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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on July 24, 2013 is run by celebrity food blogger Dr Leslie Tay who in the day runs his own family clinic. He has an extreme love for hawker food and often posts well researched stories behind the dishes and hawker stalls he recommends. He recently released books that serve as guides to Singapore's best hawker food.

He is the most high profile food blogger in Singapore, appearing often in media, events and television. 

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Doctor, but also foodie

ieatishootipost is a blog founded by Dr Leslie Tay. His blog was first start up to promote healthy eating to his readers, but it got so popular that he went on to write about his favourite foods in Singapore, especially hawker food. His popularity continued to skyrocket and he is now one of the most popular local food bloggers, alongside ladyironchef and danielfooddiary.

Aside from recommending his favourite restaurants, Dr Leslie Tay occasionally provides food recipes for famous delicacies such as Teochew Braised Duck. Though I must add, the recipes are a tad challenging to follow, especially for amateur aspiring cooks!

Dr Tay also goes to schools and work places to promote his belief: healthy living, and his purpose in continuing with what he’s doing despite being a doctor. He came to my school before and I was really blown away. A really respectable figure, ieatishootipost is worth a visit!

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Captivating posts...

Dr Tay writes using masterful English, captivating his readers with mouthwatering vocabulary. Sometimes when I am reading his blog, just the description of the yummy food makes me hungry. Yes, he is that good. Also, he travels all over Singapore to find the best foods in hawker centres. Even though he is a doctor and can afford to eat high-class food, he has a passion of authentic Singaporean food.

He also encourages young people to set up hawker stalls and carry selling on traditional Singaporean food. I applaud his effort for doing so, because I do agree that fewer young people are selling hawker food.

*Warning: The photos are amazing and will cause you to salivate.

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(Updated: July 27, 2013)

Best Food Blogger in Singapore

Dr Leslie Tay is in my opinion the best food blogger in Singapore. He is a true foodie who wishes to promote hawker culture in Singapore. His passion is evident in all his posts, which are detailed and carefully researched from speaking to countless hawker owners and then shared online.

Lately he has been working with channel 5 to create a new food show called "8 Days Eat" co-hosted with Belinda which will start airing in mid August. I am really excited to see how that turns out.

I also bought his "Only The Best" book which was overloaded with information, probably too much for its own good. Rather than just having "only the best" there were like 30 hawkers for each category and lots of repetitive information.. because how many times can you tell a story of Bah Ku Teh differently? It does not cater to today's new generation.

Regardless hes still my favorite food blogger by far and I love the fact that hes a doctor who runs his own clinic.

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