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Ethan Wong
Listing created by Ethan Wong on November 18, 2013    

Fundamentally-flawed is the food blog of Lee Sihan. What makes her blog special is the fact that she's  pastry chef who is currently working in Sydney. Giving her a more discerning palate and broader perspective in the food places she reviews

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(Updated: November 21, 2013)

Luxurious palette of exquisite food

Fundamentally-flawed reviews a variety of restaurants in Singapore so vividly and detailed, not to mention how she takes deliciously looking photos of the food, such that she makes it a pleasure for you to scroll through her blog endlessly, looking for good places to dine at, or just for a leisure read. It offers reviews of restaurants covering a variety of cuisines, from French, to Swedish, to Italian, to Japanese.

Aside from restaurants specialising in their respective cuisines, bars and cafes are also reviewed in this precious blog. If you are an adventurer for food and have no idea where to go finding for the hidden gems, this is the food blog to go to. One thing to note is that she reviews restaurants that are usually on the higher end, so if you are willing to pay the extra for a good dining experience with your loved ones, you can check this out, if not, you can also just look at how delicious it is and drool at home.

She does give the exact name of the dish, a picture to go with that, her after food opinions as well as the price which is really thoughtful. At the end of each review, there would be details about the restaurant as well, which is a plus point for convenience.

Definitely a food blog to check out if you are craving for certain cuisines or looking for good dining experience in this island where you possibly are sick of the usual food you see around the island.

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