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Based in Korea with more than 100 domestic outlets, Artbox offers a wide variety of stationeries and lifestyle products.

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Cute little things

Whenever I come across Artbox, I usually always go in to look around a bit. I usually end up not buying anything and simply spend half an hour going around the shop admiring everything. Why is everything here so cute?

Artbox stocks things like stationery, bags, paper products, sweaters, plushies, and many more! It's a great place to get gifts as pretty much anything here is sure to delight the recipient. Speaking of gifts, the things here are great as gifts to yourself too! I recently bought a thermos water bottle here and I really like it! It's of good quality and is really cute as well.

Price wise, the things here are slightly more expensive than average. However, with proper care, their items could probably last really long, making them value for money.

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Cute Design
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Adorable but expensive

My favourite thing about Artbox is the animal balloons that they sell. Have you seen them around? I absolutely love getting them for my friend's birthdays or for special occasions. You can't really find them anywhere else which is what makes them super special. They're also not that expensive, just around $13.

Apart from that, Artbox sells really cute stationeries and accessories that may burn a slight hole in your pocket. I don't really think it's worth it to get them but if you're really into those kind of cutesy items then Artbox is your haven.

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Expensive little things!

Artbox sells variety of things that are imported, so they are very expensive. Expensive as in overpriced for their value. Yes, they are cute, cute designs, cute pictures, but of course, to get these cute little things, you pay for it. Usually I would just go in and window shop and not get anything on my way out, it is irrational of me to buy things there.

However, these cute little items can make pretty good gifts for friends and family, for females especially. Once in a while gift should be okay right? Treat it as an indulgence.

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Overpriced cutie stuffs

Artbox sells authentic Korean imported goods, ranging from stationeries like pens and notebooks to cards and sleeping gowns at a steep price!

I frequent the branch at Tampines Mall, so much to the extent that the shop attendants became my acquaintances. Friendly bunch of people who are easy to get along with, even if you are just a window shopper. My purchases are usually small items although I’m really tempted to buy a sleeping gown as a gift but the hefty over-priced tag always deterred me from doing so.

Nonetheless, if you’ve extra cash to spare, got hit by the Korean wave, or just want your stationeries to stand out from your peers, this might just be the right place for you to go!

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Tampines Mall
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Cuteness overload!

Artbox is actually one of the shops where I buy my notebooks from. I actually find their notebooks very creative and cute. They have pretty graphics, decorations on their notebook covers.Other than notebooks, they have cute and cuddly stuffed toys, adorable stationeries and bags. They also sell a wide variety of hair accessories: ribbons,hair bands and hair clips.

In my opinion, I think that the products there are good gift ideas for friends and family members. The prices of the products are not really in the affordable range for me. The schedule books are actually the very overpriced ones as you can easily get one of those at a cheaper price in "popular"

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(Updated: November 16, 2012)

Attractive but pricey

I always like walking into Artbox to check out their cute stationery.

These adorable little characters filled the covers of the notebooks, printed on pens and even paperbags. I'm always tempted to pick up the notebooks however when i flip through, the pages inside are so plain and boring, doesn't worth the money at all.

A simple pen cost $4 and it's just a normal pen with no extraordinary ink or whatsover. That's the only thing i've purchased (totally regret it!) in Artbox even though i enjoy checking out the cute stuff in the shop.

Just enjoy browsing through the attractive stationery but it's not worth spending your money on it. You can get better ones at Kinokuniya at similar prices.

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Expensive knick knacks

Whenever I walk past the Artbox at Jurong Point, the first thing I see is always a giant stuffed panda at the shop entrance.

Cutesy, girly, bubbly - that's Artbox for you. The shop sells a staggering variety of cartoon-themed stationery and other products such as toys (the panda beckons), lamps, hair accessories and even pajamas! In fact, the whole place seems to be designed for girls. The only guys I've seen in the shop are those who were following awkwardly behind their girlfriends.

However, items there are rather pricey. A simple notebook can easily set you back $6, and you won't even bear to use it. So if you're intending to buy stationery that you actually intend to use, don't go there.

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Can't bear to use their goods.

Girls paradise. This chain, ever since it open its flagship store in Singapore has been garnering high popularity among individuals, especially those keen in creating art.

The array of notebooks and pads they offer are eye-boggling. They come in a multitude of colours, and they have since started to sell bags, clothes and plushies. The paper quality of the books are of some quality, however, what you get is what you pay, don't expect a notebook to be 2 or 3 bucks, prices can go as high as 20 dollars. I might just be afraid you would not bear to use the books.

These really appeals to girls and those doing handicraft works, also, a walk around in the store can increase endorphins too!

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Artbox would be a place to go for personal indulgence. It is a place that makes females who adore cute things (like me) gush over the 'pretty' things that they offer, irregardless of the price.

Who said you always need to buy anyway? (:
It is a good place for window shopping or even make wish-lists. To immerse its customers in the Korean feel, they even play KPOP in the store. Brightly coloured as well, it always makes me happy to just step in one of its outlets.

The things there are definitely overpriced, with simple planners costing above $10. Yet, I think the smaller notebooks that are less than $5 make good diaries and gifts. For someone like me who loves window-shopping, this place's ambiance makes a bigger impact than the price of its things.

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The 'Atas' Bookstore

Undeniably, the stationary, notebooks, files, pencil case, basically all the products sold at Artbox make girls squeal with excitement and go, "So cute!" However, the price tags on the products would probably disappoint many. To me, Artbox is the 'atas', meaning 'high-class', Popular bookstore as the products are more fanciful than those sold in Popular, and much more expensive - a simple hairband that would most likely cost about $3 at a pushcart in a shopping mall is sold at $12 at Artbox!

One advantage of Artbox is that everything sold there are suitable to be bought as gifts, especially for young children who prefer the lovely pastel colours of the products.

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