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Rui Ling Teo
Listing created by Rui Ling Teo on December 11, 2012    

kikki.K embraces the Swedish design principles of form and function, bringing customers collections of delightful stationery, gifts and organisational solutions that differ with each season. This stationery brand aims to improve the quality of life of their customers by helping them achieve the sense of wellbeing that is derived from being organised in style.

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(Updated: December 19, 2014)

Captivating...until you see the price

We've all been there. You're strolling along in a mall when a brightly lit store catches your eye. From the clean and simplistic interior of the store to the warm and friendly staff smiling at you as you approach, everything in the store exudes a sweet and welcoming vibe.

Before you know it, you're inside the store browsing through its products, scribbling sweet nothings onto the paper provided under the guise of testing their pens. You pick up beautifully designed notebook after another, admiring their artfully designed planners and interesting journals, such as the one that makes you answer a question everyday for three years. This leaves you moving from shelf to shelf, falling in love with each and every sweet little thing in the store, with a trail of drool to prove it.

Soon enough, you pick up one of their little notebooks and start making your way to the counter to pay. But then you briefly glance at its price tag. You drop the book, pick up your jaw, and awkwardly scuttle out of the store.

Sure, their products really are very sweetly and beautifully designed, and some of them are really creative too. But the price range is kind of crazy. One thing this place is good for, though, is inspiration. They have quite a few journals that encourage positivity in life, and the atmosphere in the shop is one of quiet happiness. Prices aside, this is definitely one of my favourite shops to loiter around in, and hopefully one day I'll have enough money to buy one of everything in this sweet little store.

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Lovely stationary, but far too pricey

Personally I am very fond of Kikki K as I find the designs of the stationary really cute and pretty. The first Kikki K notebook I got was 2 years ago from my sister as a Christmas present and I seriously loved it to bits. Kikki K is popular among my friends, but I think the price of the stationary makes it almost impossible to purchase anything from there.

Nevertheless, Kikki K stationary do make good birthday gifts or Christmas presents for your sisters or friends. But of course I still do think twice before I step into Kikki K, even though an occasional splurge on pretty stationary can really make your day sometimes!

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Simplicity meets style

Not sure when this came into the market but when it did, it brought a whole new wave of stationary revolution along with it. Kikki K changed the name of stationery and added a little style to it. I mean who can resist such nice stationery!

I would say that I am window shopping in this store more than I actually shop there most of the time. I have a weakness for such lovely things and the shopaholic in me would always tell myself that stationery is useful, and needed even though in reality it is more of a want than a need. I mean stationery is applicable everywhere, I need my organiser to plan my life, I could do well with an organised cook book, and it would be great to jot down my escapades in a travel booklet...

That aside, I do own some things from kikki k and as of now I am still very satisfied with them. My 2013 organiser from this place is a gift from my friends, and although it is a little too large for my liking, it makes me happy looking at it because it has such funky colours and cute little things in it that never fails to brighten up a dull monday. Its simple designs had me falling in love with the rubber stamp collection and I am guilty of spending quite a fortune on them. What I like beyond all the superficiality of it is how durable and user-friendly the things are. This stationery revolution could not have come at a better time!

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I've always liked going into Kikki K stores to just browse through all their products. I've always been a big fan of their planners and diaries, and always look forward to new designs every year. The designs of the pages in the planner are super cute, and yet so practical, I enjoy using it.

Other than their planners, I also like Kikki K's other notebooks. I especially like that they have special ones for special people or occasions! I've never seen anything like them before, and I think it's a great idea. Although the prices of the things in this shop are pretty steep, you won't be able to find them anywhere else.

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Scandinavian style

Due to the superb location of Kikki K, I find myself wandering into the store when I am waiting for my friends. The chic and well-lit interior channels the Scandinavian spirit extremely well — one would feel at home here easily.

As expected, prices here are not competitive in the least bit — in fact, many might find it difficult to actually purchase something from this store, despite the fact that eye candy are aplenty. The concept of their design is found not anywhere else, so you are definitely purchasing uniqueness and quality. Investing in Kikki K items will never have you experiencing cognitive dissonance!

