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National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC) is a golf and country club complete with subsidised bungalow chalets set up to recognise the contributions of operationally ready NSmen to Total Defence. Its membership is open to NSmen who have performed national service, as well as full-time NSmen. Like other country clubs, its facilities include bowling, fitness centres, sea sports centres and sports facilities.

NSRCC has two clubs, and the main attractions are the golf courses. One offers a 27-hole championship course with full clubhouse facilities at Changi and the other an 18-hole golf course at Kranji near Lim Chu Kang.

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One of the best and nothing less

If you are looking for a place that is spacious to hold parties or gatherings, National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC) is the place. Take the MRT to Tanah Merah MRT (EW4) and there will be a free shuttle bus service from there to NSRCC. Book their bungalows. Bookings can be made up to five months in advance for non-members and six months for members. There is a minimum requirement of at least two nights.

NSRCC would be slightly pricier if you are looking for a booking during their peak periods, usually during weekends and school holidays. It would be good if you have friends or family members who are SAFRA or resort members. Get them to book the bungalows at a better price. There are discounts given to NSmen as well though not as much as the other two, at least it is better than none.

There are a total of two spacious rooms and toilets in the bungalow itself. It is generally clean, otherwise you can call the reception and they will send their staff down to clean, no questions asked. The bungalow will generally be well-equipped with the basic facilities. Late night mahjong sessions, not a problem, they provide a table as well as tiles. For parties or gatherings, NSRCC allows rental of tables and chairs at a low cost. Having sleepovers and not enough rooms? Not to worry, mattresses and blankets are just a call away too. Call their reception to request for more, their counter staff are friendly and helpful.

There are plenty of facilities around NSRCC as well. These facilities are generally functional and clean unless they are down for maintenance. Check with their staff before going down. Located just at the building beside the pool, they have bowling, karaoke, arcade and pool tables. Their prices are very reasonable too. For instance a small room for karaoke would cost you about S$10 per hour, exclusive of 7% GST. The room capacity would be four to six per room, which would be about S$2 or so for one hour of karaoke session. Do not expect the best sound quality, but it is not too bad at this price!

Besides those facilities listed, they have got more to offer. Basketball, tennis, squash courts and a gym. Just a handful of their many other facilities, and the rest will be left for you to experience yourself. Two days would be insufficient if you are looking to cycle, which would take up at least half a day. The adventurous few can consider night cycling as well. Rest assured, your two days there will probably be one of the best and nothing less!

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Chalet you don't want to miss

Staying at NSRCC is like staying at a bungalow, I mean you literally feel like it is your own home. It is clean, spacious and close to the sea. What more could you ask for a chalet? The environment is excellent in the morning and evening as well. It is not like other chalets which are packed side by side to each other and get really noisy or irritating with others blasting music.

There are some activities there like bowling but I did not try any activities there yet so I would not know how they fair but it should be good too. The price might be a little concern but if you have National Service or the perks they offer, NSRCC is definitely the chalet to choose.

Bear in mind that you have to either cycle or walk from East Coast Park or take the free shutter bus or grab taxi to get there if you do not drive as it is not really easily accessible like other chalets.

I recommend NSRCC for friends or family either celebrating birthdays or relaxing. For friends, it is a good way to end off a hectic year/semester of studying.

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(Updated: July 07, 2014)

Perfect Chalet

I recently held my 21st celebration at one of NSRCC's bungalows and I was really impressed with the chalet. I would say that it could be labelled as one of the best chalets in Singapore. The bungalow was very spacious, polished and clean. Aside from the bungalow itself, there were many amenities available for you to enjoy, staying indoors or out were equally enticing. It made for a perfect party/gathering location. I wanted very much to prolong my stay and do note that not every chalet induces that feeling!

However, I would mention that I got the Bungalow with the help of an acquaintance's dad who was a resort member. And that got me the bungalow at almost half price off the original. Which was a worthy bargain. Otherwise, if you're a non-member, the chalet could be considered to be a tad too expensive. I also paid an extra 20 bucks for the pool view but I'll advise you to do otherwise, the view isn't anything spectacular. Save that 20 and get yourself some drinks ;)

One major drawback is NSRCC's inaccessibility as there is no way in unless you drive, take a cab or the shuttle bus which comes at very infrequent timings. On the plus side, this also means that NSRCC is at a secluded corner of our island and this really adds to the feeling that you're on a vacay, having a proper getaway from the usual hum drum of city life.

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Great accommodation and cleanliness

I came here for the chalet with my classmates, and I have to say that it provides excellent accommodation. The rooms are comfortable, and there are many facilities at our disposal, and these have very reasonable hourly fees. For example, there is a bowling alley, with hourly rates of only about a dollar and a half.

