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Listing created by cmacrina on May 11, 2012    

Harris Planerds is a book store which sells more than just books. The shop contains graphic novels, statues, action figure collectables, english novels, toys, lego sets and even some movie DVDs and Blurays! Located on the fourth floor of Sommerset 313, its a shop not to be missed.

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Pity it closed

Unfortunately, Harris Planerds recently closed down, making way for a new Popular Bookstore to open at [email protected] If I am not wrong, there is another Harris Planerds store elsewhere, although I am not quite sure where it is exactly - might want to google it if you're interested. Such a pity; Singapore needs more Harris Planerds not more Popular Bookstores.

Why do I say so? I always have a good time browsing through the books in store, especially since the store isn't too large and I can easily find what I want. They have a wide selection of books from international authors, and many of their books cannot be found in Popular.

Harris Planerds will also make any comic fan's day. It is stocked with many comics from various comic companies, so any comic fan will probably go crazy in there. It really is such a pity that it closed down.

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Really cool place to check out!

Harris Planerds is not your average bookshop, if that is even the 'genre' you'd give this really interesting place. Other than the regular books, you can look forward to popular comics, videos, as well as collectible merchandise of your favourite comic or video game characters, including t-shirts. I saw an "Alice Madness Returns" tee, which was freaking cool, but I didn't buy it because my mom said it looked creepy, so fine.

One need not purchase anything in here. Just walking in to browse around will make your visit pleasant enough. I admit, I think their products are not cheap, and for certain things that they sell, you can find cheaper at other shops, such as their DVDs and some books, but some things may or may not be only found at Harris Planerds.

I feel that anyone can enter this shop and be drawn to whatever is sold here, although I believe that is strictly based on personal preference. Self-proclaimed geeks will find Harris Planerds to be like heaven, while people like me, who sadly have some distaste in things like books, can have a nice walk around the shop and be impressed with whatever is being sold here!

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313 Somerset
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Good place for gifts!

With great ambience and wide collections (Rare titles can be found!), Harris never fails to captivate me attract me to stay in it for at least a few hours. If popular titles are sold out at other book stores, I can find it here most of the time. The staffs are really helpful in guiding me the sections and authors when I was a little lost. Another plus point is that they sell up-to-date graphic and english novels that are unlikely to be found elsewhere. In addition, magazines, figurines are a plus for gifts. This has become a stop for me whenever I run out of ideas for birthday gifts.

However, some books are priced slightly higher than other stores, so you might want to take a look around before purchasing! Do try to avoid peak periods as the queue can get long and waiting time was pretty long, at least for me!

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(Updated: November 14, 2012)

A literacy journey at Harris Planerds

I felt as if I was on a literacy journey when I was shopping at Harris Planerds. The book store alone gives off a very comfortable vibe. Shoppers can take their own time to shop for their items while enjoying the shopping process. I know I did. I guess it’s got to do with the place itself.

The book store is very spacious and well lit. Shoppers need not worry about rubbing shoulders with strangers on weekends. We know how that’s like on Saturdays and Sundays. Also, it’s beautifully renovated and it is an attractive book store.

The magazine section was neatly organized. It took me a few seconds to locate the one that I was looking for. Another thing I realized is that the book shelves/book racks are free of dusts. I cannot stand dusty book shelves and I’m glad to that Harris Planerds took note of their cleanliness.

However, I can’t say the same thing for their service. Well it wasn’t awful, just that there’s room for improvement. The queue can get insanely long during weekends, and since I have a PhD in impatience, it bugs me.

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Comic Haven

Being a member of Harris Planerds bookstore has been one of the smartest decisions I think, I made for the month.

It all started off with the store having constant sales to cater to my comic book needs. Graphic novels are selling at a rather high cost at other bookstores and sometimes they even run out of stock. Imports will take a very long time to arrive, even if you pre-order. So I felt very fortunate to have discovered Harris Planerds bookstore which not only sells their books at a better rate, but also has the tendency for the books to be in stock.

I first became a member during the period nearing to the FCBD (Free comic book day) which happens once a year in local participating comic bookstores. Because I was a member, I was treated to triple the amount of free comic books which they were giving out to the public. Other than that, they also have many benefits for members.

I like how they bring in more than just graphic novels, but also toys and figurines. There is also a small section of fiction and non-fiction books. I would spend my time at Harris when I have free time as it definitely is a good bookstore.

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