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Emma Lee
Listing created by Emma Lee on January 07, 2016    

Fjallraven carries a range of high quality bags made out of Vinylon fabric. Each bag has a zip that opens the entire main compartment, a small front pocket, simple shoulder straps and handles at the top. 



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The bag you thought was part of the uniform

Kanken bags are literally everywhere in schools now, and it is almost believable if someone told you that they were part of every student’s uniform. It is understandable why they are all the rage though – the bags come in cute sizes and are in a trademark shape. Just by one look, you can tell if the bag is a Kanken or not.

The Kanken bag is perfect to store your A4 size papers and books in, and keep them upright and in shape due to its boxy nature. The durable and sturdy material is also appealing to those who carry laptops or heavy files around. The straps also provide sufficient comfort to your shoulders, even if you carry it for long periods of time.

Kanken bags are not cheap though, with the popular Kanken Classic tagged with a price tag above 100 bucks. Personally, I wouldn’t pay that much to have a bag which twenty other girls own.

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