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Ethan Wong
Listing created by Ethan Wong on November 13, 2013    

Lazy Foodies is a food blog previously known as Eat Eaten Ate started by Kaiyi. Kaiyi  believes food is a luxury everyone deserves to enjoy and Lazy Foodies is categorized neatly by different cuisines, locations and food types.

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(Updated: November 21, 2013)

Pictures,pictures and pictures!

Lazy Foodies is for those lazy people out there who don't like to read chunks of words and believe that a picture speaks a thousand words. The blog comprises an endless scroll of mouth watering pictures of food and sometimes comprises of short comments about the dishes and restaurants.

It is quite time saving to read like this since we tend to process images faster than words. Ratings and details of the restaurants are given (even the opening hours) however, there isn't a speck of the moolah given for the dishes, which might add to tight-budget foodies' consideration before heading for the restaurant.

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