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Established in 1977, TK Foto Technic is a photographic equipment distributor and retailer, carrying a comprehensive range of brands for cameras as well as accessories.

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Jensen Chua
Top 50 Reviewer 126 reviews
(Updated: August 29, 2013)
This could your regular camera shop.....
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Overall Rating 

Rating camera shops can be a "tricky" affair... on what basis, as a reviewer, do we assign the stars? After all, the products are all the boils down to price.. right? Well, to me, yes and no. Let me justify my personal reason for the ratings (it's purely a personal feel, and to a certain extent...yes..price). So let me begin :

1) Value (4 stars) - I based this solely on price. My photography buddy who just purchased his 1st DSLR today, scoured the forum chatrooms for price indication and make numerous calls to check prices for a range of camera bodies and supporting lenses ( I will not go into the details) over at least 5-6 shops... the varied prices somewhat pointed to TK Foto, it's not that TK Foto is lowest for every single items queried. Perhaps they are doing stock clearance for certain items..I might be wrong to say that TK Foto is the lowest.
But I do pick up this line from one of the sales guy today " we are not afraid what prices other shops quoted...". Guessed they know the market prices...

2) Service (3 stars) - At various other shops, I get to check out and feel the camera I targeted to buy. But at TK Foto, only a very limited range of camera bodies are avail for testing. In fact, for models not on display and which you wanted to buy ,they will only show you the model upon request. But triggering of the shuttle release is not allowed (shuttle count will erode the value of the new body in the box. But this is good as it meant the actual buyer gets a 100% new unused unit).
But for people without a clue as to how certain models work, this may turn them away...and the service is inconsistent. A young salesman who attended to us was not sure of product details...and worse, when my friend actually committed to buy the unit...was proposed a cheap filter in place of a popular filter I requested. Poor listening skill !. All this lousy experience changed when I switched to another guy- James Ng...a veteran and experienced salesguy. If only the rest had his professionalism and candid personality.

3) Quality (3.5 stars) - could been have a 4 stars if not the inconsistent service and dearth of test units.

4) Statisfaction (3.5 stars) - affected by the points stated above. However, could have been a 5 stars if attended to by better trained and experienced sales James Ng.

5) Overall rating ( 4 stars) - in view of the great price secured and better service towards the later part of purchase...I felt it's only fair to assign the rating as such...

So from a buyer's perspective...TK Foto Technic warrants a visit on your next photographic plans...

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