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Listing created by Damien on May 10, 2012    

A cosy home-styled restaurant that serve popular Peranakan and Teochew dishes such as curry fish head and braised pork knuckle, Ngoh Hiang.

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My favourite haunt

Situated along Upper Bukit Timah Road, the Curry Wok is a great hit among the students, including me, in schools near this area. It serves a mean dish of chicken curry as well as other delicious dishes at affordable price.

When you enter the place, it is quite appalling to see so many people packed in such a small shophouse. But everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. My group of 5 including me managed to squeeze into a corner of the shop and we ordered through the lady boss of the shop. She is very friendly and is proud to give us her recommended dishes for us to try. We settled on curry chicken, sambal kangkong, scrambled egg with minced meat, pork belly and ngoh hiang.

The sambal kangkong is worth mentioning. Their sambal mixed very well with the vegetable and it is great to complement it with rice. Their scrambled egg, pork belly and ngoh hiang, however, is just ordinary. The real surprise came with the chicken curry. Their curry is thick enough and it has just the right level of coconut milk and curry powder. Not so spicy and there is also a tinge of sweetness in it. Their chicken is cooked till soft and tender and even the bones will melt in your mouth. After the meal, quench your thirst and put out the fire in your belly with their home-made lime juice. Oh did I mention that rice is free of charge and you can ask for a refill?

Each dish is priced at $5 each and that means the more people you bring, the more dish you can savour. Definitely recommended for all looking for a budget but great meal.

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Curry Chicken
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Cosy local cafe

During my schooling days, whenever I was craving for some good ol’ home cooked food, Curry Wok would be the place to visit.

Set up by a local couple in a small shop along Coronation Road, it always felt cosy and welcoming. Even up till today, I’ll occasionally miss the place and pop by if I am around the neighbourhood.

My standard order was the Jumbo Pork Chop set ($8), which consists of crispy pork chop, their signature curry chicken, chap chye, rice, and lime juice. A secret tip for anyone ordering the set - don’t feel restricted if you don’t like one of the dishes, as you can customise what you want from the other sets as well!

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Home-style food to warm your sou

Craving for home cooked food but too lazy to whip up something in your kitchen? The Curry Wok is the easy solution to your problem. A small place along Coronation Road that specializes in a few different cuisines such as Hainanese and Peranakan food, The Curry Wok offers very reasonably priced set lunches, which explains the hordes of students always crowding its premises during lunchtime, myself included.

The Curry Wok was one of my frequent haunts during my schooling days and I would always order the Jumbo Pork Chop set for $8. The Jumbo Pork Chop lives up to its name - the portions here are especially generous. It includes Hainanese pork chop, curry chicken, chap chye and rice. The pork chops are a little too thin for my liking but they are still tasty nevertheless. My favourite part of this dish would have to be the chap chye, which will be shocking for anyone who knows me because I typically hate vegetables with a vengeance. The Curry Wok’s Chap Chye was an exception as after hours of simmering, it was perfectly soft.

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(Updated: January 27, 2016)

Hurry here for curry!

Having studied in Bukit Timah for six years of my short life, Currywok became a staple in my diet. Its quick, friendly service and delicious food never fails to leave me wanting more.

Currywok’s student promotion is what beckons all the Bukit Timah school cliques, OGs, and CCAs in - for $8 per head (min. 4 pax), you could share 4 dishes from the ala carte menu, with a serving of rice and a drink for each. Or else, any student could get a yummy student set for $8, my favourite being the Jumbo Pork Chop which includes pork chop, their fragrant and delicious curry chicken, chap chye, rice, and lime juice.

The aunties and uncles that work here are very warm, welcoming and patient with noisy groups, having served students for years. If you’re ever in the area, maybe when taking a joyride on the new Downtown line MRT, stop by Tan Kah Kee and take a quick 3 minute walk over!

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Affordable and very good!

My friends and i always visited curry wok as it is a stone's throw away from our school, and everything about this small restaurant is good! From the boss who greeted us personally and being very friendly, to the food which brings out the unique flavour of teochew style, I have to say that curry wok is my favourite eating place when i was schooling.

I still remembered those late night dinners and conversations with friends taking place at the place, with the boss sometimes chipping in a comment or two about her experience if the shop is not too busy.

My favourite order would be to share amongst 4 other classmates. That way, each of us gets to choose one dish and we only had to pay 6 per person. My favourite was the cold tofu, as the sauce mixed with the rice is simply delicious!

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Food and service
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(Updated: September 23, 2012)

Affordable Home Cooked Goodness

Curry Wok is a little café that serves home cooked comfort food, and it’s great when you need some comfort food.

One of the best dishes there is the curry fish head, which is spicy and authentic. The fish is fleshy and the curry is really tasty, and not ‘lemak’, as some places usually do it. The serving of rice is generous to go along with it, and the service staff is really friendly and eager to serve.

Overall, Curry Wok will give you a really homely feeling, and serves great local dishes, perfect for any day. Furthermore, the prices are really affordable!

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Home Cooked Goodness.

Students who school near Curry Wok will definitely have good memories about it. It is a common place for them to have gatherings over a meal of lovely home-cooked food in a place with a very homely aura.

What my friends usually order is the curry, of course, and cold tofu, and a simple vegetable and meat dish. The cost of the meal for each person usually comes up to around $4-$5. Personally I enjoy the curry and other dishes very much, but not so much the cold tofu, because to me, it is relatively tasteless! My friends enjoy it however, because if you drench it in enough sauce, you will add to the taste.

The shop is rather small, so it is difficult to have big gatherings. Usually if there is already one big group in there, the other people can only come in pairs or at most in fours. It can get rather cramped because the shop space is narrow as well.

Overall, this is a good place for those who miss the taste and feeling of simple, home-cooked culinary as this is exactly what the place offers. The dishes are nothing fancy, but it is the atmosphere that counts.

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