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231 Outram Road Singapore 169040
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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on June 05, 2012    

WANGZ Hotel is a 41-room boutique hotel modernly designed in a green earthly contemporary theme. They have small gym and a rooftop bar but the best thing has to be its location, right at the start of the Tiong Bahru cafe hopping trail.

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Room Prices:
Superior Room - $228
Deluxe Room - $275
Canopy Room - $295
Balcony Room - $355
Soak Room - $415
Deep Suite - $435


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(Updated: May 30, 2013)

not too shabbyz

Terrible name, terrible logo but definitely a pretty nice hotel if the price is slightly lower. The price you are paying($250++) is a premium for a boutique hotel and therefore my expectations are high.

I did not find a perfect spot to take my model shots in my room unlike the review below mine but i did find my room very clean. Having stayed in many boutique hotels, the design of Wangz is really just alright. You get a little fun with the lamp shades that can be turn upwards and a little fun when you pee in full view of people outside, or rather people who wants to have a peep at you from outside. I noticed in the evening around 10pm that a few ah peks (old men) were seated strategically at the stretch below the toilet and when my light came on, i could see the ah pek peeping up. Boo hoo for them as i wasn't anything they were looking for but you get what i mean.

The shower and the toilet bowl is also side by side meaning when you shower, the entire toilet bowl will be splashed with water, kua kua, you have to dry the bowl when you want to use it. Bad.

Breakfast here is terrible, its for peasants and i had a bad stomach after eating it. The buffet spread had bao, fried fish balls (WOW SO YUMMY FOR BREAKFAST, not),some bread, exposed smoked salmon(yes eat me, i'm stale and not chilled and am exposed the entire morning, eat me and die), yogurt and thats about it. (ok maybe some fruits) They prepare eggs for you and thats about it. They hired a young unprofessional looking guy that had a sour face but the other lady was cheery.

About parking, they have like 8 lots. Upon parking my car after dinner, i stepped out of the building for a smoke and their porter came out of a hole and told me in a stern turned off face that the parking is for hotel guests and that i have to remove my car. I flashed my hotel card and he gave me a 360 degree change in attitude but TOO LATE, i know you are being fake.

Lastly, before checking out, I walked past 2 cleaning ladies that looked me in the face and gave me a blank sour face. The manager beside them saw me and smiled and greeted me. Once again, too late, sour face plus friendly manager does not help!!

You have to train all your staff to be friendly, not just some of them.

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Best part of stay:
molton brown toiletries
Tips for new visitors:
Don't get the high floors as you will be listening to disco beats till 1am
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Not quite what I expected

My cousin's birthday was held in one of the rooms there. I guess some people may find it an easy-to-find place, given the fact that it's actually near a famous bun shop.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting much of the hotel. But it amazes me how nice the atmosphere is when I stepped in. Another surprise when I stepped into the room. There is a flat screen tv on the wall, dressing table with huge mirror, pretty lamps, wardrobe and not to forget, a large comfy bed. And by comfy, I mean comfy.

You know how important it is to have a spot that can best allow you to take the best pictures especially when it's an event? Well the hotel room has it! Not even exaggerating but this spot is GOLD. Pictures taken at that spot all turned out to be like model-shoots. I am actually in love.. with a perfect spot. The lighting was all perfect with white curtains. Ahhh..

One thing bad about the room is that the toilet doesn't have locks. Yeah, you heard me. It may be suitable for couples to stay-in but for events like my cousin's birthday.. mm... not that appealing.

An interesting touch they have made to the toilet though.. They have quite big windows in the toilet where you can view pretty scenery if there is any, with a wordings that say "don't forget to pull down the blinds for your own privacy" something like that.

Now that I think of it, it seems kind of ironic. I guess you'd only use that window when you decide to only wash your hands?

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(Updated: January 10, 2013)

Great service with a personal touch....

When my close friend from Moscow asked me to refer a cosy hotel that is near good food, transport (MRT, etc), convenient location. I short-listed 3 boutique hotels in the Tiong Bahru vicinity for his pick. He picked Wangz and remained his regular hotel ever since. And that was 2.5 years ago.

The easy walking distance to the Tiong Bahru Hawker Centre and all other eateries were a god-send. Also, the walk to Tiong Bahru MRT beneath Tiong Bahru Plaza is just a 10min walk away...

The service from the hotel staff were impeccable. Polite, professional and warm. What more can I say. On many occasion. when early check-in/out were requested. The staff go all out to assist.

The rooms, while not spacious, were well appointed and great space managed. So you do not feel that it's small. The artworks on the walls soothe the ambiance and really lift the classy feeling of the hotel. The roof top bar - Halo is great for cosy chill out session in the evening, If there's 1 thing lacking is a swimming pool. But then again,,this a boutique hotel,

And be advised...the hotel (having only 41 rooms) is frequently fully booked. So plan way ahead...

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Best part of stay:
Service and location
Tips for new visitors:
Book ahead, frequently fully booked
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