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Ethan Wong
Listing created by Ethan Wong on November 06, 2013    

yumyumformytumtum is a food blog founded by Peter Oh and this is where he shares his deep love for food. He also writes on HGW after a chance meeting with one of their founders a few years ago.

Lately, he has been traveling alot which has further advanced his knowledge of cuisines in different cultures and he shares all his travel food adventures on his blog too.

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Thorough food reviews

Yumyumformytumtum is a simple but elegant food blog with thorough and objective food reviews. The author (Peter Oh, also known as drpiggy) takes excellent pictures of his food to go along with his reviews. Besides reviewing the food itself, he also writes about the ambience and the experience of eating at a particular place as a whole, which gives the reader a clearer picture of the entire dining experience.

I like how the website has a drop down menu on the right side of the page which allows the reader to select different categories to read about such as Asian food, Fusion food, Dim Sum, etcetera. This makes navigating around the site and finding what you want to read about a lot easier. He also categorised it into areas (eg. Pasir Ris, Bedok, etc.)

Overall, I find yumyumformytumtum a very informative website that is fun to read, although the posts can get a bit long sometimes.

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