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Cathay Photo Store is a long established name in the local photography community and enjoys an excellent reputation for professional sales staff who have great product knowledge . The store is sole distributor for many famous brands and stocks a wide selection of brands for cameras, lenses flash systems, tripods and accessories.

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Jensen Chua
Top 50 Reviewer 126 reviews
(Updated: July 06, 2013)
An imaging institution !
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The year of of establishment of a company tells a lot of it's reliability. In Cathay Photo, being established in 1959 say it all...I believe it's one of the oldest, if not the oldest photographic reseller and distributor in Singapore.

I been patronising Cathay Photo at it's Peninsula Plaza since picking up photography as a hobby in my late teens (that's almost 30 years ago)...gosh! I am adding on the years ! But guess what's amazing about Cathay? Those guys that served me during those days...are still there !!! Although their hair are somewhat whiter and have progressed from parents to grandparents. And they have definitely exceeded their loyal long-service staff Rolex entitlement awards...lol. But of course, nowadays, we do see some new faces (and foreign talents, as well) among the midst. And the company has certainly grown, taking over the 2 opposite shops lots, adding another branch at Marina Square (which opens on Sundays) and garnering sole distributorship to many famous brands.

So, going to visit Cathay for equipment and accessories purchases, market updates, etc.. I am like going to visit old friends. And one thing never change, they gladly let you fiddle with new products, offer technical views, chat market info...and do not turn sour faced if I do not buy (perhaps that's the 'privileges' accorded to a long-timed client). But that was why I became a long-timed client in the 1st place. For tripod & other accessories, you will be well-served by Steven Quek.., for camera & lenses, I made a beeline for Kelvin or Alvin...so much that often I called in advance to check that they are on duty, before I visit the shop.

To be honest, you can get slightly lower price at various other camera shops in the Cathay Photo vicinity...but it's the trust and friendship built over the years that transcend money. For some shops may quote slightly lower rate...only to tell you they have not include GST at point of purchase, or have add another 3% for credit card purchase or for installment program.

So there you are...do check out Cathay Photo at your next camera purchase...they will be there for you...always.

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No pressure from sales guys to buy
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Peninsula Plaza
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