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Hollyhoque aspires to be every girl's dream wardrobe updater. Targeted at 16-35 year olds, Hollyhoque carries a wide range of today's fashion at affordable prices. Hollyhoque retails manufactured items as well as other items sourced all over the world. 

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Great customer service!

Holly Hoque has been around for many years now, but its popularity has soared in recent years. What I love about Holly Hoque is that the quality of its clothes is really good for the price. A $20 knitted sweater that I bought about 5 years ago is still in great condition, and I think that really speaks volumes about the quality of Holly Hoque’s apparel.

I love Holly Hoque’s basics, because they’re comfortable and of pretty good quality. Shopping with Holly Hoque is a joy, because its customer service is impeccable. It handles problems really well! When I made my first purchase years ago, I remember the owner telling me that my order (which was the last piece) had a defect, and advising me to pick another colour. She was really polite, and I really appreciate the fact that she checked my item before mailing it out, as it saved me so much trouble. Holly Hoque has also shown that it handles unreasonable customers very well, as seen from its Facebook page, so that has helped in gaining my confidence as well.

This local webstore has grown my leaps and bounds. From hosting its own website to opening a brick-and-mortar store, it has proven that it is expanding, and I’m sure we will see more of this rising online store in future.

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quality clothings

Founded in 2008 by Sheila Mandy, Hollyhoque is one of the oldest and well known local apparel brand in Singapore. Their target audience ranges from teenagers to working adults, with a variety of styles to suit your everyday needs. Whether you’re going for the casual or dressy, semi-formal style, Hollyhoque provides chic and quality apparels to their customers.

Their customer service is also one of the best in my opinion, they are always prompt and friendly with their replies. Rest assured, Hollyhoque manufactures quality products that last you a long time. I have clothes from Hollyhoque since 4-5 years ago and they’re still in great condition after all the constant washing and wearing. They come up with new designs almost once every 2 weeks, you’ll be spoiled for choice! If you’re skeptical about the sizing, they now have a store at Orchard Gateway after closing their first store in Far East Plaza.

Overall, Hollyhoque is a great place to get apparels to suit any occasion! I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for quality clothing.

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(Updated: November 28, 2013)

Chic and stylish

I discovered this gem while shopping at Far East Plaza and it is like a breath of fresh air, after going through countless stores with at least one or two repeated designs.

The ambiance in the store is great! It isn't crowded, it is fairly quiet and the decors on the walls are so pretty. Aside from that, the staff are very helpful and would advise you accordingly should you have any questions.

I went there a few times, for consecutive weeks, and to my surprise, they change their designs quite fast - the designs that were there the week before is sold out and new designs are brought in. This is great news for ladies out there, it is like new chic designs every week and which girl won't get excited?

I found out because I was still contemplating on whether I should get that dress I saw the previous week, and I couldn't find it anymore that day, but I found it on sale on its website! Their stock for each design in the store is quite limited too, so don't contemplate your way through like me, but it also means that it's highly unlikely you would have a fashion collision with someone on the streets.

Price wise, I think it is quite affordable given its good quality, super comfy clothes they have there. The cutting is superb too, their dresses fit me well. The price is around 20 to 30+, but they have sales that can go down to as low as $8. Usually they have their sales section up on the blogshop, but they also bring in some clothes under the sales price in the store. Who say you can't try on clothes that's on sale?

I don't have many stores that I frequent (or even remember about it), but this shop is one of them, I always get excited about their new collections. They have pictures of their collections in their wordpress for you to browse through.

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I usually visit Holly Hoque only for their basics, which I find to be of very high quality, flattering cutting at a good price point. Their basics have withstood my rough washing methods and continue to look great even after a year. Most basics that I have bought from other online stores are more often that not ill-fitting and spoil too easily so I am glad that HH is the answer to my basics addiction! I am not so much of a fan for their apparels other than their basics. I find them too mature for me? I don't know, I can be fickle some times... Their customer service is great and e-mails are always replied with a friendly and polite tone, which is something I really appreciate.

If you don't like to shop online, you can always visit their brick-and-mortar store at Far East Plaza. The designs and selections there are also wider than what you find online. Although I don't really fancy their clothes, I would think that some people would like their style! You can always call to enquire about the clothes before making a trip down, because that is what my friend did. It is better to check first so you do not make a wasted trip! I would highly recommend their basics which is an essential in everyone's wardrobe.

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