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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on June 17, 2012    

Goldkist Beach Resort is a resort along the eastern coastline of Singapore. This resort is a 10-minute drive from Singapore Changi Airport and 15 minutes away from the Suntec and Orchard Road. The rooms are spacious, and each offers either views of the beach or garden, perfect for sunrise watching. For ultimate privacy, opt for Business Suites, which come with private Jacuzzi plus sauna and steam features. There are six multi-purpose halls to cater to any function and event needs.

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Premier Dx - $168
Premier Dx - $188
Superior - $168
Suite - $208


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good memories, a great view, but beware of rats :s

I had a rather good time at Goldkist Beach Resort at East Coast Park, where I spent it with my fellow dancemates. We rented the Duplex for a 2D1N stay, and the chalet was quaint though albeit small, but with much cheer and laughter among friends, it was relatively cosy!

The place was clean and the beds pretty comfortable- it beats sleeping on the floor. Also, there was much to do, with the beach in plain view, and East Coast Park offering much facilities, from cycling to rollerblading, and with such equipment, one can easily get to the food and beverage area in no time. However, I suggest being accompanied by someone who is very familiar with the directions of East Coast Park, lest you end up walking for hours in the wrong direction!

You can also rent mahjong tables for a fee, I think around $30 where everyone can participate in this game. Barbecue is also allowed both at the Duplex and at stations around the beach.

However, the downside would be the lack of moving space in the upper rooms, especially if you have a big crowd. Also, it gets rather dark at night and large rats can be seen running about.. simply disgusting. :S

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Tips for new visitors:
Bring your I/C for renting any additional facilities, have someone with good knowledge of East Coast Park, and don't take public transport as it is a far distance to the entrance/exits but drive instead (:
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One of two Singapore Hotels that made it to the dirtiest hotels in Asia list

This same location had operated under different names and many years ago when it was under another name, I had rented a room for my wife’s birthday. During that time, the place was still acceptable and well maintained.

Many years later, I had been back to this place and it had changed management. The first thing we noticed on our way in was how dirty and badly maintained the whole place was. I thought may be the interior would be better maintained because that would be where the guests would be staying and any respectable operator would take pride in providing acceptable maintenance. Sadly, that was not the case.

If my memory had not failed me, this place was also once voted to be the one of the dirtiest hotels in Asia. I think we can do without such a ranking for Singapore.

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Interior was better than the exterior but not so much.

Going to the resort and coming home was a chore as I live in the North while the place was located in the East. I had to walk a long underpass to and fro and the only public bus was 410 which was always not operating most of the time which made the both of us feel very frustrated. However the beach resort is located near good food which was a short walk away such as the long stretch of seafood restaurants, Korean and Japanese restaurants and etc. A bicycle kiosk is also located nearby.

The exterior of the beach resort was drab and uninviting. Upon entering I was greeted with bad lighting and a poor atmosphere. The receptionist was helpful and cheerful which was a complete contrast from the interior. A refundable deposit of fifty dollars had to be made too.My resort was in the peace zone where BBQ is prohibited and I liked the view ery much as I could see the wide expanse of the sea. 

My first impression of the room was that it was well kept, Cosy and clean. The toilet was the highlight to me as it felt so much more grand than the bed and television. The heater and all was great, hairdryer,soap and towels was provided too. 

The television, though it was quite small the graphics was clear. There was two beds for the Premier Delxue - one queen and one single. Air conditioner was in very good working condition however the remote is somehow fixed to the table  making it a bit awkward and troublesome to change the settings.

We went to explore the area and the lounge area of the beach resort had a few computers and cushion chairs and it wasn't very tempting to enter, it had quite the opposite effect actually.  The outdoor swimming pool from the outside felt dirty to me like there wasn't regular maintance. 

Some of the lamps located outside the rooms were not fixed and some were severly damaged making the resort look shabby. Enteringthe beach was convenient However returning to the inside of the resort was difficult as the turnstiles was placed quite a distance from each other.

Overall the price is slightly reasonable though not ideal for the quality of the rooms . I chose to stay in this beach resort than my usual Downtown East chalet as it was a new experience and the only one I found that allowed me to book for one night only.

The best part of staying in the beach resort was having the company of my best friend beside me which was the whole purpose and I think that's the most important of all and made everything worthwhile.

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Tips for new visitors:
Drive , do not take public transport. Bring your IC if you want to make use of the pool tables provided. Exits and entrances to and from the beach are quite far so be prepared for a long walk.
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