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A place filled with eye-catching, drool-worthy merchandise to whet the hungriest creative appetites. Allow the assortment of paper crafting merchandise, unique stationery and creative services sourced for around the world to pamper you or that special someone. Discover the pleasure of paper, scrapbooks and other delectable handmade things as you stroll through the aisles of our PAPERMARKET!


My newest buy from PaperMarket!
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Gorgeous Shop

Really gorgeous shops with really pretty papers and craft stickers and stuff.

However, it's really overpriced. I mean I'm sure paper isn't all that expensive, so it's a shop that I only shop at when there are discounts.

Loved the layout of the shop and stuff though

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Paper Heaven

This place holds one of my (many) guilty pleasures. I have the membership card and points to show for it.

This is the place to go whenever I need to find materials for a handmade card. It stocks a treasure trove of materials and tools for scrapbook making and its likes. In fact, their range is so wide that I have no idea what some of those are used for. I tend to stick to their wide variety of papers and their decorative items. They do hold some craft classes in their stores as well, so do pick up a copy of their class schedules if you're interested! Their creativity extends to their decor as well, with handmade ornaments and knick-knacks all over the shop.

However, they do not come cheaply. The basic designed papers (12 inch by 12 inch) can cost about $1.70 per piece onwards. Proceed shopping with caution.

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A burst of ecstasy for the creative ones!

PaperMarket has stunning merchandise that leads to an inner fight between my 'but-it-looks-so-nice!' side and rational side. The turmoil is real, believe me. PaperMarket's merchandise are just so pretty, you find yourself buying a sticker set you have no idea what to do with. Honestly, there have been countless of times where I completely disregarded logic, bought some pretty (and expensive) ornaments back home and realised I had absolutely no use for it.

That doesn't hold true for other more artistic people. Those with the magic hands would truly dance in PaperMarket because they're actually capable of using these pretty things without effectively ruining them (ahem). They're great for making card and scrapbooks. Their patterned papers are really unique and being in the store feels like a mix-and-match fest, really. You pick up a piece of coloured paper and then a few stickers to go with it, and soon you find yourself with an entire basket worth of decorations.

However, their products are really expensive.

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(Updated: November 29, 2013)

The sharkfin soup for the artistic soul!

Someone should really put me in a straitjacket before allowing me to step into a 10 meter radius of a crafts store. As a tortured artistic soul (no seriously guys), I have a great affection for what I term as: "special paper". Now what is this magical special paper you may ask? It is the bane of my existence.

At craft stores such as PaperMarket, they have rows and rows of these "special paper" with adorable designs on them that people commonly use for scrapbooking. I just buy and hoard them at home while staring at them lovingly as I weep tears of blood when I have to take them out and use them to make cards.

My creepy obsession with craft paper aside, with Christmas season coming up, why not skip the cheesy Hallmark cards you can get at a Cold Storage card selection, and instead let those creative juices flowing by making your loved ones a DIY christmas card! At the Vivocity outlet, they are having a promotion of 10 pieces of craft paper for $10! (it took all the will power I had to walk away from that bargain) Aside form craft papers, PaperMarket also has a wide assortment of crafting materials, such as stencils, stickers, buttons etc. However, be warned that these do not come cheap, where pop-up stickers range at $9.90 and chipboard stickers at $11. There was also a sale going on with 70% off specific items, but even with the sale most of the prices are still relatively wallet bleeding.

Rest assured that the PaperMarket has all the crafting materials you could ever wished for, all packed into one shop! Nonetheless, I would avoid buying normal stationery, such as pens from there as when I went, 80% of the pens were not marked with prices and even then, some of the prices were (slightly) higher than those at conventional stationery shops.

All in all, PaperMarket is the sharks fin soup for the artistic soul. While the prices do not come cheap, surely a handmade gift for your loved ones is the most priceless gift of all! *cue cheesy holiday jingles*

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My newest buy from PaperMarket!
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Creativity comes at a hefty price

I always walk into Paper Market and leaving the store empty-handed. Certainly, it has the most beautiful and unique materials that are suitable for making cards for farewells or birthdays.

