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SAFRA Yishun Country Club #02-V2 60 Yishun Avenue 4 Singapore 769027
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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on December 03, 2012    

Orchid Bowl is a set up with 5 bowling centres around Singapore and run by Family Leisure Pte Ltd. Outlets can be found at the following locations: SAFRA Yishun, SAFRA Tampines, The Chevrons, E!hub Downtown East and Orchid Country Club.

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10am to 3am
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Bowling in the alley

I've been to the Safra yishun outlet and orchid country club. Their rates in reasonable and they have a few discounts like OCC member, nebo, safra and student discounts. The prices range from $2.20-$2.70 for those with discount. Remember to bring your socks if not you have to pay an extra $2. If you have bowling shoes, then you would have saved a dollar on shoe rental.

The first time i went the yishun outlet, it was crowded as someone had booked half the lanes for a company function. It's pretty corwded during weekend nights so you might have to wait to get a lane. On the 2nd visit, the cashier at was playing with her phone when we were in front of her waiting to get our lanes. The black sheep didn't ruin the herd as the woman at the shoe rental counter was friendly and an expert at guessing shoes sizes as she got all of us the correct shoe size.

The score monitors are slightly old but at least they still had the cute graphics of when you strike or go into the drain.

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Good alley, not so good location.

Orchird bowl is one of the best bowling alleys I’ve bowled at in Singapore. The screens are very interesting, and you get to pick a theme for how your scores are displayed, making the experience even more fun. Furthermore, the spin cycle is very quick, with the new sets of pins being replaced quickly for the next bowler. Definitely recommended for those training per hour.

However, it might get very crowded when it’s close to the ‘A’/’B’ Divisions because Orchird Bowl is where the competition is held, thus many schools will try to train there. Furthermore, if you do not drive, the place can be quite inaccesible. Shuttle buses from Yishun MRT Station do not come very often, and the buses are small so you might have to wait for the next one should you go during peak hours.

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Fun activity at an affordable price

Orchid Bowl has definitely got to be one of my favourite hang out places. Whenever me and my bros have nothing we will just head to Orchid Bowl and buy a game or two. Pricing is very reasonable. For around $6, we can kill about one and a half hours. Temperature in the bowling arena is also kept relatively low and it is all very comfortable.

My only complain would be that some of the screens tend to "blackout" from time to time. In my previous outing, the entire scoreboard reset when we were halfway into a game and that was really frustrating. Nevertheless, Orchid Bowl is still a good place to go with friends should you have no other activity to do.

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My favourite bowling alley!

I went to Orchid Bowl at the E!Hub Downtown East branch with some friends the other day. It was really an enjoyable experience for all of us as it wasn't too crowded and there were more than sufficient bowling stations.

The lighting of the bowling centre was just right. Not too dark, like other bowling centres I've been to. Animations on the TV screens showing the bowlers' scores were quirky and livened up our bowling experience. There is also a small cafe inside for bowlers to relax and grab a bite while bowling.

However, Orchid Bowl can be packed during the weekends, so the service staff may not handle your needs efficiently. It's best to avoid the place during such hours.

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Good bowling experience

I'm not the best bowler around, so I was a little reluctant when my friends dragged me to Orchid Bowl for a game of bowling, but I surprisingly enjoyed my bowling experience there.

The prices at Orchid Bowl are pretty reasonable, kept within an affordable range that is definitely within my budget, so I was not all that against going for a bowl when my friends pestered.

Expect long queues at the outlet at E!Hub though. Waiting time can take up to 35 minutes to even an hour, so customers ought to arrive earlier before the peak crowd, or simply be patient and wait for your turn.

I was kind of impressed with the service at Orchid Bowl though. The staff were polite, and the rough gauge of the estimated waiting time was pretty accurate. We were shown to our alley right after we arrived at the stipulated time, so we did not have to loiter around the alleys while waiting.

There were a few glitches with the system when picking up the pins, so there was quite a bit of lag time wasted while we waited for the glitch to fix themselves. However, the staff arrived pretty quickly whenever we called for help, and the glitch would be fixed immediately, so I suppose that makes up for the occasionally faulty system.

Overall, my bowling experience at Orchid Bowl was amazing, and it definitely perked my interest in the sport.

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