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#03-24 Mandarin Gallery 333A Orchard Road Singapore Singapore 238897
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Listing created by spoonsandspools on November 23, 2012    

Nestled in Mandarin Gallery, wood would carries a wide range of beautiful stationery. The Journal, Diaries and Calenders that they carry are made from some of the leading stationery designers such as Susie Gharemeni, Cath Kidston and the Yellow Owl Workshop.

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Wood Would-tastic ^^

What Wood Would you do? There's a quaint, adorable stationery store in town, and it is set in Mandarin Gallery. Once you enter, it is as if you are transported to vintage land, my favourite! ^^ Staff are friendly and let you browse slowly at your wish.. and indeed there are so many beautifully designed products, ranging from notebooks, to tin robots, birthday cards... that you would take your time drinking it all in, and exclaiming over the littlest of things as I did. It is pure heaven. :3

The decoration of Wood Would is really cute, with a wooden swinging door serving as the entrance, such as those found in olden day inns. The interior follows the wooden theme, with antique looking cupboards storing the various treasures the shop stocks.

I definitely recommend heading down to Wood Would, but it may be tough finding this small shop, as I have constant difficulty locating this place, or maybe it's just me...

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(Updated: February 08, 2013)

first wood experience: great assembly, not-so-great finish

Back in secondary school, there was once when my friend and I had just finished a movie at Cathay. We were trying to decide what to do next, and she said, there's this shop...

And what a shop! I've always liked stationery, even the plainer types. Stepping into this cosy wonderland kinda blew me away, especially since I was still relatively new to such pretty things.

I finally settled on a cute red accordion file with white polka-dots on it, fastened with a similarly-patterned ribbon. Though I later found that it didn't exactly fit A4-sized materials as stated on the label, it was too nice to leave at home - I eventually resorted to folding up my papers to put them in, just so that I could use it.

In retrospect, I suppose that was pretty dumb.

Still, I'd definitely like to drop by the new .woodwould.. at Mandarin Gallery soon! I'll just make sure, this time, that my purchase is what it says it is.

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The Cathay
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Stationery heaven.

One thing about me, I absolutely adore stationery. And I have a thing for owls. So when I walked into wood would, (which by the way has the cutest entrance. It has a wooden door that comes up to about chest height that swings open, adorarble), I was in heaven.

Wood would has a beautiful vintage style layout with what looks like dark oak paneling and old cupboards. Gift wrap, journals and diaries abound. I purchased a 2013 daily planner for $25 and I am still raving about it to my friends. While the price is a little high compared to shops like artbox, I think it's really worth it. The designs that wood would carries are cute and unique. Boys, this place is where to look for a gift for your girlfriend. Trust me, most girls like pretty stationery.

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