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lovely stationery, but expensive

I am a fan of lovely stationery and would be on the constant lookout for new letter sets or stickers to add to my stationery collection. I am a member of Kikki.K, but I have to say there's nothing much my membership affords me with this store, pretty stationery aside. There are not much membership privileges such as discounts which would come in handy with the high prices of kikki.K's stationery!!

Yes, kikki.K does have some really lovely stationery, but it does not have new stock often hence it is quite boring, I would only go once every few months to scan their products! I would not even purchase their pens, as even though it is cute with designs such as polka dots or strawberries, I would rather save the money for other things, and purchase my required pens at Popular, where at least, I get a member discount. The most I would buy from Kikki.K is when I'm in need of replenishing my stock of stickers/labels, where a sticker booklet with beautiful designs cost around $20+.

Stationery aside, Kikki.K has some lovely leather bags in their collection which I desire. Alas, it is also pricey, but the tote bags, carry ons, and computer case are functional and fashionable.

Recommended for those with cash to spare.

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How is it possible for paper to cost this much!?

I was handed my first Kikki K. schedule book back in my secondary school days and fell madly in love with it. I was a great fan, until I stepped into their shop.

The cute stationary caught my eye, and I was already imagining myself being envied by everyone around me. However, I saw their prices and finally understood why I hardly see anyone holding a Kikki K. schedule book or pencil case. For stationary that are so pleasing to the eyes, their prices sure are not. I constantly find myself scouring the shop for something cheap and useful, and I usually end up only looking at their pens. If you are a stationary fan with a lot of cash to spare, I would recommend this place to you. Otherwise, don’t bother.

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don't bother stepping in

kikki.K is just really overpriced. Definitely not worth your money, must less worth your time spent browsing through their store items. I really am not a big fan of their items – I don’t find their products exceptionally intriguing or creative, and definitely not worth the price you are paying for. As for me, I am a big sucker for stationery items (you can say my hobby would be collecting stationery like pens and notepads); so if I do not fancy a particular brand of stationery, then it usually is either very unreasonably priced or just not very appealing. I have to say, even products from Typo are more worth it (given the fact that Typo also sells overpriced items).

In addition, kikk.K does not sell a very large range of items; they have a pretty limited section for every subset of stationery products. Their outlets are not very widespread through Singapore, so even if you find one, I suggest not to go in.

The reason why I say their stationery products are not very appealing – their products are pretty plain and ‘bland’, it might be great for those who want to design their own notebooks, but I suggest buying plain-covered notebooks from Muji. They are much more cheaper and of better quality.

I have to say though, I really like their store décor – the metallic, silvery shiny finish exudes an ‘aura’ which makes me feel at home, in a posh apartment in London.

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Way too expensive!

Kikki. K is one of the classiest stationery stores I've ever encountered. It also deserves a prize for being the most expensive stationery store as well, because I have yet to find something within the store that caters to my budget.

Kikki. K generally retails lifestyle stationery like planners, notebooks, pens, and even clocks. The interior of the store is usually all-white, and the store is always impeccably clean and polished, and this definitely lends the store a very classy vibe. However, I definitely wouldn't mind if the store compromised some of its classy exterior for a price reduction, because each time I enter Kikki. K, I always manage to find something absolutely gorgeous, and proceed to put it away painfully because of the exorbitant price.

That said, if you have too much cash to squander, Kikki. K would be a lovely place to spend all that money on. The items are classy, with just a hint of adorable, and there are even seasonal designs and colours for their stationery!

Until Kikki. K rethinks its prices, I'll be staying away from the store. As gorgeous as their organizers and notebooks are, having to leave them behind in the store because of their price tag is too much a pain for me to bear.

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Wholly overpriced

Till today, I have not bought a single thing from kikki.K, and I intend to make sure it stays that way (unless the prices go down of course, or if they are having a sale).

Granted, kikki.K sells very pretty stationery with unique designs, and you might feel a little happier using their notebooks and diaries instead of the dreary-looking common ones you can find at other bookstores. However, I would rather spend my money elsewhere because the prices are really ridiculous. A notebook can cost as much as $30 to $40.

Yes, it is a Swedish brand, and Singapore's import taxes are high, but one notebook doesn't have to cost as much as that. Even its pens and cards are expensive. It's really not worth the money.

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