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Parkway Parade 80 Marine Parade Road #03-25 Singapore 449269
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Listing created by Jane on June 19, 2012    

Evergreen Stationery is one-stop supplier of office and technology products,focused on offering high quality customer service and a wide range of product to the customers.

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I remember Evergeen Stationery as being my childhood stationery store - I used to go there regularly to stock up on all my school supplies; or just go there for the fun of it - I really love stationery. I think most of my pens must have been bought from Evergreen Stationery. They also provide cheap printing services; one piece of photocopied paper costs about 10 cents.

However, the shop is REALLY cramped; I was really terrified with every step I took for fear that I would knock down a whole shelf of pens. The shop sells relatively cheaper stationery; probably about at least 20-30 cents cheaper than major retailers. After all, it is still merely stationery; so i believe a few cents do count for a huge percentage of the prices of stationery.

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Although Evergreen supplies predominantly for offices, they also have a store over at Alexandra Road, near Queensway Shopping Centre, for personal purchases. On the times that I have gone there, I like that they have everything that I need for school and they are priced well, similar to those sold by Popular. The shop is also well-located near a number of residential blocks.

However, the staff there are not very friendly or polite. On some occasions, they seemed quite unwilling to help me find what I wanted. Layout of the shop is also not user-friendly because they cram a lot of items into a small shop space which makes it hard to manoeuvre at times. In short, Evergreen is not a place for browsing and testing out new items, it's more of a go in and come out type of shop.

Nonetheless, still a good option to turn to especially if you're in a hurry to get a particular item.

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not worth it

Only when I am in urgent need of stationery and there is no available Popular nearby would I enter Evergreen Stationery for purchase. Their shop space is so tiny that it is always such a squeeze, and the stationery stocked can also hinder your walking as, if someone is searching for a pen, he/she would be blocking your way in the narrow path. Also, the staff do not pay attention to you and it takes awhile to get their attention as they are too absorbed in their own conversations. Not a good experience.

I do not find Evergreen worth it to visit, as not only is there no discount for their pens as Popular does, in fact some of their products are relatively common and there is nothing much to offer, really. I wonder how can they last for so long!

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How do they survive

Whenever I passed by Evergreen Stationery, I would wonder how they survive. They have shops in shopping malls and normally their shop space are not very large. The shop at Suntec Shopping Mall was truly evergreen. If I was not wrong, many of the shops besides the shop had closed down and change business but Evergreen Stationery was still there.

My children are still schooling so I know how much stationery cost. Even if I was in a very generous mood and allow my children to buy whatever stationery they require, it would hardly cost me more than a two hundreds dollars. I really cannot understand how the shop employing two or three staff in a shop can last longer than their neighbours.

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Look for their online bargains

Like what my title says, if you do wish to shop at Evergreen, try looking at their website for online bargains. I did that once and I managed to get very decent savings off the price of a clocking in machine. I also noticed other deals on office equipment and stationery. Pretty good prices.

I dealt with them via email and phone calls. Didn't have much trouble at all. I appreciated the convenience. Item was delivered to my office too. I'd patronise them again for sure when the need arises.

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Affordable paper goods!

I visit the Evergreen Stationery outlet at Kallang Leisure Park pretty often, as it is near my school, and I never fail to take a look inside the store whenever I pass by.

Although Evergreen Stationery may not be a prominent household name like Popular, it is definitely unique in its own way, and I feel that it definitely deserves more recognition. I particularly adore the stickers collection at Evergreen. In fact, Evergreen stocks up on one of the best stickers collection I've ever seen, and they often sell for very affordable prices, even for a student like myself. I enjoy picking out felt stickers at Evergreen, as they can hardly be found anywhere else, and they definitely help me to spruce up any simple birthday card or gift.

The notebooks and paper products at Evergreen are definitely worth the look as well. I once discovered adorable pastel-coloured notebooks of a relatively large size selling for probably half the price of notebooks of the same size in Popular. Furthermore, the paper in the notebook was thick enough, and prevented any bleed through of ink.

The staff at Evergreen are pretty helpful as well. I once left my purchase on the counter, and left the store, but the staff at the counter actually ran after me to pass me my bag.

Definitely a stationery store to watch out for!

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Kallang Leisure Park
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Slightly overpriced!

I was around the Parkway Parade area and needed to get some notebooks to write notes. But Popular was quite a distance away, so I decided to give this place a hot. Wow, the things here were really expensive. Similar notebooks that can be found at Popular sold at 6 dollars??! I was quite shocked.

Also, there wasn't even a membership card that I could use to get additional discounts! Buying the notebooks would have burnt a really huge hole in my pocket and I had no choice but to walk to Popular instead! :(

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(Updated: November 20, 2012)

Affordable and good quality!

I love pens and notebooks. I'm pretty much a geek when it comes to buying stationeries. That being said, I have a high expection when I'm on a stationery shopping spree. I like that the store sells stationeries that are made from recycled materials. This shows that everyone has a part to play in saving the earth. A little bit of effort can do wonders.

The store was spacious enough. It's also relatively easy to find the things you're looking for. Thumbs up for the neat arrangement.

The prices are affordable as well. A colour pencil can costs about $2.80. So it's pretty similiar compared to other bookstores. The products are of decent quality as well.

Price. Check.
Quality. Check.

Other than stationeries, the store also sells audio and visual accessories, electronic and household products and even padlocks.

The service was good as well. The cashier had a ready smile and was polite.

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Stationery made from recycled materials
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