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Listing created by Enharlequin on August 10, 2012    

Old school delights is a place where we are brought back to the old days in Singapore where the food has a unique and distinct taste that the food nowadays are unable to reproduce.

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What lured me into the eatery was its unique and special setting that reminded me of my happy school days.

Antique clocks, televisions and even storybooks, that were popular back in the 90's, were displayed at the corners of the eatery. It is a brilliant idea that the store owner uses chalks and blackboards to display their menu on the walls of the eatery as it, amazingly, brings back the old school feeling in every grown up.

It is worth going as there is a wide array of food to choose from. On top of that, the prices are reasonable if you look at the portion that it serves.

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Upper Thomson Road
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Being in the eatery was really nostalgic.

Overshadowed by the famous Long House in Thomson Road, is a hidden treasure that I almost missed out on. During the afternoon, I chanced upon a delightfully familiar eatery; Old School Delights. The shop isn’t the largest one around, neither did it look very posh. Furnished with wooden benches and chairs that gave the place a slightly rustic atmosphere, the eatery looked warm and inviting. After entering, a wave of nostalgia washed over me. Born in 1994, the decor of the shop just brings me back to when I was still a kid. The blackboards that the restaurant wrote their menu on reminded me of school, and they even had trivia of olden Singapore written on the boards. The tables were set with old games; card games like Donkey, the country erasers that boys used to flip and play with, and five stones, all of which left a lasting impression. They even had old Archie comics for browsing. The food there lived up to its “old school” expectation. One of the recommended dishes were their old school chicken wings. Chicken wings used to taste differently, and had a unique, almost Singaporean taste to it as compared to chicken wings nowadays. The wings they made were phenomenal, and it tasted just like how I had remembered it. They even had an offer for the second plate of wings, giving customers a 50% discount on the second plate purchased in a single receipt. The only downside was the price, which was far from “old school”. The price easily racked up to the thirties after three plates of chicken wings and a couple of drinks (which were equally authentic). However, it was well worth the price to be in a quiet environment, escaping the Singapore sun with a blast to the past.

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Old school chicken wings
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