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#02-33A NEX Mall 23 Serangoon Central Singapore 556083
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Rui Ling Teo
Listing created by Rui Ling Teo on November 13, 2013    

The Paper Stone is a local stationery store which aims to bring well-designed stationeries to our local shores. This store retails an extensive range of paper goods such as journals, planners and notebooks. 


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quality paper products at wallet-friendly prices

Stationery and paper goods are always popular in Singapore, but The Paper Stone really gives the other brands a run for their money. What makes The Paper Stone stand out are definitely their delightful designs and original illustrations, producing one-of-a-kind, quality goods to brighten up your day whether at home, school, work or play.

It’s easy to dismiss their products as too cutesy, but their stationery and paper goods are of superb quality and new designs hit stores pretty often. Products are limited in quantity, and every notebook feature one-of-a-kind illustrations by The Paper Stone. Their goods also make for great gift ideas, and I adore their planners and cute bubble stickers. Their products are always so cheery and colourful that I can never leave an outlet empty-handed.

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Love this place!

This is like a really good dupe of Kikki K but with an extra touch of cute. I realise that's not a very positive thing to say, but I mean it in a positive way! The interior is very neat and clean, and its pens and notebooks are nothing short of adorable. Even the pen-testing stand that proudly welcomes customers into the store, beckoning them to try out the pens oozes cuteness from its miniature-fake-grass-lawn-thing with animal erasers happily sprawled all over.

When it comes to prices, I find The Paper Stone to be very affordable for a crafts store, especially for one that has established its brand as such (simple, elegant, sweet). I'm sure we all know that in this day and age, people pay for the brand rather than the product, and under this light The Paper Stone is actually pretty affordable.

I personally love this store as a short round around the shop always helps to power up my creative cells for a simple craft project. From notebook ideas to little thingamabobs to help complete whatever I'm working on, The Paper Stone has always been a great help when I'm looking for something different to do. The only thing is that some outlets are rather limited in product variety, and of course for the financially-careful, some of the items here can be unaffordable.

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Squeals in amazement at cuteness

My sister loves this place, and I have to admit, so do I.

It is so! precious! And I mean that in the nicest way. All of the goods there are so adorable - I have this pink file which is imprinted with dreamy images of rainbows and this other dinosaur file that I simply love. The wares are durable too - I've used these files for ages and they haven't fallen apart.

The prices are slightly steeper than the average run-of-the-mill Popular plain Jane files, but really, you pay for what you get, and in this case what you get is super cute stationery. Also, these are already a lot less expensive than stationery that you would find at other stores so value to the for to the money.

I haven't really tried the other items out, so I can't comment on their pens or their stamps, just that they, too, are really cute and 10/10 would purchase.

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I have only visited the newly-established outlet that was located at Hougang Mall. The store gave me a pleasantly comfortable feeling as I enter the store and their interesting and unique craft papers never fail to attract me into its store ever since its opening.

However, I always leave the store empty-handed for I do not think that the items are worth the hefty price as stated on the labels. Although the designs of the hard-cover of certain notebooks are truly unique and creative, I think it isn't worth paying $15 for just a notebook.

If you are looking for some nice and unique designs of notebooks or craft papers to make a card for a special someone or a special occasion, perhaps The Paper Stone will be the right store for you. If not, it's redundant to purchase something quite expensive for no apparent reason!

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Hougang Mall
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Cute. Colourful.

I managed to stop by Paper Stone at the newly opened Bedok Mall and was pretty pleasantly surprised at the prices of the items they were offering. They had a wide range of cute stationery, including pens going for only 5 for $1 or $1.20 each. Their notebooks were slightly more pricey at $16+ (members $11+) but there were also large notebooks for about $11, about the same price as azone. Their designs were pretty unique, but there was a little too much contrasting colours making them rather glaring.

Membership seems to be pretty rewarding at $50 for $55 worth of stored credit, and quite a big discount on the items. If you’re planning to get a bunch of gifts, it might be a good option. But I don’t think 1 person could spend that much on Paper Stone’s items for themselves alone!

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I've been to several of their branches in Singapore. I find that the craft items there are really pretty and interesting. You should definitely check the place out if you're running out of ideas on gift card ideas.

One sheet of their craft paper will normally cost 1-3 dollars which is pretty expensive to me for such a small sheet of paper. So I generally only go there to purchase good quality decorative paper during the Christmas season. (They normally have sales on selected designs.)

The staff members are also generally really friendly and would love to assist you if you require anything.

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(Updated: November 28, 2013)

Stationery not only for the 'bimbo-princesses'!

The Paper Stone to my knowledge, is a relatively new establishment to have graced the Parkway Parade shopping complex. From the outside, the gleaming rows of immaculately presented cute pens and adorable notebooks may seem intimidating. However, when I finally plucked up the courage to venture inside for the first time, to say that I was pleasantly surprised would a huge understatement.

My experience at the store was made a humours one when I overheard a male patron enthusiastically exclaim to his (equally male) counterpart, "Eh, you want this bimbo princess pen or not?" The pen in question was this cute little contraption with a black body and a golden skull gracing the top of the pen. What made it even funnier was that after placing the pen back to its original position, the male patron started singing along not-so-softly to the One Republic song playing over the store's speakers.

Call me a cynic, but the minute I see those "bimbo princess" pens with an occasional cute panda adorning the pen tip, my mind immediately screams: Overpriced! I was pretty much expecting to be slammed with grossly-overpriced price tags for these adorable novelty stationery (erasers in the form of Converse sneakers, anyone?) However, The Paper Stone has proven me wrong! The prices to my surprise and delight, were very reasonable, with a diverse range of cute pens to choose from. Individual prices of one pen is $1.20, while if you buy 5 pens, it comes at a discounted price of $5 for the entire lot. As a result, I basically went to town choosing and testing out each and every pen on display, and was pretty much a happy camper by the time I got to the notebooks. The shop's reasonable pricing was again reflected where there was a sale of exercise books, adorned with pretty designs at only $6 for 5 exercise books! There were pricier notebooks, that had hard covers, where the price lingered from the $15 - $17 price range.

I also liked how the the shop's structure also maximised the space constraints of the outlet, and at the same time not making the displays too cluttered or messy. On the whole, fans of cutesy stationery on a tight budget would definitely find a home in The Paper Stone!

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Parkway Parade
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