time, the food worsened such that I was literally eating hawker-standard chicken rice in a restaurant. Moreover, the price that was charged was 2 times that of normal chicken rice.

In Bedok, the outlet has experienced a tremendous fall in popularity, whenever I visit the place, I would see the adjacent restaurants filled full during lunch hour but the shop half empty. Moreover, my friends were leery of the place and we would rather choose a more expensive place to dine in such as Pastamania or the Manhattan Fish Market, where we could at least be assured that the quality of food served is there.

I would strongly advise against patronising this outlet, only drop by at the last resort should you be extremely hungry and there is nowhere else to dine in.

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Backup eating place

If you are looking for a place to eat and cannot find seats in other restaurants. This shop will serve as a backup. Most of the times when I passed by this shop even during the peak hours, the shop will not be full.

I think that in itself speak about the value and quality of food. Singaporeans are good food tasters and they will not thrift on the money they spent on food. This shop is charging a bit higher for its chicken rice but if the chicken rice is really good, I don't think Singaporeans will resist eating there.

The shop may not be charging the higher price because they think their food is higher quality but rather because of their choice to rent a shop just to sell chicken rice. If they are just operating from a stall in food court, I believe they should be able to reduce their cost.

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increasing popularity, decreasing quality

I used to partronize the original Chicken Rice stall at a food court, i remember how it tasted. The slices of white chickent were tender and succulent. The rice was bursting with chicken fragrance. Being someone who'd prefer to try a new stall every meal at the food court, it was rare that i stuck religiously to a stall. The queue started to grow and withing months, i was told they moved and now opened an eatery on their own. It was rather different though, in their first outlet. It felt like a food court, but the service staff was unresponsive, slow to take orders at the counters and slow to clear the dishes. I would honestly prefer the long, congested queue at the food court with the owner coarsely hollering for next order but politely wishing you a good meal upon payment.

The food was not as delicious as it used to be, but it was still alright i guess, tasted like average chicken rice. i guess it must be hired chefs cooking no longer the chef himself. As it expanded with more outlets, my disappointment grew. The price started to soar and the taste did not improve at all. I no longer found it worth it to pay so much for an average plate of chicken rice. Maybe the owner might be earning big bucks from all the high profit generating outlets but is it worth it to compromise its' taste?

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Pasir Ris, Vivo City
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Average chicken rice in a restaurant setting

Expensive when compared to the local market fare, this chicken rice shop serves about the same quality quality of food as those you would get in a market. Nevertheless, it does a better job than some chicken rice stalls out there.

As for the price, I guess the customers are paying for the air-conditioned comfort and the plushy chairs. Not a bad place to dine at if you find yourself in Vivo and on a tight budget since the rest of the eateries in Vivo are generally on the pricey side.

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Just chicken rice

The chicken rice served is not only expensive but not much different to the cheap and good chicken rice I find at hawker centres or coffee shops.

Some credit should be given to the traditional malaysia dishes like saito fishballs and the ATAS presentation of the food. However other than that, the food is not as fantastic and service was a little on the slow side.

Drinks was expensive and so was the side dishes. Not worth the price. This shop would be definitely worth visiting though for those who eat only halal food, as this is the best halal hainanese chicken rice store I have patronised.

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Not really worth the price

There's absolutely nothing wrong with The Chicken Rice Shop in my opinion. It's just that, I feel you can get similar quality fare at a much affordable price at well... any other place serving chicken rice.

As it is a bistro/restaurant, you can expect prices to be higher. However, most people would also expect the quality to be upped as well. Sadly, I find that it is just average, or a tad above it, definitely not worth the increased price. However, with that being said, I don't think you can pick any battles regarding the taste you get. Everything is edible - if not super delicious - and servings are generous enough.

I'll still opt for the chicken rice at my neighbourhood hawker centre though.

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