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Situated along Pasir Ris beach, there are 38 chalets ranging from 2 to 4 bedrooms with Pool/Sea View terraces, Garden/Sea View Bungalows and Garden Terraces. Facilities include a pool and Jacuzzis, tennis courts, arcade, children playroom, seminar center and close proximity to the beach. Each chalet is equipped with a BBQ pit and full kitchen facilities.

Room prices are more expensive than other chalets but that is because they accommodate 6-8 people whereas other chalets are usually capped at 2-4 at night.

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Room Prices:
Garden Terraces $140+
Garden Bungalows $260+
Pool Terraces $280+


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Can I live here please?

I’ve stayed at NSRCC, and I’ve stayed at Aloha Resorts Loyang. However, it seems that preferring Aloha Resorts Loyang is an unpopular option, much to my confusion.

Both of my chalet stays involved a group of 30 or more people, and the bungalow at Aloha was much more able to accommodate the large number as it was very spacious. Unlike NSRCC, Aloha’s living room and hallways are not air-conditioned, but this wasn’t much of a problem and instead, made the bungalow feel much more livable. The bedrooms were comfortable and not at all cramped, and the place was, all in all, very appropriate for large groups like mine.

If you’re bored with being confined within your own bungalow, take a dip in their amazing pool. With the chalet’s desolate location, you can actually feel like you’re on a holiday overseas!

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Not good, but one of the better choices

As with all chalets, I find Aloha Loyang pretty dirty and out of the way. It is pretty inaccessible, but not THAT bad. At least its near Downtown East and E-Hub, where amenities and grocery shopping is available in times of emergencies.

It is often fully booked though, so be sure to book in advance or be quick at booking! It helps if you have community memberships such as NTUC members etc; you can have discounts!

Also, at least it has a swimming pool and some other amenities on the sidelines (i.e. restaurants) that brings it an edge above others (like onePA holiday flats); thus making it ideal for large groups of gatherings. Bonding activities like swimming can all be done in a group and everyone can return to the chalet for showering or for a BBQ. I would choose this over onePA anytime. It is also way more worth it, considering the facilities that come with the chalet and the size of the bungalows.

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Your ideal venue for large group gatherings

Can I proudly boast that Aloha Loyang is my home for 3 days and 2 nights annually? I've been to Aloha Loyang since I was in Secondary One and it has been 5 years of pure devotion. It is the must-book chalet for my lower secondary school class gathering.

To get there, you can take a free shuttle bus from Pasir Ris MRT. You can look for the shuttle bus schedule at Aloha Loyang Resort's website

The facilities in Aloha Loyang are awesome, well in fact more than awesome. The swimming pool is the epitome of shiok such that right on the first night, my friends and I will dash to the pool for a dip. Have I mentioned that there are slides at the pool? Cool right!

Every chalet is equipped with a BBQ pit so you can enjoy BBQ-ing with your buddies. If you don't like BBQ-ing, you may also opt to whip up a simple meal in the kitchen because Aloha Loyang provides full kitchen facilities. If not, you can choose to walk to downtown east for a meal at McDonalds (at least that was what I did to satisfy my midnight cravings).

Perhaps you would love to have a quiet moment with your loved one or yourself. Fret not, because you can simply walk over to the beach for a stroll. Or if your energy level reaches the peak that day, rent a bike at the bike kiosk for a cycle!

Well the downside? I must say that it is a rip off when they charged us $9 for losing a pair of chopsticks and a spoon. It was insanely pricey for a pair of plastic chopsticks and a metal spoon!

Other than that, I think Aloha Loyang is worth the stay for birthday parties or large group gatherings.

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Beautiful Chalet getaway.

I think one of the Chalets that I'd been to at the Aloha Loyang left a lasting impression on me. It was one of the best chalets stays I'd ever been to. According to my possibly failing memory, the aloho loyang Fairy Point Chalet was like a holiday getaway resort.

While I had been there for my friend's party, my first impression of the place was 'small, cramped, and tiny'. From my other experiences of the Aloha Resorts' smaller rooms, I was blew off my feet.

