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Listing created by June on January 03, 2013    

Although they have several options for members, the public can only book the Pasir Ris Holiday Flats. Information seems very hard to get and nothing is provided on their official website apart from a picture and prices. You must have an NRIC number to make the booking.

Prices for the 2 room start at $36 for PA Staff and $107 for the public.

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Room Prices:
PA Staff : $37
Public: $107


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Crammed and dirty

do NOT book this chalet. It really is not worth your money. It is super out of the way, and it gets pretty creepy at night - when there are very few people around, and it is pretty dimly lit with no soul in sight (except for your friends)... you get the idea.

Is is might small, with the kitchen doubling up as a corridor, a mighty small toilet and separate bathroom, one single bedroom and a small living room. All on one floor. It is pretty dirty though, with minimal facilities provided. It also is not cheaper than other chalets like Aloha Loyang, which have more people and better facilities; so I would advice to just go ahead with the conventional chalets.

To sum everything up - small, dirty, out of the way, creepy and super deserted.

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Amazing Discovery

Whenever I make a trip down to my friend's house at Pasir Ris, I would pass by this place. Arose by my curiosity, I decided to alight and walked towards this compound.

It looks rather run-down as compared to the newly-established HDB flats at Punggol estates. However, I think it is a rather good location for tourists to stay in so that they can have a taste of how it feels like to stay in a HDB flat during their vacation in Singapore.

Moreover, it has a tiny living room space and a kitchen available in each unit for temporary 'tenants' to whip up something should hunger pangs strike their stomachs in the middle of the night.

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It's really flat

Many years ago when I was staying in Pasir Ris, I always passed by this location. It was towards the other end of Pasir Ris and nearer to Ponggol side. When I cycled past these flats, I would always wondered why would somebody want to stay in a flat for holiday. The flats looked like those old HDB three room flats which were only three or four storeys high and not served by any lifts.

In the flat compound, there was only a very old playground. It looked like something left over from my generation. If I remembered correctly, there was not even a swimming pool. There was once when I really cannot resist my curiosity and sneaked in to take a look at the interior of some of the open units. The layout was like the old HDB three room flat and I really suspected this was previously a HDB flat before being converted to a holiday flat.

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