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Listing created by cmacrina on May 11, 2012    

Otaku House is a store specialising in items related to cosplay, located in Plaza Singapura. It provides a wide range of cosplay items and costumes, ranging from english shows to japanese anime. The shop also sells certain edible products and some pop art merchandises.

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Sun, Mon to Thu 12pm – 10pm. Fri to Sat 11:30am – 11:30pm
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for anime lovers

I chanced upon this store one day after catching a movie at the cinema. (I can't believe I have never come across this before all the time I'm at plaza singapura)

The name of the store itself speaks volumes: it caters to the otaku, or people with obsessive interests in anime or manga. I did not really like the design of shop sign, as it seemed rather childish. Also, the shop space was really small and thus hard to navigate your way through the aisles, especially when there are customers blocking the walkway.

However, the products stocked were rather fascinating to look at, ranging from cute cat earphone jack plugs for iphones to swords for cosplayers. As a cat lover, the cat earphone jack plugs and the cat ears they sold were tempting, however I felt the price costly for students, and that I could possibly buy better quality items elsewhere.

Otaku House is interesting for first-timers, but I feel, loses its charm on the following visits.

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plaza singapura
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For casual anime lovers

Although I find myself being drawn to Otaku House when I visit Plaza Singapura, I seem to leave the shop really quickly as well. Perhaps the shopfront is too small to contain its ambitious ideals - to contain a little of everything, such as cosplay costumes, trinkets, soft toys and the like - and as a result, it has too little in each category to hold the attention of the buyer. I feel that it's pretty good for those who have just started out on anime, or those who only like mainstream anime, but for die-hards, it'll be hard to find anything of interest, and the craftsmanship of the items are usually pretty disappointing when compared to the price.

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Branch Location:
Plaza Singapura
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(Updated: December 06, 2012)

My wallet bleeds

It's original and one-of-a-kind, definitely a place for otakus to visit. When I used to get into animes and cosplaying, I frequented the place a lot. One thing I cannot get over however is the overpriced nature of everything in the store. I know that merchandise is naturally more expensive but otaku house really jacks up the prices.

I remember I wanted to get a death note notebook that was really alike and distinctly being rejected by the price. For a store that targets students and youths, I think their merchandise are a little impractically priced. Other than that, I love the ambience and the variety of merchandise that they sell there. But it seems that it is a little too convenient for me to walk past it now without even glancing inside the store.

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I've never really liked this store.

Maybe it's the juvenile lettering of the name of the shop placed at the storefront. Maybe it's the assault of colours on my vision, bright, garish, primary colours. I have never really loved Otaku House.

Otaku House is home to (excuse the bad pun) an array of figurines. Somehow, it has always sort of reminded me of Mini Toons. There is no doubt though, that the items in Otaku House are of much higher quality that Mini Toons.

There are some attractive items there, but overall, I haven't really purchased anything.

Overall, I'm not fond of this place, but I can see its appeal.

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For the otakus

A few years back, I was pretty obsessed with anime (I blame my circle of friends, and my friend's brother for the influence), and I would make a trip down to Otaku House just to view the anime merchandise in stock. Of course, that was a pretty long time ago, and I believe it's sufficient to say that I've moved past the stage where I would pay money for little bits of ornaments and ugly rings.

Otaku House basically retails a large variety of anime merchandise and cosplay products. They offer cosplay outfits, from the typical schoolgirl uniforms to even maid costumes, and is probably the one-stop shop for cosplayers, as they can grab their outfits here, as well as any sword, ring or necklace.

Otaku House is a little on the pricey side though. I remember I once paid about $30 for a set of really ugly rings (I never quite forgave myself for that), and I checked back on them a few months ago, and a few of them were rusted. Perhaps the quality of the accessories at Otaku House may be a little dubious, but on the brighter side, the set did contain a considerable number of rings.

There are various plushies and cute soft toys over at Otaku House, so I suppose even non-anime fans can find their calling there. A lovely place, but otherwise overpriced.

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Slightly more pricey than Pan In The Box, but more organised.

Otaku House is a very organised place. Their items are placed neatly, allowing you to surf for what you want in peace. However, their prices can be a little cheap.

Their staff are generally helpful, and would be able to account to your needs.

The costumes and figurines are slightly more on the expensive side though, I would not go to Otaku House for their costume, and figurines I would actually wait for events like AFA each year, then they would have a lot of figurines on sale at Robo Robo or La Tendo booths.

I really like their merchandises though, like their anime-printed mouse pads and posters. Good and quite affordable indeed. Still, their costumes really aren't worth the money. You can save more than $100 if you purchase it on Taobao.

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KHR Hibari came to life at Otaku House

So my company D&D theme is "Around the world in 80 days!"

My first thought would be a Japanese Cosplay suit from Otaku House, having went into the shop several times to have a look but didn't purchase the cosplay clothing due to not seeing the need for it and the hefty price tag. Here's finally a reason to do so!

Went to the branch at Suntec City (which has closed down now by the way) to try on different outfit. Characters from Full Metal Alchemist, HunterxHunter, Katekyo Hitman Reborn and many others whom I don't even know which anime they are from came to life. Even my gf who doesn't plans on purchasing anything tried on 1-2 outfits just for the fun of it. The store attendant was warming, allowing us to take our time in choosing and changing (which took almost an hour), never displaying any signs on feeling fed-up with us.

Finally decided on the Hibari's school uniform from KHR. Although the material is bad, the inner white shirt can't be worn for any other use due to its thinness and coarse feeling, the school uniform outlook feels Japanese to me and I love the Jacket, which was black outside and red velvet inside that gives a chilling and smooth touch. Sad to say, the outlook didn't turn out well at the D&D, where many other mistook the Japanese cosplay school uniform as a China communist party uniform.

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Best Part:
Trying out different cosplay costumes
Branch Location:
Suntec City
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(Updated: October 21, 2016)



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Shop name is pretty much self-explanatory.

Well, if you do not know what an Otaku is, it is someone who has an obsession huge interest in anime, cosplaying and other Japanese related interests, and judging from the name of the shop, one should not expect more than what an Otaku would like, because, well, that's exactly what this place is called!

Otaku House sells a variety of anime merchandise, such as figurines, stuffed toys, and other collectable items. There are cosplay costumes as well, preferably for first-time cosplayers or cosplayers who are lazy/have no time to make their own costumes, I guess. This place would be an awesome place to find a present for a friend who loves anime, because chances is you'll find what the person likes, unless it is some underrated anime.

Of course, Otaku House is not completely just for Otakus. If you are not an anime fan, but like characters like Domo, you can also check out the place if you collect Domo-related products. Do be aware that the things sold here can be quite pricey. Figurines can cost $10 and up, so other bigger items would probably cost much more.

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(Updated: October 25, 2012)

Anime Merchandise and Cosplay.

Otaku House is one of the most well-known anime, manga and cosplay related shop known to the people of SIngapore. It is quite easy to spot out their shop from afar as their shop is bright and vibrant with attractive merchandises and costumes for displays. They have a good range of cosplay costumes.

One would be able to browse through the catalogue to see what is available and to see on what are the upcoming cosplay costumes that are going to come out from the stores. It is a pretty good resourceful place for cosplayers. Cosplayers can find props such as kunai, shuriken and katana (some there is an option for it to be either wooden or metal). The price for buying the cosplay costumes is quite reasonable. Otaku House would often have clearance sales or student discounts which really help students who does not have much money and yet have an interest in cosplaying.

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