This place was not only a house on its own, there was the privacy of the 'garden' for a barbeque pit. This meant a barbeque session later in the evening.

The best part? It wasn't just a cramped little space - it was furnished with beautiful, simple wooden furniture with a television set with a few rooms. This made it big enough to accomodate people for the party.

Although I did not have first hand experience myself, I've heard that the place is pretty hard to book and even requires some skillful competition over the place. If you need this place, be sure to book quick!

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Very Bitter Aftertaste

Honestly, the first time I came across Aloha Loyang was when I was looking for the shuttle bus to Aloha Changi--my friend and I walked all the way in from Pasir Ris MRT. It was a rather pleasant walk, that is, if you're not carrying too many things. I really liked the place, it was rather tranquil, a very different experience from its nearby counterpart (Costa Sands) which is way too noisy and cramped for its own good. It didn't feel like Singapore, which I appreciated.

For the record, the chalet itself really is pretty nice. Then you're wondering why I gave it one star when I liked the atmosphere so much. Because when I went to stay there 3 weeks later, they charged us $14 for losing one coaster and one cup (or something like that). We didn't even touch their cutlery. At all. We ate all our meals outside. The only reason why we didn't dispute that was because we went there with a school.

$14 for a coaster and a cup. I wonder how much money they're ripping off guests.

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I had been looking forward to staying over at a chalet with my friends for a while and when we finally did, we decided to book one at Aloha Resorts Loyang. However I have to say that the experience was rather disappointing.

The room was rather dimly lit and the first thing we noticed when we entered the room was lizard droppings on the bed. The toilet also had an odd fishy smell that made me cringe when I first entered it.

The room was very small and crammed, and there was a point of time where the air conditioner stopped working and it took a while for us to get it back up and running again. There were also a couple of flies in the room and it looked like the place hadn't been dusted in a while.

The only thing I really liked about this resort is the little provision shop that came along with it. But even that had a very limited range of items and food to choose from.

Overall I don't feel that it's worth it.

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(Updated: February 08, 2013)


I recalled having a chalet at Aloha Loyang with fellow classmates as part of our bonding activities, and my impression of the place was rather alright. Not the best chalet I’ve ever been to, but it was fairly passable. I thought the bungalow was pretty big (it has 4 rooms!) and each room has its own personal bathroom. It also had a BBQ pit, which we did actually use. There was also a fairly big kitchen and fridge for guests.

However, my greatest dissatisfaction about the chalet was that it was pretty inconvenient to get to, and we had to walk a distance to catch a public bus. The area is highly secluded and it was difficult to find our way there. In fact, we lost our way quite a few times in a bid to find the place. The shuttle bus services provided are infrequent and the long wait wasn’t very pleasant.

Overall experience was fairly okay but definitely not the best.

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Best place for big family gatherings

If you are planning for a family gathering and you have a big family, booking the four bedroom bungalow can never go wrong.

The bungalow is very big and comes with its own BBQ pit. The bungalow also provides a lot of chairs, if I remembered correctly, it should be about 30 chairs. This is the part lacking in most chalets, chairs or places to sit on. Nobody likes to eat while standing.

There are also two square tables, think tables suitable for playing mahjong. What is a family gathering without mahjong.

At the end of the day, there are four bedrooms and each bedroom comes with its own bathroom so no need to worry about sharing a common bathroom. You can have all the privacy you need.

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Quality alright but inaccessible

Recently had a chalet with my friends over at one of the Garden Bungalows in Aloha Loyang. It is pretty nice for a chalet, with four decent rooms (and attached bathrooms), a dining area, living room, kitchen and a common toilet! BBQ pit is also within the 'compound' so you don't have to share with others - this is a point that I greatly appreciate. Compared to squeezing with others between two stone tables at Downtown East Costa Sands, this is definitely a better choice.

My only dissatisfaction with this place is the inaccessibility. To get to the nearest convenience store, a 20-minute walk is required. Public buses also do not come to this area much, making it highly inconvenient should we need to fetch people who do not know how to come.

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