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#01-34 Far East Plaza 14 Scotts Road Singapore 228213
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Listing created by poppy on February 02, 2013    

BlogShopping is a multi label concept boutique that bridges the gap between online shopping and retail. Featuring local blogshops like WonderStellar and TheWhatIsDope.


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Good and Bad

I thought having a physical fashion boutique would be fantastic and true enough, Blogshopping was set up. Blogshopping can be found at Far East Plaza, Bugis and J.E.M.

The apparels in Blogshopping come from various blogshops such as Wonderstellar. What impresses me is that I am now able to head down to Blogshopping to try on those apparels that caught my eyes online. Also, I can use this opportunity to find out the quality of the material used for certain apparels before I make any payment.

From what I know, Blogshopping usually carries only one piece for every design and there will be no new ones available even though the apparel you fancy has been tried by several customers beforehand. In addition, the prices of the apparels tend to be a little more expensive than the prices set online.

Having said that, those who are members might be able to purchase their favorite apparels at a lower or same price as the prices set online. Customers can simply sign up for a Blogshopping membership card to enjoy discounts on any other day and special discounts on birthdays.

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Far East Plaza
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Why buy stuff that you can't try on?

I often browse through to see what blogshops have to offer, but whether I open my wallet is another issue altogether. Blogshopping has become, in recent years, a common practice as shoppers take more and more of their shopping into the sphere of the Internet.

In my opinion, however, blogshopping is one in which only the sense of sight is used. We take in the design (scaled to fit the webpage), the price and the availability. However, this still leaves much of the shopping experience missing. Most of the products sold in today's blogshops are apparels and accessories, which in my opinion, needs real time trying out and on the spot judgement. For example, you can easily notice the disparity between buying a shirt online (you don't get to try it out to see if it fits you nicely, you can't feel the material of the shirt, you can't tell if the design goes well with your other clothes) and buying it from a store (where you have flexibility of trying out the range available, not to mention enjoying good service and discounts if you are a member). Accessories wise, I would advocate it if you're looking for cheap jewellery or bangles. However, ear rings wise, it is better to get it real time so that you can try it out.

Whilst blog-shopping brings about the advantage of not needing to get up from our seats while we shop, I find that it does not beat traditional retail therapy. The fresh, reinvigorating feeling of excitement when you stumble on something you realise you want or great cheap deals popping into vision.

Does not beat traditional shopping!

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Literally blog-shopping is such a common "hobby" for many girls around. However blog-shopping's biggest drawback is the fact that many girls end up ordering things that are either too big or too small or too shabby or.... the list goes on - because they aren't able to try on the clothes or feel the material.

Hence, shouldn't this tangible, walk-in blog-shop be the answer to the prayers of the many blog shop addicts? Yes and no. Well, yes because now that anyone can check out these dresses in person, they won't ever end up wasting money buying unsuitable clothes. So good for them. But no, because the sizes there are incredibly small! Its like the shop is only meant for the petit girls in Singapore.. which in their defense, may be the majority. But what about those above say, 160cm and don't want to walk around looking like a slut or an overgrown kid?
Definitely not the shop for the average and taller.

Also, the prices are a little pricey for some of the clothes there. Up close, we now realise that the dresses featured in some of the blogshops aren't of very good material, nor cutting. And that would make the dress look bad on us, because it can't hold its shape - making it more or less unwearable. For such clothing, I would say that they aren't that worth.

Overall, the fashion on the racks are somewhat up to date though some of the clothes are practically committing a crime against fashion. I would only recommend this place to the petit ones in Singapore and even so, TRY ON the clothes and shop with discretion.

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Good to have first-hand look

I confess that I am an avid blogshopper, and can spend my free time just scrolling through the pages of blogshops. However, I have always had second thoughts when making purchases. As I am sure most online shoppers have experienced, sometimes real-life products differ from you have imagined it to be like, whether with regards to colour, cutting or material.

Therefore, I am grateful for the Blogshopping, and prefer it much more to the online blogshopping. The first-hand look at the clothing and accesories allow you to fully inspect them, instead of merely judging from photos, which may not necessarily present the full picture.

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(Updated: January 02, 2014)

atrocious service.

Since Blogshopping carries items from numerous popular online shops, most of the clothes are really trendy. They may be a dollar or two more expensive than if they were to be bought online. Still, I think it's worth it being able to receive the clothes right away instead of waiting for them to come through the mail, and knowing exactly what I'm paying for.

However, the service here is absolutely atrocious. One of the worst I have ever experienced. As I frequent Far East Plaza, I daresay this is not a one-off thing. At best, the salesgirls are brusque and unfriendly. At worst, they are downright rude.

For instance, I picked up a coat from the shop today, and left without a carrier. When I realised it couldn't quite fit into my bag, I went back to request for one (very politely, with a smile). The salesgirl looked positively affronted. While reluctantly reaching for the bag, she muttered to the other salesgirl, "Can I say no?". I couldn't believe my ears. When I turned around to leave, the other salesgirl said very loudly, "No!" along with vulgarities, and giggled.

Their condescending behaviour was really offensive and totally ruined my shopping experience. I would have confronted them if I wasn't so pressed for time.

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Sadly disapointing

Maybe it's the easy ibanking system or the scheming-ly taken photos, but I prefer these brands online more than anywhere else.

I been to the one at Far East and just touching the clothes made me recoil. Are these really the material blogshops use to stock up? And most of them are really unflattering, yet their accompanying photos show otherwise. So I feel really lied at and betrayed and like a disillusioned lover.

I have to admit that the clothes here are really nice. I've never chose to walk past one of these blogshop compiliations. But they really just aren't worth the price, they're just worth the truth,

Maybe the next time I see something online at Whatisdop I like, I'd pop by here to see the material and the actual product streamline, but until then, my wallet will forever close at this shop.

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Far East
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Great concept

For those who are still skeptical about online shopping, fear not! Blogshopping is a physical store housing many racks of goodies that are stocked up weekly by the blogshops who have rented their own personal space here.

If I am not wrong, certain blogshops do allow for self collection here, which makes it a safer and much more convenient option for those who shop online. The concept of such is thus extremely welcomed indeed. In the event that the items you want are out of stock, head down to Blogshopping — you never know if there are still available stock here.

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