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Le Peranakan Hotel

Le Peranakan Hotel Hot

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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 12, 2012    

Affordable priced, the hotel is ideal for both the discerning business traveler and the adventurous holiday maker who does not want to stay in the usual city hotel. Singapore's Peranakans are descendants of traders from across Southeast Asia, India and China who migrated to Singapore from the 17th century onwards. Peranakan (which means 'child of' derived from Malay word) influences are imbued in the artfully crafted furnishing, works of art and artifacts in the hotel.

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Single: $100
Standard: $130
Superior: $140
Deluxe: $160
Triple: $180
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A god-forsaken place

Let's talk about its location.

It is in the East, in a stretch of roads in the middle of nowhere. I was irritated just trying to get here and when I actually saw my room, my anger went through the roof.

The place really had a nice oriental feel to it. There was a classy closet and a nice tv but the toilet didn't have a lock and the shower room was entirely glass, so that meant me and all my friends couldn't bathe at all for the entire night and the day after.

The room was cramped. I booked the only one left as it was NYE but I truly didn't expect this. I was half-expecting the wardrobe to be a la Narnia and I kept opening and closing it but besides emitting a bad smell with each time, nothing worked,

My friends came shortly after and made fun of the room but we had a good time nonetheless. I think the save is in their balcony. They have a very nice, soothing patio with a massage bed for the better rooms and generous tables and chairs everywhere. My favourite part of the place.

I guess it's not that bad la but still, maybe the single rooms are a no-go. Try their deluxe.

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East Coast
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(Updated: December 03, 2012)


I was expecting a lot from this hotel because it was part of the Radiance group, and I liked their other accommodations in Singapore. It also had a fancy name that screamed chique boutique. Oh how wrong I was. It should be renamed "Le Neglected" immediately!

First of all the receptionist was way too young and behaved like a untrained student, wasn't polite and didn't seem to care. The check in process was arduous. To be honest, its not that he was "bad" but I was just expecting much better service that hotels in Singapore are more known for. The rooms were the most appalling things I've seen. Extremely tiny, cramped and lacklustre. Its as if someone said "design the most boring room of all time" and there you have it. My friend planned to stay a few days but immediately checked out the next day, to hotel 81, even though I told him that was a love hotel. He just wanted to get away from this. I guess the only saving grace is its location.

Its marketed as a boutique hotel but it looks much more like a cheap budget / love motel. And please tell me what is Peranakan about this place apart from its name! Cashing in on its location, while making no logical sense. Sheesh!

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Run away!
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Small and (uncosy)

You know how there are some hotel rooms that are small but cosy and comfortable at the same time?

That does not apply for Le Peranakan hotel. The rooms are extremely compact and the overall layout of the room is bare minimum without a hint of design effort. After all, this is a budget hotel so can't expect too much out of it. The doors and walls are definitely not sound proof, because we could hear unwanted noises coming from the room at the other end of the corridor. Yup.

The location is fantastic nevertheless. Food around Katong never disappoints, with supper places around the area too.

This hotel is only suitable for an emergency stay or a really really really budget staycation (One night stay approx. $140 walk-in price)

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too small rooms

Although the hotel is really affordably priced, i went once and did not want to go again.

When i first booked for this hotel, i make a booking for a standard room with queen bed. But when i checked in, i was informed that there is no more queen bed left. In order to get a queen bed, i end up having to pay more to get a queen bed in the superior room. There was also a need to pay a deposit for the keycard, weird as budget hotels do not usually do that.

When i went in the room is actually very small. The furnishing were very peranakan but the bed was too soft for comfort, and the pillows were too soft. I asked for more pillows but there were none. The bathroom is also very small. There were shampoo and soap, but no toothbrush and toothpaste was available. When i asked the receptionist, i had to go back to the counter myself to collect and there is only one set, when i needed two.

As this hotel was along shophouses, there is no dedicated carparking available.

The only saving part was that this hotel is situated just above a number of food places. So getting good and yummy food was easy. I just had to go downstairs, and there were hokkien mee and zi char and dim sim that was really tasty. Just opposite, there is a Italian restaurant which sells great pizza and pasta as well.

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