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A stripped down resort with 39 bungalows and terraces, ranging from 3 to 6 bedrooms. The chalets, were built during the colonial times of the British. Facilities include TV and games table, BBQ pit and a fully equipped kitchen.

For those who yearn for more activities during the stay, there is fishing along the beachfront, golfing in nearby golf courses and a boat ride to rural exploration on Pulau Ubin.

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Biggin Hill Terraces $100+
Changi Seafront Terraces $150+
Changi Cottage $450+


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Organising a camp/class chalet? This is a good venue to consider.

Mention holding a camp with a BBQ and my CCA mates would immediately respond, "Aloha Resorts Changi - again!"

With its spacious common areas and 15 minute proximity to the beach, the Aloha bungalows made an excellent place for indoor and outdoor camp activities. The barbeque pit right behind the bungalow also always made the main highlight of our camps - our BBQ finale! - a convenient affair. The large bedrooms (of which some came with attached bathrooms) were also able to comfortably house about 25 of us (with a few of us using sleeping bags) and we generally little need to squeeze or fight for the shower.

Despite being a little old (the faint musty smell when you first walked in was hard to miss), I must say the bungalows at Aloha are well-kept - I don't remember seeing any unusual multi-legged creatures lurking around and the furnitures certainly did not collapse under our weight.

An only downside of the resort is that it's a rather long walk in from the main road and pretty dimly lit at night. So if you happen to be craving that mouth-watering plate of Changi Village Nasi Lemak in the middle of the night, you probably can't do without a car.

I have to admit that the great time I had being in the company of close friends would probably have caused me to turn a blind eye towards some of the resort's shortcomings. Nonetheless, given that we did not run into much problems in our 3 (or was it 4?) times there, I believe it is a good camp venue option that one should definitely consider.

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Aloha to spruce and sniffs!

I stepped out of the car, impressed by the garage. A little. I was bubbling to the brim with excitement. It's been decades since I've last been there! I was burning with curiosity on wether the bungalow chalet has been renovated inside out.

The exterior looks the same. I made way towards the door. I placed an oxidised key into the key hole. The door creaked open like it hasn't been oiled for centuries.

I headed towards the main room. The scale was the same! Unfortunately, the furnitures were not replaced with modern ones and yes. I was ushered by cricking crickets and dangling spiderwebs. The trail of spiderwebs crawled all the way to the kitchen and an isolated cubicle at the corner!

Albeit the rickety old wooden, or was it rattan, sofas, it was surprisingly a padded full of comfort. The vintage furniture was also a fresh approach. Singapore's very own Karung Gunis could definitely be transformed into instant billionaires if they had these furniture within their grasp for sale.

Contented with the sofas, my eyes flickered to the view in front. My jaw unhinged itself. I was stunned to astonishment! Before me, sat a television that didn't fall under the category called modern. It was a boxed television that, thankfully, wasn't that backdated for it sported coloured images. I didn't know televisions like these are still being sold, be it existed. Vintage took hold of a whole other level!

I flicked the TV set on. Wow! There was neither Starhub nor Singtel's Mio set box. However, there was some sort of booster or generator connected to it. They had Malaysia channels like TV2 and TV3. Might I add how brilliant the choice of programmes shown on these channels were? We watched a never before seen Bollywood movie via this TV set the entire night, impervious to the snickering lizards nearby and our aching bums.

The rooms here seemed like an segment extracted from a National Service zone. These weren't beds. These are planks of wood! The mattress was made out of some waterproof material. The sound emitted when you scrape your hands or feet across it was like that when you rub sandpapers on tree trunks. Surprisingly ( once again ) we dozed off easily and awoke to no cramps or aches at all! Despite that, do change the bed! It seemed to be on the verge of unbuckling beneath our weight anytime!

Oh, might I add an applaudable hint that we did not simply stepped into a backward time warp machine. Air Conditioners! They're there patting us to a comfortable sleep without the need to give birth to an outbreak of sweats.

