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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 14, 2012    

Sells all genres and types of books for people to satisfy their literature cravings. 


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Best bookstore experience

Borders has that feel of a bookshop that typical bookshops such as Popular do not. It is just different, and I loved to visit the Borders that had previously existed in Wheelock place. It is a very fun experience, and I could invest a lot of time exploring.

I have no idea why the Borders empire is retreating, but I am very sure that we would all like to have it back. It is a bookshop I would love to stay at for hours rather than just to enter and get the merchandise, which I frequently do at Popular. I am very glad that Borders is back at the new mall in Jurong East, Westgate, albeit a little small. I hope they re expand this empire, and let me appreciate bookstores once more.

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Give me back my childhood!

I used to go to Borders every weekend with my family and we’d shop for books for the week. You could say that I grew up there and so it was needless to say that I was devastated when I heard it was closing down. I love everything about borders, from the large selection of books and stationary to the restaurant located in Borders itself!

I still remember weekly story-telling sessions that I alwasys looked forward to, and I would attribute Borders with a big part of cultivating my love for books. It is more than a shame that the only bookstore I can look forward to patronizing in town is Kinokuniya.

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Love it!

I like the whole relax and laid back ambiance of this bookstore. I can spend the whole day here browsing through rows and rows of books and the staffs won't even care if you want to take your own sweet time choosing your book.

But it was sad to see that some books here were vandalized and almost worn out. I meant, the book is for sale and even if you want to read for free, be considerate and keep the book in good order. I think they should wrap the books on display and only left a piece for customer's free reading.

I love the collection of books in this store as they are a lot and have much variety. I will always come here to purchase my favorite novels as they have almost the whole titles of my favorite author.

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Very unfortunate

Borders was a haven for the book-lovers as it offers not just books, but a lifestyle for the bookworms. Before it's closure, my journey to Borders was met with surprise because of the store's changed marketing style, They tended to sell random products that were not book-related in order to ramp up their profits, which is understandable considering how the world is shifting its focus to the online world.

Border's closing down in Singapore is really really sad because it will lead to a further decline in the reading levels of Singaporeans. Already, many do not have the time and luxury to read often and the closure will make it even worse.

On the whole, border's closure is due to its failure to respond to the proliferation of the internet world, and e-books. They were ineffective in bringing their marketing strategem online. Damn, wish borders could have stayed on ):

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Was my favourite bookstore...

When I was first introduced to Borders, I thought it was just like any other bookstore, like Popular or Times. However, I was mistaken. It seemed like a mini library, with a cozy atmosphere, books, as well as a cafe for those who just want to chill out.

What set Borders apart from other bookstores, was the reading areas set up at various parts of the bookstore. There are small tables and chairs in a relatively big area for parents to read with their children. Not to mention the comfy chairs positioned near the shelves of other books as well, for teens and adults to enjoy a relaxing read. To my utmost joy, the books there are all not wrapped, so you can feel free to browse through any book you want. When you do not feel like reading, you can also look for stationery items like notebooks, or search for your favourite music CDs.

It really disappointed me that such a great bookstore like Borders had to close down. Most likely too many people had the same mentality - to just read the books there and not purchase them. I do hope that a bookstore like Borders can be built in Singapore again soon.

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A great bookstore that couldn't keep up with the times.

Borders used to be a favorite place for me to visit when I was a teenager. The atmosphere was relaxing and I could spend hours browsing through their books.

But that was also probably the downfall of Borders. Most of their book were not sealed and you could read them off the shelves. In fact, I would notice some people sitting for hours reading the book during school holidays. Singaporeans are great bargain hunters. If you can read a book free, why buy it?

Added to this, with the increasing selection of books at the National Library, online stores, and even audiobooks which can be listened to on the go,buying books is fast becoming a thing of the past.

It is unfortunate that Borders was unable to reinvent itself to adapt to the changing times.

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Miss the place

What I liked best about Borders compared to other bookstores was the atmosphere. It was really more than just a bookstore. Besides the wide selection of book titles, I liked the gifts and stationery, even if I felt they were a little overpriced. Although the CD/DVD section was not really my thing, I nevertheless enjoyed wandering around. That people were allowed to browse the books plus the cafe contributed to a very relaxed atmosphere. The staff were also quite helpful and knowledgeable.

However, this laid-back feeling also meant that customers didn't seem to be very considerate at times. I felt that especially at the children's books section, it seemed to get quite noisy. That section was also especially messy, perhaps because kids browsing the books might have neglected to return them neatly to the shelves. That people could thumb through the books also meant that it was sometimes difficult to find a book in mint condition.

Nevertheless, it's another book haven and chill-out place gone and I miss the place.

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They fail to understand Singaporeans

I was not surprised that Borders closed down. If they had understood Singaporeans, they would not have made it so comfortable for people to browse or read books inside their store.Deep down, Singaporeans like small bargains. If they can read new books for free and in a pretty comfortable environment, why should they buy the book back to read.

If they had put up signs like those in Popular bookstores that forbid browsing or sealed up all their books, they may still be in business. They had the better collections of books and more knowledgeable staff and a better organisational system. I remembered they had a counter where you can approach the staff to find out where a certain book was located in the store or whether it was even available at all.

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Was one of the best bookstores in Singapore

There will always be a place in my heart for Borders.

I used to visit Borders every week or so, as it was near my grandmother's house, and a mere 10 minutes' bus ride away from my school, and I absolutely adored the place.

Upon stepping into the bookstore, there will always be the comforting smell of books and paper, accompanied by the faint scent of coffee from the built in cafe in the Borders outlet in Parkway Parade. There's just something about the quiet, unhindered atmosphere in Borders that definitely made it stand out from typical bookstores like Popular or Times.

I was pretty disappointed when I first found out that Borders was closing down for good, as Borders had one of the most amazing collections of books in Singapore. From traditional paperback classics to romance, and even a wide selection of manga, Borders definitely housed one of the widest selection of books I've ever seen in Singapore, and I was certainly more than impressed.

Apart from their more than satisfactory variety of books, Borders also retailed the most amazing stationery. I once bought a pencil case from Borders at a relatively low price, and it's still holding up pretty well. Gorgeous designs added up with impeccable quality, it was really as if Borders could do no wrong.

A real pity they closed down. It was definitely one of my favourite stores, and I definitely hope that it will resurface again some day.

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WIsh it was still here

Man, I love borders! Compared to other bookstores that are pretty messy, the layout of Borders allows you to sink into this world of your own while you're browsing through books in a relatively quiet place.

Borders is like an 'atas' bookstore, alongside with MPH, Kino, etc whereas Popular comes across as a neighbourhood friendly type of stationery store. Both has its perks! You get interesting stationeries (and wrapping paper!) and books that aren't easily available from Borders, although their membership price isn't exactly low.

The main reason why I adore Borders (wheelock), is that they open till really late. If I'm not wrong, they open till 2am or something? awesome for bookworms who work late! A pity they're no longer here. Sometimes, after visiting all other bookstores, I still miss Borders. =/

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