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Rui Ling Teo
Listing created by Rui Ling Teo on December 26, 2012    

MDS Collections is a local brand that started out as an online store. This local brand specializes in producing trendy apparel for women, and aims to bring women ready-to-wear runway fashion.

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Disappointed service

This is my first and last purchase from MDS.
Opted for collection at MDS Wisma Atria branch, the two female staffs there are extremely unfriendly, not even utter a single word during my collection. Not even giving you a smile.
I think MDS need to re-train their staffs to be more approachable and customer friendly like other big fashion brand Uniqlo/Zara/Mango. At those branches, we will be greeted with smile at cashier when we make payment or collecting online purchases and they will say ' thank you for purchase and see you again'. However, what I had received from MDS staff was they a black face with 'silent mode', not even any body language to show appreciation. Disappointed.

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wisma atria
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MDS Online

My recent experience wasn't a pleasant encounter. I have place a successful order for an available romper on sales at 70% off via MDS website online 2 weeks ago.

An email confirmation was generated to inform me the order has been processed successfully, providing an order number with tracking & payment details.

But, to my great dismay, 1-2 days later i received another incoming mail informing that the order has been cancelled due to a default in MDS system, their website may have 2 of the Same customers checking out the same item at the same time? So, why is my order randomly picked up for cancellation among 2? This excuse is simply unjustifiable.

Feeling puzzled, is this the standard ordering procedure. Although order has been confirmed but can be cancelled anytime prior customer consent?

This negligence by MDs is definitely avoidable should they review their online process and improve the accuracy of the inventory list to avoid unnecessary disappointment making online shopping experience with MDS a much pleasant one. I have feedback earlier on on the issue but no response after 2 weeks from MDS. They simply do not value their customer.

To make things worst, for my other order placed on 10th October 2017 when i inquired on the status today they simply replied as follow :'Hi upon checking actually order is ready for collection at Bishan today."

My overall rating "Poor Customer Service" definitely far room for improvement.

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Semi-formal wear for under 20 bucks!

I’ve never thought of stepping into MDS before, as their clothes were not really my style. However, I recently realised that they do have a lot of pretty basics and semi-formal clothes there are really fashionable.

They have the usual blogshop clothes and also their unique and chic designs that are not found elsewhere. They carry soooo many dresses online, and I usually while away my afternoons just browsing through the pages of dresses. They also have free delivery for orders over $100, which makes online shopping with friends even more worth it.

MDS also has frequent sales and you can even snag a dress for under 20 bucks! It’s really so amazing. But don’t expect to find much if you’re looking for casual wear.

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Stunning Dress.

Whilst shopping for a perfect dress for my teacher's wedding, I chanced upon a navy blue dress in this shop. Lined with a chiffon outer and a cut in style with gold beads adorning the neck of the dress, it was gorgeous.

It was the perfect dress.

I couldn't find any other dress subsequently that could match up to the beauty and style of this dress for the next 3 hours of shopping. In the end, I got the dress and stunned my friends with my wearing of the dress (since I hardly wear dresses). However, while I thought that the dress was gorgeous, the price was also gorgeous - part of the reason that stopped me from purchasing the dress. Due to the fact that the dress was a new collection, it cost almost $60. It was a price I was most unwilling to pay for a one-time wear since the dress was memorable and hardly appropriate to wear to anything less than a formal event. Still, I guess that beauty comes at a price.

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Used to be better

I think there was a time when MDS Collections really did offer clothes of wonderful quality at relatively low prices. But that time has long past.

MDS Collections is now, quite frankly, overpriced and just a little over-commercialised. Their clothes aren't really all that unique anymore - in fact you can see several local blogshops selling the exact same pieces for much lower prices, so I really don't see why their prices have risen so much to the extent that a simple dress may cost over $30, whereas other blogshops are selling it for around the $26 range.