The service is also something to commend, as they provide fast and efficient service upon a phone call. The bungalows are also fairly well-maintained, and the cleanliness of the place was great!

It is, however, a little out of place, but I still love its classiness, elegance and high standards of accommodation.

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Get the bungalow

The bungalows here are very-very comfy. I had a stay-over with friends here before and it was a real pleasure. There is so much space that the 16 of us were able to find personal space to sleep in. I slept at the living room on the floor with sea breeze coming in.

We even had a late night swim in the big pool before engaging in some mischief that I would cringe trying to recall.

I would not think twice having another stay-over there. Anyone?

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Nice for family gathering

My cousin booked this chalet when his daughter turned one month old a few months ago. Initially I was still thinking whether I should go because I simply hate going to a chalet for family gathering where the chalet was very small that I would feel suffocated.

My initial plan was to just go there, pass my cousin the present and then gave an excuse and made an early exit. When I arrived, I was a bit surprised at the size of the chalet. It had enough space for a big family gathering and after I toured the unit, I decided not to use the excuse to make my early exit.

The unit was clean for a chalet and looked pretty well maintained and I heard from my cousin the booking fees for a member was reasonable considering it was a two storey unit and had two bed rooms. Highly recommended for a good family gathering.

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(Updated: February 09, 2013)

Only the best chalet in Singapore yet

While literally at the other end of Singapore (for the west siders), NSRCC is THE chalet to be at. I can understand how others will not settle for other chalets once they have experienced being in this sanctuary.

What really impressed me was the cleanliness of the chalet, and the spiral staircase connecting the double storey bungalow. The spaciousness can easily house quite a large number of people, making it ideal for gatherings.

Getting to the chalet may prove to be much of a hassle unless you drive, as you can only take a limited number of buses and cabs do not frequent the area in the middle of the night. I guess that’s the price you pay for the tranquil environment at Changi.

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I'll never be able to go to another chalet again.

I was thoroughly shocked at how clean and comfortable the chalets were when I went there for the first time. The chalet which was two stories high had very sleek interiors, and it was so clean a few of us were actually willing to sleep on the floor without any sleeping bags on the first floor.

Another thing which impressed me was how cheap bowling there is ($1.50 per game for students)! I have been back a few times since, and I'm glad to say that the chalet is still in very good and clean condition. There was a mahjong table in the chalet, but if you manage to convince a friend to bring their kinect machine as well, you surely will have a ball of a time!

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Love the bungalow

There are simply too many great things to describe about this place!

The two-storey bungalow houses are equipped with a television with some cable tv channels. There is also a kitchen with a microwave oven, an electronic cooker (which is safer, since it doesn't use gas!) and many other essentials. There are also barbecue pits located at each of the units too. Food has to be brought here by the users, since the nearest supermarket is very far away unless you are driving. My friends and I prefer to bring food here and cook them rather than barbecue, since we our stay here lasted for 3 days and 2 nights on both occasions we rented the chalet.

The facilities are very good as well. My friends and I had a good workout at the gym, which was very well maintained. The swimming pool is spacious for all types of swimming. What is not to be missed is the jacuzzi located near the large pool! Unfortunately only one of them was working (with warm water) during my stay last week. A great way to relax your muscles if you visited the gym as well. Another facility not to be missed is the steam room, which is something like a sauna, located in the changing rooms near the swimming pool. Both the steam room and the jacuzzi were especially therapeutic since it rained earlier in the day during my stay.

The only complain that I might have is the location of the whole chalet/resort. There is a shuttle bus to take you there from Tanah Merah interchange, which is located in the far East. Also, the waiting intervals between each shuttle bus is about 1 hour long if I recall correctly. However, this "ulu" aspect of the chalet does help to give you the feeling of truly being on a holiday!

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Best part of stay:
steam room!
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Spacious, great for gatherings

I went NSRCC for a school event gathering and stayed at am amazed by it.

First it is really spacious. Usually chalets are really small even if they are bungalows-styled, however this is perfect for our group of around 10+ people. The living room is large enough to hold in door activities and for parties without been cramp at all. So I think it is perfect for small class gatherings :)

Also, the ability to use the kitchen appliances! Usually we aren't allowed to cook in chalets but in NSRCC it is possible! I remember cooking fried rice for the group there, which was a really fun activity. But I can't remember whether they provide woks, you probably would have to bring your own! And for those who doesn't like to cook, you can also organize BBQ there.

The down side of it might be that it could be inconvenient at times. Travelling by public transport would be quite impossible. Best to take a cab in or by car, didn't try their shuttle service as well because of the wait. Lastly, remember to prepare cooked food/snacks and drinks. It is rather hard to find food there.

Overall a great place for groups hangout !

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