Entering the store just makes my creativity flow as I pick one material and start to think of what I can make do with it. However, I always put it back to the shelf as I feel that it is too high a price for 'papers'. Alternatively, I would travel to Popular to purchase a stack of colored papers at a more affordable price.

I personally will not recommend anyone to buy unless you are doing a project and the materials are very much needed to be used. However, if you feel that the quality of the papers is worth the hefty cost, Paper Market is definitely the store for you.

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Beautiful stationary comes with a heavy price

Paper Market caters to a large variety of papers, embellishments, stickers, punched flowers and whatever that make a perfect card or scrapbook. They have so many beautiful things in it that make it hard to capture everything in one fleeting glance, you would have to slowly go through them to appreciate them. I do love shopping for stationary and art so this is almost like a heaven for me, but the prices are high.

Most of the time I would just go in and wishing that I could buy everything home but obviously it wouldn't be true. Sometimes they have sales, but depending on what products, the sales price might still be high. It is perfect for those who are willing to put in some effort and money into making a card or scrapbook for someone special, you don't have to buy many things, the paper itself is a embellishment already. If you are running out of ideas, you can look at their display cards - they are so pretty and creative!

Great quality and designs, but not a place for frequent spree unless you are willing to spend heavily in this place.

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The one stop avenue to make your perfect card

Paper market is a heaven for me, because i like to do handicrafts, make birthday cards and christmas cards, and Paper market is a one stop avenue that provides not only the materials but also inspirations and workshops for learning.

I love the embellishments, pressed flower shapes and alphabet stickers at Paper market. The embellishments and woorden stickers will add colour and vibrancy to our handicraft work, and the alphabet stickers come in many colours and font shapes and sizes that suit almost any theme that we wish to do. However, my most frequent purchases will be the A3 colour-patterend paper. Its a joy just looking at those, full of colours and themes to choose from. It beats making a card from plain white paper.

Moreover, the shop also has some ready made handicraft pieces for reference and i have to admit, i gained some inspiration from these sample-pieces.

Overall, Paper market is a paradise for handicraft makers only and those who are willing to spend. Making a decent card like those samples you see at the store will go up to at least $20.

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Beautiful paper at a hefty cost

Nowadays, many people are so into customising almost everything, many people would choose to make their own card for someone close to your heart. But before you start making your DIY cards, you need to buy materials for your cards. Paper Market is a great place for you to get all the materials you need for your DIY cards or scapbook, whereby you can mix and match the papers and decorations yourself. They have different themes and types of paper suited for different purposes and occasions.

However, after you had finish your selection and cant wait to start on you craftwork, you would proceed to the cashier to pay, to your surprise the items you have selected may sum up to $20-$50 depending on your selections.

I've bought about 5piece of paper, a roll of decorative lace tape and a sponge-alphabetical stickers to make a card for my friend's birthday, and it amounted to about $25 which totally horrifies me. Though I agree that the materials they sell are of good quality but the price is a bit too costly.

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Paper Heaven

For a paper artist like myself, Paper Market is truly a paper heaven. They sell all sorts of paper, differing in thickness, sizes, texture and so on. Many scrap booking materials are also available at every outlet, and stamps that come in unique shapes and sizes are also for sale.

Some outlets such as the one at Raffles City even have a small room for paper artists to gather or simply beginners who want to learn the art of scrap booking. Classes are also conducted in the room as well.

However, no matter how attractive their products are, the prices are a bit on the high side. You could either find cheaper alternatives or simply purchase their products, because I feel that it's worth the price. Their quality is superb, and you definitely won't regret it.

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Before I knew Paper Market existed, I didn't know there was demand for so many different types of paper! So the first time I went into Paper Market I was seriously blown away.

I can't even properly describe how varied the stuff they sold are. Like, just think of a type of paper and they'd probably have it? I could linger there for hours, there's just so many things!

But, it is a bit on the expensive side, even though you can see that they are of quality. For someone like me who is just passing by and curious, I didn't quite see why I should spend my money on little frivolities like paper so I didn't buy anything.

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