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Typicalben is a personal moniker for metro-sexual blogger, Benjamin Toh, as well as the name of his blog itself. He is among the top local male bloggers. He writes on various topics, ranging from personal to lifestyle. 



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(Updated: November 22, 2013)


Typicalben adopts a personal writing style that interacts with the readers of his blog. He includes singlish and express a lot of his opinions on things here and there which makes it a good leisure read, if let's say you are bored on the net.

He writes with this chirpy, positive attitude that would just lift up a little of your spirits. There are quite a few sneak peaks of his personal life in this blog, like how frustrated he is with the cab-snatchers getting cabs and he's the poor guy who is left with none, which honestly is quite funny to me (pardon me, I'm not a sadist, it is just that he said it in a really funny way).

He also talks about some of the places he has eaten at, his overseas trips and review about them which makes it quite informative as well.

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great and informative read (:

Typicalben, the brother of Randy Toh, has been one of the blogs I perused since young. His writing style is like his brother's, personal and enjoyable to read, and the blog posts punctuated by pictures of his personal life and himself. His blog is much more informative as compared to Randy's, with him commenting about certain products, such as the Phillips AquaTouch electric shaver, which is both insightful and helpful. (: These reviews of his are also sponsored advertorials, but they are his personal view and demonstration of the products' various functions.

Check out his blog for insights about places/products and the personal life of a rather cute looking guy. A great read when you want to pass the time online.

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