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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on July 24, 2013    

QiuQiu is the star of clicknetworkTV's "Budget Barbie" - a show for ladies where she hunts for the best fashion deals. She runs her own magazine the "QWeekly" and there is something special about her which makes her extremely likable.

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I love her Budget Barbie shows

I've learnt about the celebrity blogger Qiu Qiu from the Budget Barbie episodes and to be honest, I really enjoy watching her Budget Barbie shows because not only is it informative but it is also rather entertaining.

I like that she's different - other celebrities would often wear expensive clothings or branded accessories around - which they considered more befitting of their statuses.

But Qiu Qiu is more than willing to seek out these affordable wear for her viewers and supporters on her show, and she is surprisingly unabashed about how thrifty she is in her shopping habits despite her being a relatively famous blogger. It's definitely useful for a less financially adequate student like me.

Quite a handful of people have passed harsh judgements and rude criticisms on her numerous plastic surgeries, but I personally think that to be judging her for being "plastic" and "fake" is ironically as superficial as they claim her to be.

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Read some of her posts but wish she'll post better quality pictures. Her writing is okay, not great but has mass appeal especially to the younger girls. It's quite scary to see how these much these bloggers can influence young minds. She's a pretty girl so don't understand why she needs plastic surgery. By endorsing plastic surgery so openly, she's just causing the young girls to be insecure in their looks and wanting to do something to their face just because it looks trendy or normal.

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Whenever I go onto, I always look out for Budget Barbie - one of my favourite shows on the site.

On Budget Barbie, Qiuqiu looks for clothes and accessories with a budget of $100 and then gives most of the items away at the end of the show. I like her taste in clothes and sometimes she gets really good deals. To further boost the popularity of the show, Qiuqiu has a very bubbly personality, making her very likeable and very enjoyable to watch.

As for Qiuqiu's blog, she usually writes about her travel adventures or does advertorials/reviews on products she gets. Her style of writing is rather cute and has a very Singaporean feel to it, as if her writing is a constant reminder of her Singaporean roots. She often blogs about interesting beauty products and does excellent reviews of them - complete with a dozen pictures of herself.

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(Updated: August 10, 2013)

I don't like her taste in clothes

I have watched a few episodes of Budget Barbie and I find her mildly entertaining. I really don't like most of the things that she chooses, I find them hideous, cheap-looking, or auntie-ish. Being on a budget doesn't mean you should choose products that look lousy.

I think her blog is better. She can be quite funny at times. I think she tries to copy Xiaxue too much though. After being close to Xiaxue, she seems to be a bit meaner. I remember reading her complaining and trashing other blog or website that offers her so much less than she wants to advertise for them.

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