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Listing created by bojio! on August 12, 2012    

Started in February 2012, MIYOC (pronounced as mee-yok) is a multi-label concept store which features selections of clothes from local online retail stores. Besides showcasing their collections, MIYOC provides parcel collection service for online blogshops.

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Isolated Exceptional Pieces

This name is vaguely familiar in my head. I still remember that one of the clothing pieces, that was my favourite for a while, came from this store. In fact, it was a pair of colourful aztec shorts which shouted out for my attention while browsing through their products one day.

In fact, it was the same pair of shorts which later on got me hooked onto aztec like denim shorts.

While it seemed that MIYOC was a fashion trend setter by collaborating with a few shops, the range of clothing that it has is hardly my style - with the exception of a few pieces. Other than the isolated purchase, the subsequent collections that were brought in were a bit too much for my style - I felt that the clothing styles were repetitve and a little bit on the verge of trying too hard to sell.

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Rather pointless

Blogshopping is rather fun because you get to sit on your computer for hours clicking through websites that offer affordable clothes that you wouldn't require a credit card to purchase.

MIYOC basically is a physical store that combines a number of blogshops and quite honestly I don't see the point of that. It takes away the fun bit of blogshopping and pretty much all the clothes are really repetitive, they all look the same and they are also much more expensive than the actual prices on the site.

It's much more convenient to purchase them online, because it's cheaper and they deliver it to your doorstep.

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a lovely concept!

I'm a huge fan of physical stores that stock clothes from online shops. Although online shopping is convenient and relatively inexpensive, I'm still not very comfortable with it as I much prefer being able to try on the clothes before deciding on any purchases. This is exactly what MIYOC allows me to do now (:

Clothes in MIYOC are slightly more expensive than if they were to be purchased from their respective online stores, but I would willingly part with an extra dollar or so as I know exactly what I'd be purchasing, and don't have to go through the hassle of keeping track of my parcels.

It's unfortunate that the storefront is tiny and can be really packed, though.

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Orchard Central
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Not easy to locate

It is an incredibly small store situated at the corner of Orchard Central's level 5. It doesn't really have much to offer and I had a hard time just finding it.

I came pretty revved up to get some new additions for my wardrobe but the shop housed the same labels as those I can find from Blogshopping which has a bigger shop space as well as more outlets.

I was also at a loss of where to start because there were too many of them hanging from ALL the bars. It was a complete mess. I guess this was done in an attempt to sell a wider variety of clothes. They have clothings aplenty but little of the rest, such as accessories.

After just 2 minutes poking at a few hangers, I left.

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Too small a shop

It is a great thing that they opened a physical store for people to actually gauge the clothes itself so that there is lesser uncertainty about the quality and cutting. What I really like is that you can try the clothes out to see if it fits and if it looks good on you; the last thing you want is to get something that just somehow don't look good on you when expect it to. It shows a pretty decent range of clothing from different blogshops which means you can look through various styles with ease of convenience ( great for the lazy as well as the busy girls).

I went to the Orchard Central store and was dismayed with the really small shopfront. Because it is quite popular with the ladies, there is quite a high traffic there and when it is small, packed with people, that isn't something that you want to experience when you are shopping.

Overall, it is a good browsing place to go to, once a while you will be able to fish out some good buys so keep your eyes open!

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Hip With A High Price

MIYOC is your online-brought-to-life-blogshop. Besides sporting an online store with their own products, their concrete stores provides racks for other blogshops to sell their apparels and accessories.

I really liked the store at first, as it allowed me to see for real the clothes I see so often in pixels and allowed me to better gauge the quality and fit. I really enjoy this service, especially when I don't have to pay for shipping and wait ages for my parcel to arrive.

However, in such instances, I found myself also backing away from purchase because in stores, the prices shine and glare so much more significantly than when online. It really does act as a good wake-up call, so if you're unconsciously over-spending, this shop does slap you awake. Saying that, there are reasonably priced products too. But there are also similar products from other blogshops that are priced more affordably.

I still do patronise the store, not so much for purchasing, but more for inspiration and reference. The staff are really friendly and helpful too.

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Good for browsing

Much like KissJane, Miyoc brings in the latest collections from various popular online stores in Singapore, making it a good place to start if you’re relatively new to blogshopping, or if you just want to check out the latest trends. I'm not the biggest fan of blogshops, but it's fun to browse the racks from time to time, to see the newest designs available.

I personally like visiting Miyoc because I can assess the quality and cutting of the clothes before buying them. It's so awesome because I no longer have to worry about whether or not the clothes are going to look good on me. However, I do prefer to place my orders online, because the prices are slightly lower. However, that being said, I’ve heard from my friends that they are sometimes able to find popular designs that have gone out of stock online at these brick-and-mortar stores, so if you’re lucky, you might just be able to get your hands on that dress that you missed out on during the latest launch!

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Bringing blogshops to the next level

MIYOC is a one-stop store where you can get all your favorite blogshop items at. No more of delayed/lost parcels, money transfers, e-mail communications and ill-fitting clothes! Of course, all these conveniences come at a price. The clothes here are usually $2-$4 more expensive than what the clothes retail for online. I would gladly pay the extra money because online communication can be really annoying and late if the owners are not prompt enough or if the blogshops are too popular.

You can also try the clothes on and have a feel of the quality before purchase, something that you are unable to do so online! Since there are a lot of blogshops selling their items here, you can be sure that there are distinct styles available for you to choose from. Rock, sweet, casual etc... but some blogshops do have the same clothes though so do check and compare the prices before buying. Clothes there are usually free sized and you can try your luck at looking for sold-out pieces online.

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One place for all blogshop fashion

Among the many times that I have been into this shop around the island, I have always been intrigued by the wide variety of clothing that is always available here. This store allows for shoppers to find the best apparel from well-known blogshops in Singapore. In a way, shopping here is better than buying clothes online as shoppers can see the sizes and fit for themselves before making a decision to buy it.

I personally come here to see how certain pieces I like fit, and then I would either buy it on the spot or buy it online. One bad thing about shops like this is that the stock usually runs out really fast, as the pieces available are limited. Other than that, I like shopping here as it serves as an avenue for shoppers like me to browse through several blogshops all at one place.

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Tiny Shop but Good Range

I love shopping online but sometimes you may be worried that the clothing do not fit you or do not look the same as in the picture. With the opening of MIYOC, these fears can be banished! I was very happy to know that now you can find clothings of the most popular blogshops available on racks for you to try out and view in real life.

The outlet at Orchard Central was the first to be opened and I was slightly disappointed at the size of the shop. It is truly mini-sized and there is just one long rack of clothing and some small circular racks at the entrance. However, the range of clothing is acceptable and I managed to find some nice items that were sold out online. The items may differ from the collections available online so that is one downside as you may not be able to find what you wanted to try. Also, popular items get sold out quickly.

There is only one changing room so at peak timings, it may be quite a wait. However, so far whenever I visited the shop, it has always been so quiet you could hear a pin drop. The staff are also quite quiet and sometimes it can get intimidating as they have their eyes on you while you walk along the single shelf.

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