Aloha, the hawaiian term when you greet people full of warmth and cheeriness. This Aloha here portrayed more of a Bon Voyage aura! It was rather dripping with chilling drabness that was salvaged partially by the glorious air conditioners and splendid television channels!

Hence, Aloha needs to spruce the furnishings and furnitures with a tinge pf modernism. The vintage sofas can stay though. Their limited edition condition could reap mountains of unworthy cash. needs to purchase gazillions of air purifiers and pepper them around the entire compound too! Use Febreze! Febreze can breeze Aloha with sniffs of rejuvenation!

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Best part of stay:
Television and Air Conditioners
Tips for new visitors:
Equip oneself with millions of insect repellants!
Aloha Changi
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Good for company events

Many year ago, when I was still a junior staff in a company, I was appointed as a member of my company welfare committee. Part of my job in the welfare committee was to organise bonding activities for the company. The chair person of the committee had some "lobang" to rent a bungalow here for a cheap price and suggested we planned a BBQ.

The committee members had to do a recce of the area first so that we can know what types of fringe activities we could organise besides the BBQ. The first thing we thought of was a treasure hunt. The bungalow was so big and the compound outside was also very big that we thought it would be fun and challenging to do a treasure hunt here. The only thing we were concerned about was the inaccessibility of the bungalow. It must be quite a long walk from the bus terminal.

Fortunately, the turnout for that day was very good and everyone had a lot of fun and the committee was commended for a successful event.

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More than ample space

If all chalets were like that, I wouldn’t dread going to chalets at all. I loved how generous the space provided was, both inside and outside. Without even having to sit on the floor, everyone could very comfortably fit into the living room. Also, the most common problem of rooming arrangements were swiftly eliminated due to the sheer amount of space provided. However, for larger groups, you might have to bring sleeping bags—apparently the charge for extra bed linen is rather steep.

Also, the space provided for barbeque parties and the distance between the pits and the rooms meant that you did not smell smoke the entire night. You also get a proper kitchen, so you’re not limited to calling fast food every night or having too many consecutive barbeque parties. In fact, you can actually sleep and cook her.

But still only one indoor toilet. I heard that there was an outdoor toilet provided, though I never got the chance to verify that, seeing that it was creepy to go out at 2AM to bathe.

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Really really creepy.

It was during the holidays when my friends and I rented a bungalow at Aloha Changi and lo and behold, to our horror we were the only people staying in our row of bungalows. Upon checking in, we found cobwebs all over the place, even under the table, and were highly disturbed by it. The rooms were rather huge and were clean. But the beds had red covers on them. The few of us decided to squeeze all into one room despite having 3 rooms.

The worst part was that the toilet was split into two different rooms- the showers and the toilet bowl. Convenient you may say, but the shower directly faced a mirror and it was really creepy staring at yourself while bathing.

We were also not told which keys were to which rooms so we spent a good fifteen minutes trying out the rather rusty bunch of keys given to us to get to the storeroom. All in all, the stay was not as pleasant but the people definitely livened the atmosphere.

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Too cramped for comfort

To put it bluntly, the developers of Aloha loyang were focusing on the concept of compact and saving space when they came up with the design for aloha loyang.

Frankly, the purpose for booking a chalet implies a social gathering. However, most suites, especially the 2 story bungalows, are extremely narrow with a living room, a kitchen, a toilet and a single bedroom on the second floor. In my estimation, it can only comfortably fit around 4-6 people. This makes it unsuitable for events where the extended family, colleagues or even a class reunion. Moreover, the steps are narrow and the stairs steep, it is extremely dangerous should you take a tumble down (I personally fell down when I stayed there, suffering some bruises).

However, some good points of the chalet includes the facilities (I loved the close proximity of the swimming pool) and its closeness to the beach. It is situated out of way, which makes it difficult to get back to the mrt station or bus interchange. But its compensated for by the peace and quiet you get to enjoy there.

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