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MoneySmart is a financial advice blog which cover every kind of financial topics from savings, credit cards, to investments.

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MoneySmart offers an extensive collection of articles - discussing about anything related to financial matters. It could be about investment tips, insurance, travel, career, everyday saving, and even wedding.

I was quite awed when I first enter this website, just because it is so helpful and informative (mind you,very detailed articles). We live in an age of increasing living costs and this website is definitely useful for anyone who seek guidance on money matters. Gonna keep this blog bookmarked for future referencing!

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Making you smarter (financially)

As a younger man, I was always thrifty with my finances but never really planned ahead. As I started to pay attention to financial planning, MoneySmart was one of the first financial advice blogs I read. After reading one article, I immediately subscribed to the blog.

The articles are written for the layman and kept simple and devoid of financial jargons which always looked more confusing than the New York Stock Exchange. The authors clarify any financial terms and explain how they affect the less financial savvy person. The articles are also written humorously and make for engaging reads

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