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Rui Ling Teo
Listing created by Rui Ling Teo on December 09, 2012    

Smiggle is an Australian stationery brand that prides itself on creating fun, colourful, bright and fashion-forward stationery. To date, it has thirteen outlets sprawled across various malls in Singapore, and has achieved significant recognition among locals. 


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Rainbow Paradise!

Smiggle is another shop that sells cute stationeries. I remember when it first opened in Singapore, it would be jam packed with shoppers, curious to see what those colourful things in the displays are.

I like how Smiggle arranges everything according to colours. It pleases my OCD heart. I get to skip the whole green section completely and go straight to the blue and pink sections. But, one thing that annoys me is how slightly overpriced Smiggle is. Only during sales would the items be much cheaper but if not, a lunch box can cost you $30.

If you have lots of cash to spare, or if you're looking for a cute gift, then venture forth to Smiggle and you won't be disappointed!

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Good for gifts

I always go to Smiggle for conventional gifts for friends. The stationery is enticing, and helps to make a mundane study session more interesting. If you're out of ideas for what to get for someone, just go to Smiggle and create a pencil case set. (Get a pencil box and fill it with some pens, pencils, erasers and a ruler.) It's innovative, unique and practical!

It does get a little painful sometimes having to fork out two dollars for a pencil you could have easily bought at a normal bookstore for less than half the price. The quality of the products is not superior to anything currently on the market, and the only justification of the price is that it comes with extra bits and bots that make it look nice.

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A kaleidoscope of colours!

Once you step in, you'll be greeted with a kaleidoscope of colours of different items from hot pink, hot green to neon blue. The colours are too eye catching to not be able to capture one's eyes. They are very organised. A certain item can be bought in the different colours and they sell an array of cutesy stationary items like cute cartooned pencils, eraser, notebooks and the likes.

The stuff are obviously more expensive than what we can get in our normal bookstores, but because of the bright colours and cute shapes it comes in, i wouldn't mind spending a little extra money to make myself smile everytime i pick up my eraser or pencil.

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Vibrant and interesting!

This is not your normal stationery shop. Smiggle is an interesting stationery shop that sells your usual stationery with a twist into it. They have a variety of colours, designs and patterns. The notebook designs are also unique and i have quite a feel of them. Their rubbers are shaped like a correction tape, they have rainbow highlighters, tic-tac-toe chops, etc.

You will feel like you are in a playground when you enter smiggle. There so many interesting knick knacks that are creative and user friendly. The kids and even teenagers will like it. They made perfect gifts too this christmas as the shop will bundle a few things together like pencils, notebook and file to make a bundle gift!

You will be in for a surprise when you enter smiggle!

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Kids love them

I heard of this brand name from my kids. My daughter came back from school and told me she wanted a Smiggle. I asked her what was a Smiggle. She told me Smiggle was a lot of things. She also told more than half of her class had a Smiggle.

I did not believe her at first but when my son also told me he wanted a Smiggle, then I thought may be this should be something good. So I brought them down to the Smiggle at Vivocity. I was afraid to bring them to such shops because if the items were very expensive and I could not afford them, then my children would be disappointed.

The items were not really cheap but given that they wanted it so much, I bought them each a water bottle and pencil case. The designs of the products were unique but where would the uniqueness be if everyone in your class was using the same things.

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What attracts me to Smiggle is the way they organize their items in terms of colors. The brightly lit store with stationaries arranged nicely is really a joy to walk into and have a look. I myself couldn't resist buying a few pastel colored ink pens to try out. It came in a box of 8 different colors and were a joy to look at. When I tried out the pens at the store, I was impressed as the ink was smooth and the colors that came in the box were unique. I realized that those pens were scented too. Since there wasn't any occasion that called for the use of these pens, I left them sitting in the corner of my desk collecting dust.

A few months later when I decided to use those pens again to write a birthday card, I realized that the ink has already dried up and I couldn't write smoothly anymore. I guess the quality of the pens weren't that great after all. Hence, I wouldn't recommend keeping these pens aside for long.

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I cringe.....

I really cringe everytime my kids exclaim "Look! Smiggle!" It means that my wallet is going to be lighter when I leave the shop. My kids love the stationary there. Who can blame them? They are colourful and are designed to attract attention.

I like a few of their things however. I am a faithful user of wooden pencils and I have a few of them from Smiggle. I got them for the simple reason of wanting to make a statement. However, beware that they could be pricey and also the quality does not really justify the price. You do get uniqueness though. For some people, that is just a small price to pay.

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Perfect for kids!

Smiggle sells back to school stuff that are perfect for schooling kids due to the wide variety of colours and interesting discoveries such as a bank box that looks like a diary! It provides practical yet interesting gift ideas for kids becuase such stationery appeals to them. Even teenagers like them i suppose since they are interesting yet useful materials. There are also simple pencil cases and diaries around but it attracts my attention due to the different colours you can choose from. Sometimes, simplicity is what makes it unique. (: Even if I am not planning to buy any items, I would usually go walk one round and see if there are any new arrivals!

Prices range but for those unique items like the bank box, prices are slightly more expensive.

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Trendy stationery!

Smiggle revolutionized the stationery scene in Singapore.

When this stationery brand hit our shores a while back, it was all the rage. Youths and adults alike flocked to the store to grab some of Smiggle's popular bright coloured stationery, and in my school, it was easy to spot several of my peers carrying Smiggle's trademark bright pencil cases in the auditorium. Smiggle definitely set a trend for stationery in Singapore, and even though this trend has waned a little, its loyal following is definitely impressive for a stationery shop in Singapore. In fact, when I visited the branch at Citylink Mall just a week ago, I was surprised to find that the store was pretty crowded despite the fact that it was a weekday.

I am personally not a fan of bright colours, as I find brights extremely intrusive and outrageous. However, I was pretty hooked the moment I stepped into a Smiggle store for the first time, as the items in the store were simply too cute.

The prices at Smiggle can be a little on the steep side, which is probably why I have yet to make a purchase from the store despite my countless visits. I have received a set of coloured (and scented!) pens from my friend as a gift though, and I have to say, the quality of Smiggle pens are pretty good. The pens flow on smoothly, and do not allow much bleedthrough, so I was certainly impressed. Although on the pricier end for stationeries, I would say that the price is probably worth it for the high quality of the products if you like bright colours.

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