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Just Acia - Best of Asia - Noodles & Rice Sets "Best of Asia - Noodles & Rice Sets".

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The Just Alright of Asia

My teammates either loved or hated JustAcia - while close in proximity to our training ground in Farrer Park, as well as having free-flow drinks and ice-cream, the food just wasn’t very good. I was on team JustAcia though - free-flow anything wins me over.

Orders are placed by filling up a self-order form, which is my favourite method because of how convenient and less stressful it is. Food wise, nothing is amazing, but I’d usually get the Spicy Cheese Ramen Set or Deep Fried Chicken Set - safe options, in my opinion. What’s memorable about JustAcia isn’t the food at all, but the times spent there. With the dining area being spacious enough to accommodate large groups, my team always had the time of our lives here, with lunches stretching to up to 3-4 hours long.

With so many memories forged here, I tend to forget that JustAcia is actually for dining. The free-flow option is extremely worth it though, so do get it and enjoy options ranging from White Coffee to Lime Ice-cream!

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Here’s an ice cream buffet to kill your diet

I never got over my grief that Yuki Yaki DIY Ice Cream Buffet closed down, but JustAcia’s free flow ice cream and soft drink buffet is the next best thing. The main courses are nothing to get excited about, but the teriyaki chicken bento is cheap and good.

Since it's a buffet the ice cream is self-service, so you can have fun trying to get both soft serve and tub ice cream. Soft serve is really tricky, it took many tries (and lots of ice cream) to get the perfect swirl, which gave me a newfound appreciation of the staff at McDonald’s.

The tub ice cream just requires more arm strength, and I found having water on the scooper helps. My favourite flavour from the tubs is the mango, although my friends and I disagree on whether it is actually corn flavour.

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Affordable but not Superb

Just Acia is a good place to go if you're looking for affordable asian fare. Set meals even come with free flow drinks and ice cream! This is great, especially if you are planning to stay longer in the restaurant after your meal.

I find that the food, however, is only passable. There were a few occasions where my chicken was undercooked or my noodles were too dry. Not too sure if this depends on the outlet but, on other occasions, the food is slightly better. What keeps me coming back is only the value for money.

Nevertheless, Just Acia is a good place for gatherings as it is spacious and have tables that can seat large groups.

Not planning to go back anytime soon but hopefully the next time I do, the food would be slightly better.

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Dhoby Ghaut MRT
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(Updated: February 02, 2013)


JustAcia offers a straightforward dining option, which boosts of a set menu that comprises of drinks, ice cream and a main course. It is needless to say that the prices here are well worth it, especially since the food actually surpassed my (low) expectations that came with the low price tags. I would revisit for the Japanese menu (teriyaki chicken!) and the soft serve ice cream (sooo much better than the tubs of ice cream that everyone is fighting over).

Its convenient location is its favour — good for those with a budget but who insist on filling up their stomachs.

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Cheap and tasty.

JustAcia is one of my favourite restaurants to visit with my friends – cheap meals with free flow ice cream and drinks! I cannot emphasise enough on how cheap the meals are!

Their set meals range from $5.90-$15 and ALL of them come with free flow soft/hot drinks AND ice-cream! What more could one ask for?! Needless to say, the ice-cream isn’t very fantastic – probably of the same quality as King’s or Magnolia; but can-do and definitely worth the price you are paying for! As for the soft drinks – average brands like F&N and the list goes on.

I would recommend going to the Dhouby Ghaut outlet (in the MRT station itself) – it is more spacious than the E-Hub/Pasir Ris outlet and has a wider variety of ice-cream and drinks too!

It is great for gatherings in small and large groups and definitely family friendly.

Despite the rock-bottom prices, rest assured that the quality of the food is not compromised. Their dishes are, in fact, still very tasty! Most of their set meals come with a small plate of beans and another plate of vegetables.

I think it a favourite for teenagers – who often have a tight budget yet look for great deals. It has a wide range of asian delights – ranging from kimchi udon to local delights. If you are looking for authentic asian delights – then this is definitely not the place to go; the dishes do not have the asian touch in them.

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(Updated: July 19, 2012)


The main thing I do not like about JustAcia is the expensive prices. However, I cannot complain about the food as they actually taste pretty good.

