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He is a celebrity blogger famous for his self portrait, travel and theme party blog. 


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Singapore’s pretty boy
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Yutakis James is relatively famous in the blogosphere and is linked to big shots such as Xiaxue and Bongqiuqiu through Nuffnang, a site which helps link bloggers to sponsors and advertorials. Yutaki James, just like his blogger counterparts, is a controversial figure. Especially physically. He regularly puts chin and nose fillers and has undergone numerous plastic surgery. Which, obviously, is not normal for a man.

However, hats off to him for successfully standing out among the crowd and being one of the few prominent male fashion bloggers. Perhaps he draws traffic and attention to his blog through his strange fashion inclination.

I’m not a huge fan though as I don’t have a penchant for pretty guys. But at the same time, I’m not a hater and respect him for his achievements. It’s not easy to bear with peoples’ disapproval and continue doing what you believe in! He’s probably even better than me at make up.

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Not a fan
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I'm not a fan because I really find vain guys such a huge turnoff, but I don't hate him though because he seems like a nice person. His first post that I read was about a “transformer” girl, where a girl looked so much different after putting on makeup. That was so many years ago, and about 1-2 years ago, he suddenly popped up again because KayKay kept tweeting about him.

Even though his English is not as good as most Singaporean bloggers, he still manages to stand out from the rest, which is quite an achievement. He is really hardworking too because he posts so many photos and Photoshops nearly all of them.

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Never seen eyebrows like his!
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The blogosphere is one huge community linked together by a company called nuffnang which helps to link bloggers to their sponsors and shops who need advertising. What i really admire about Yutaki is that through his sheer determination and perseverance he has made a name for himself in blogging, putting in a lot of effort into his images and blog aesthetics.

Not many other bloggers do up their blog like how he does it, which really is impressive. I still can't figure out if he is singaporean, mixed or what, his eyebrows are often the object of discussion, being trimmed so nicely and filled with eyebrow pencil.

From nothing, he has slowly gain fame and recognition even from other popular bloggers, which is really impressive.

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