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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on May 16, 2012    

Hotel 81 is a brand for a group of more than 20 hotels (with more than 2000 rooms), located throughout Singapore. We started as a top value (budget) hotel chain, and have since moved on to offer more accommodation choices, with hotels in and near the city centre (known in Singapore as CBD, ie. Central Business District).

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Room rates start from S$70 nett (about USD$50) upwards depending on hotel, location and season


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Not as Bad as it is made out to be

It is pretty obvious why everyone has such a bad impression of hotel 81. It is stereotyped as the 'love hotel' that people go to just to have some quick action. This image that has plagued the chain of hotels, still doesn't seem to have affected its popularity as a budget destination.

I have been to a few hotel 81s before, as it is a cheap hotel with stay-able conditions. It is not all that bad as it is made out to be, for one, some of the branch hotels are rather clean and are even comparable to other budget hotels out there. Although I must say that the standard of rooms are not uniform throughout, the hotel staff are usually kind enough to change for better rooms if the room condition is really in dire state. I have once stepped into a room which smelt of smoke and I got a change to another one almost immediately with friendly staff service.

I simply do not see what is so bad about this place, I mean it has a functional and relatively cozy bed, bathroom with basic amenities, hairdryer ( if its a must ), and even a side coffee table and television with various channels and perhaps a dvd player to go along. For $60 it sounds like a pretty decent deal to me.

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Lower status than budget?

Hotel 81.. hmm.. its really budget budget budget, something like motels in the States, but with much much smaller rooms and very old and run down furnishings. Of course, it depends on which branch that you go to. I had visited a few different ones and some were better, some were worse.

For example, the one near the Malay Village, the rooms were more spacious, however, there is a very strong smell of spices. The one at Balestier was thoroughly run down with small CRT TVs, small rooms, boxy air cons and doors that do not close by itself.

I guess it is simply a place for a one night stay or for few hours stay. I am always amazed to see tourists willing to stay in such hotels. I mean, since you already spend so much for the trip, why be overly stingy on the rooms. And furthermore, Hotel 81 rates aren’t exactly very cheap. There can be more than $100 for the above type of conditions. I wonder how they advertise themselves such that people are still willing to fork out so much for such stays.
It is to me, a lousy place to stay in, even for a budget hotel.

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Dickson Road Hotel 81, a sweet escape

If you are thinking of an escape and have a bit of spare cash but not to much, Dickson Road hotel 81 is a sure good check-in. Located in bugis behind Sim Lim TOWERS, this is a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of town without being obscurely far away.

A good example where this place will come in handy is for those late night shoppers or clubbers. The "walk of shame" is reduce to zilch with its secret venue tucked behind a coffee shop.

Good basic facility though i needed to change a room as the air-conditioning was extremely loud for my comfort. Booked it for an entire day to get away from just about everyone and it turns out extremely pleasing for me. Nice food places around with a coffee shop downstairs and nearby to Bugis for really good food. Across the main road is a bus going to bugis so fret not.

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Price range from $101 for a whole day stay, check-out before 12pm the next day.

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Quietly tucked away from city
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is also a budget sex hotel
Dickson Road
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(Updated: May 17, 2012)

For those too drunk to go home.

When I first stepped into Hotel 81, all that I could think about was dodgy of how I was going into a hotel when I could easily take a cab home, not to mention the fact that they were some women outside the hotel, whose business I don't want to know of. That night, my friends and I had partied too hard, resulting in some of us being too drunk and scared to go home. Since, we could rent a room for a minimum of 2 hours, one of my friends suggested Hotel 81.

We quickly checked in, paying $30 upfront for the 2 hours, extension of another hour would cost us another $15 they told us. As we went into the room, we found the room to be pretty decent. Aircon was too cold though and we couldn't adjust it, so we had to call the staff for that. After the end of the two hours, a automated phonecall was made by the hotel into each of our room to remind us of the end of the 2 hours. For extension, we would just have to call the receptionist and inform them of it.

All in all, it was pretty okay for a 4 hour long stay and since it was shared among the few of us, it was an okay price to pay. It was just as expected of a budget hotel. Just okay.

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Remind them to give you to call or risk paying extra if you check out too late.
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