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  2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7 Singapore 659003
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The Bukit Batok room categories are broken down into "Air-Conditioned Chalet" and "Rugged Chalet". The rugged chalet are cheaper and have air condition too but an empty hall with no finishing and up to 10 occupants. The "air-conditioned" category allows up to 6.

  • Air- conditioned units 
  • Full cooking facilities
  • BBQ Pit
  • Open to HomeTeamNS, SAFRA, JOM  & PAssion Card members
Other Chalets are at Pasir Ris and Sembawang and have their own pricing and vary slightly. The rest are clubhouses. Information here is taken from the official hometeamns.sg website.


HomeTeamNS @ Bukit Batok
2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7,
Singapore 659003
Telephone (65) 6665 4600
Fascimile  (65) 6569 4453 

HomeTeamNS-JOM @ Balestier
31 Ah Hood Road,
Singapore 329979
Telephone (65) 6353 3131
Fascimile  (65) 6256 7005 

HomeTeamNS @ Chinatown
31 - 35 Smith Street,
Singapore 058945
Telephone (65) 6325 9248
Fascimile  (65) 6536 6056 

HomeTeamNS @ UE Square
81 Clemenceau Ave.
UE Square Shopping Mall,
Singapore 239917
Telephone (65) 6835 8250
Fascimile  (65) 6235 7209 

HomeTeamNS @ Sembawang
301 Canberra Road,
Singapore 759774
Telephone (65) 6757 7100
Fascimile  (65) 6754 0411 

  HomeTeamNS @ Pasir Ris
125A-125H Pasir Ris Road,
Singapore 519121
Telephone (65) 6581 9149
Fascimile  (65) 6581 9149 

Additional Details:

Room Prices:
Air-Conditioned Chalet: $112.35
Rugged Chalet $96.30



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Spacious, but quite eery!
Overall rating 
Sleep Quality 
Room Quality 
Overall Experience 

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the term “class chalet”. It’s practically a tradition for every class to book a chalet, to bond over BBQ and midnight adventures. My class chose to hold our chalet at HomeTeam NS Pasir Ris due to its low cost, as it meant more money for food.

The chalet we booked was huge. It was double-storey, with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a huge living room – more than enough for 20 people. The amenities were adequate, and the chalet even came with utensils, crockery and other additional items like a mahjong table. The BBQ pit was situated right outside, which made food preparation very convenient. Every thing sounds good so far, right? Well, not exactly.

The chalets at HomeTeam NS were quite old, and its location made it highly unaccessible. It was located at the end of Pasir Ris Park, over 2km away from Downtown East, so getting midnight snacks was really troublesome. In addition, I found out that HomeTeam NS Pasir Ris was featured on Incredible Tales, so I was really uneasy while I was there. It definitely did not help that our chalet was the only unit booked that day, as all the other units were pitch dark and eery.

HomeTeam NS Pasir Ris is definitely value for money, as there’s lots of space for different activities. However, I would advise going only during peak period, when other units are booked as well, otherwise it is really quite creepy!

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(Updated: January 28, 2013)
Pretty bare but spacious
Overall Experience 

Recently for a chalet, I went to the HomeTeam chalet located at Pasir Ris. While the place or chalet is spacious and comfortable, it's pretty bare inside with only a tv and a bbq pit. Furthermore, its location is relatively inconvenient because it's at the other end where the private estates are. This means that when the people staying inside the chalet run out of food, they have to travel close to 15 minutes just to find a place to buy food. It was really inconvenient and for the most part my friends and I just remained inside. I feel that they could do more to make the entire place less bare, perhaps for long term investment, a swimming pool or the sorts. They could also open some convenience stores around the chalets so that people can get food quickly.

There are however also benefits like quietness, less fear of disturbing other people at night and of course the number one awkward of meeting schoolmates there when you're on a holiday to avoid them.. I would return, at the subsidized rate, just better stocked the next time round.

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