They do have wonderful sales - where prices are slashed crazily. However, what I cannot stand is how during such sales, the staff seem to have complete disregard for the tidiness of the store. I once visited an outlet near my internship workplace last year, and clothes were simply dumped atop of one another, without even being folded. There were several sequined pieces within that pile, and the lack of folding made the entire clothing pile so disorganised that when shoppers attempted to pull a piece out of the pile, they pulled out a few sequins as well.

That said, I do have to give props to them for their classy interior. However, I really don't suppose any amount of classiness can save the store from its untidiness during sale seasons.

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The clothes available for purchase at MDS Collections are rather fashion forward as with blogshops, the only drawback however is that they are rather pricey especially when they are not on sale! Moreover, the quality of their products leaves a lot to be desired as well at times.

Their sales assistants could also do with more training as they tend to ignore customers. There was an occasion where I wanted to try some clothings but the sales assistant manning the fitting rooms were too engrossed in conversation with another colleague.

I would not make a trip down just to go to one of their outlets but I would still check out their shop if I happen to pass by.

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No longer as attractive

I'm always attracted by the shopfront displays every time I pass MDS at Wisma. The clothes look trendy and pretty.

However, the prices are rather exorbitant. I've only ever bought from MDS (the brick and mortar store) once, during a sale. They sometimes have markdowns of 10, 20, 30 and 50%, if I remember correctly. I think I didn't bother looking at items without the 50% sale tag.

I really liked the two items I managed to snag - a pair of shorts and an embossed tube dress. The quality and sizing were great for me. The shorts have been worn to death because they are one of those rare pieces that fit me really well but they're still nice and stretchy while the dress was a steal for something that looked classy enough to be worn to a wedding.

However, I feel that these days the sales are getting less attractive because firstly, the prices are too ridiculous to start with. In addition, during sales, the store will be swamped with ladies rummaging the racks and their boyfriends waiting around for them. The whole place becomes really crowded and makes for an unpleasant shopping experience.

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First purchase and no longer intrigue.

Bought several clothes from the sale tab online and they were pretty affordable there. New clothing wise, very expensive. A bodycon dress for $61 is not reasonable as I can top up another few dollars to get a good quality piece from another brick and mortar shops.

My first purchase was not a pleasant one and it was my last. The measurements were wrong and I followed closely to the descriptions online and I ended up giving two of the pieces away. I bought a to-die-for-gold-heels but instead a black heel with platform was delivered to me. That gold heel was to be paired up with my cocktail dress for my friend's wedding dinner. I emailed them several time and not even one replied me back. I was devastated.

Quality wise was alright for me, Quite thick compared to the other blogshops. I am not complaining because I did purchase from the sales tab =) They really marked it down from 50 buckaroos to 20. I wonder, their profit must be at least $35.

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Exorbitant prices - unjustified!

I came across MDS Collections while I was at Wisma Atria. At first glance, it seemed like a classy boutique with trendy clothes for young women. A skirt on one of the well-put-together mannequins caught my eye, so I entered the store for a closer look.

The layout of the store was pretty messy, making it hard to navigate. What really put me off was the exorbitant prices of the clothes there. A romper was almost $60, and I saw a top that was available from another blogshop at nearly double the price. The final straw was when I spotted a skirt, which I had gotten in Bangkok for $10, being sold at $45.

I will never step into MDS Collections again, as the price has been jacked up by so much, and the quality is just so-so. Not recommended!

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(Updated: February 02, 2013)

Not my cup of tea

MDS is perhaps one of the first of blogshops to have made a physical presence in malls. I am not usually a fan of their clothes but I have found myself wandering into its conveniently located outlet at Wisma Atria when I was desperate to find semi-formal attire within a short period of time. The outlet has an iMac for those who wish to browse its online website, which I find a better option as I prefer to shop at the comfort of my own home.

Some of the pieces have exorbitant prices that are obviously not worth it due to the quality. Wait time for the fitting rooms can be as long as 15 minutes. All in all, I am still not sold on MDS.

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