I did not really have an enjoyable experience eating at JustAcia on my first time though. After finishing our meal, we were excited to have dessert – ice cream. However, as we proceeded to the ice cream freezer, the staff actually took out the chocolate as well as other flavours because they were half empty. We thought he would replace them with another tub of chocolate, but instead, he replaced all the tubs he took out with beige/yellow coloured ice creams! The whole freezer consisted of nothing but beige and yellow ice creams, meaning corn, mango and vanilla only. It not only looked unappetizing but I also do not like corn or vanilla, so I was left with only the choice of having mango. This was indeed a disappointing experience for me.

Apart from that, the main courses are good but most of them are very common dishes and the portions are quite small. Perhaps this allows you to leave space for dessert. There is also a good selection of drinks which are free-flow.

I would not return to dine here again if it was up to me.

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A great back-up choice of food

I was introduced to this place and this has always will hold a place in my heart and wallet as an affordable dinner option when dining out.

As a fond lover of ice cream and the old-school Mr Softee at 7-11, just acia automatically comes to mind. Favourite food for me ranges from spicy chicken, dory fish to teriyaki chicken. Chawamushi is a must order for me as it is done nicely enough for me, though i would recommend them not to use a powder solution as it is easy to tell its authenticity when you gobble it down and when you reach the bottom it has a powdery texture.

Please watch what you order as spicy chicken is really spicy. It is so spicy that you can see the chilli oil sometimes and this might be a huge turn-off for many. My personal recommendation for a first time trial and looking for an alternative to the korean and japanese food here, try out the dory fish in ginger sauce. the consistency of this meal is spectacular and it has never failed to disappoint me when I really do not know what to eat. Yes, even the professionals have days where choosing is an issue.

Lets move on the best part of this food chain, the free-flow ice cream and drinks. Ice-cream is differentiated in 2 different section, tub ice-cream from walls and kings brand which you can scoop or my personal favourite which is the dispenser ice-cream which I think is mr softee itself. For those who do not know what this is, it used to be an ice-cream carried by 7-11 in the 1990s. Sadly it has been discontinued as we grow up. Drinks wise is quite standard, pepsi and its few other soda choices. there is also a hot beverage dispenser for those who like warm beverages.

All in all, this place offers me a good alternative even though it disappointed me once when I found something unusual in my food. Besides that, my recommendation will be to visit the outlet above Dhoby Ghaut MRT due to its convenience and large sitting area.

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Dory Fish in Ginger Sauce, Mr Softee Dispenser Ice-cream
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Dhoby Ghaut Link
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good for big eaters

I wouldn't say that the variety of food here is representative of Asia actually, and I don't find that they are cooked especially well either.

Just Acia is where most students turn to for affordable meals. Their main attraction would be the free flow of ice-cream and drinks. These include soft serves, coffee and softdrinks, each with a reasonable number of options.

While some find this a good enough draw for them to dine here, I feel that they hardly live up to their bold claim of 'Best of Asia - Noodles & Rice Sets' which makes me feel really put off. As I am not much of a big eater as well, I don't make good use of their free flow either. I feel that their standard of cooking could be improved as I somehow feel that theirs is around the level of food on the airplane. It feels very instant and budget, as if the food isn't very fresh too.

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Free flow ice-cream!

This place is almost always crowded with students during meal times because of how affordable it is. At Just acia, by ordering a set meal you get to have free flow drinks and ice cream which seem to like reason enough to recommend to all my friends. I simple love love love the spicy chicken set! I have a hard time ordering anything else at the place because of how addictive this dish is. For those of us who can’t take spicy food, please do not attempt this because it is as its name suggests, really quite spicy. The kimchi bean curd udon set is also particularly popular amongst my friends because of its delicious and authentic taste. The portion given is also pretty generous so its’ value for your money, but just remember to leave room for dessert!

Getting ice cream at just acia is always the most exciting part of the meal because it’s almost like an ice cream buffet! They have soft serve ice cream from a dispenser and normal ones where you can scoop out from a fridge. Even though the main course would have filled us up, we always try to have at least a little of all the ice cream flavours, so that we leave happily satisfied.

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Free flow ice cream and drinks!

I love places which offer free flow whatever, be it drinks or dessert. Just Acia offers free flow of BOTH, which is almost like a dream come true for, well, people who love free stuff. (Sort of.) Their mains are averagely priced, and I have yet to have a bad dining experience there, whether it is to do with their food or with their service. I love their teriyaki chicken ramen, and while their herbal soup was just a little bit too bitter, I reasoned with myself that it is herbal after all, so that is to be expected. All in all, a good place to dine, especially with a rather varied range of ice cream flavours! The ice cream is not fantastic but considering it is free flow, it is good enough for me.

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