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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on May 11, 2012    

Value Hotel Singapore is a chain of concept hotels offering the ideal combination of comfort and value to the savvy and cost-conscious traveller who wants to make the most out of each trip. Contemporary and tasteful interiors and locations easily accessible by public transportation make it a great choice for business or holiday. There is currently three hotels along Balestier Road. They are Value Nice, Value Balestier and Value Thomson

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Superior Room - Start at $109.
Twin Room - Start at $109.
Superior Plus Room - Start at $129.
Deluxe Room - Start at $149.
Triple Room - Start at $179.
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reasonable price with high quality staff

Value hotel as their name suggests, was a hotel with value. Well, frankly I think it really is the case. Although Value hotel is probably more of a budget hotel, it sets itself apart from fragrance and hotel 81, although I half suspect that Hotel 81 and them are actually related. It is priced very competitively and sometimes even cheaper than fragrance and 81 yet the quality is much higher.

They have comfortable beds, with Wifi access and flat LCD TVs, proper comforter type blankets and cotton pillows. It was like a 4 star hotel, but simply back to basics with all the fancy fairies being removed from the menu. The rooms are not very large but spacious enough and with ample space for big suitcases. The basic amenities are provided as well.

The staff is a team of locals and filipinos and they are always attentive and polite to their customers. Not once have I seen them without a smile as they interact with their customers. Again, this is something not always seen in the other 2 budget chains. Value hotel also has a much cleaner image as they do not offer hourly rates for their rooms. Currently, they have 3 branches along Balestier Road and they are priced differently as there are differences in facilities.

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Value indeed

Value Hotel is one of the many affordable hotels that offer good quality service in Singapore. With low rates and convenient locations every branch have been popular for tourists who want to stay in average accommodation without sacrificing the quality of service they deserve.

Guests will surely enjoy the vibrant beauty of Singapore with Value Hotel’s low and affordable rates. With swarming tourists from all over the world, the country needs this kind of accommodation to cater to different types of tourists. The hotel hosts most practical tourists who wanted to spend less on accommodation and more on the country’s major destinations.

The rooms may not be as big as those five star hotels but is good enough for relaxation and a perfect place to take a rest after a long day tour. The staffs are accommodating, rooms are well kept, linens are clean and toilets are hygienic. Just an excellent way to end a day. ☺

The hotel serves good food and a wide variety of dishes to choose from. But there are always a handful of choices just around the area.

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