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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 30, 2012    

A half eurasian blogger who is rapidly gaining popularity in the blogosphere. Knows other bloggers Yutaki, Hong Qiu Ting and Xiaxue.  


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(Updated: November 27, 2014)

Far from typical

Juxtaposed against the generic somewhat famous bloggers in Singapore, she writes comparatively better. An engaging style of writing makes for interesting blog posts, unlike the insipid, vapid ones you often get from other bloggers. She's also not as self-indulgent and oblivious as the typical blogger.

Although she does churn out many posts about her life, which may seem a little boring considering she's leading the life of a typical Singaporean university student (well maybe except that she possesses a little more fame and is Eurasian), she also writes about travel, her sartorial choices and food. Now this may seem like the repertoire of any other blogger in Singapore, but to break up the monotony of these posts, she sometimes also includes posts about causes she personally believes in - one of the first posts I read of hers was a passionately written one about animal rights, where she advocated using only products which have not been tested on animals and provided readers with a list of options of corporations which do not conduct said tests.

All in all, she's one to check out.

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Fun blog

To be honest, I enjoy reading her blog posts. It’s quite engaging and so relatable, the way it should be on a lifestyle blog.

And for some reason, I particularly enjoyed her blog posts on travelling (Japan and Korea to name a few), and I sort of hope that there’ll be more of such similar blog posts. I actually really liked the photos on the Tokyo blog posts that also showcases both Japan street style AND beautiful scenery AND interesting attractions/ architecture. Her writing is also clear, and the font is easy on the eyes, so that’s makes it a pretty good blog to read to pass time!

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Look forward to her blog posts

There are several female bloggers whose blogs I enjoy reading regularly but there are none whose posts I look forward to as much as Sophie's.

What I like about her is that her writing is entertaining and she writes well (especially relative to some other bloggers who don't use very good English). She has this sometimes rather self-deprecating sort of humour that I do find funny. I only started reading her blog actively recently but I searched for some of her older posts and I'm glad that her writing has improved and seems to reflect her increased maturity.

The only thing I find a little annoying is how she puts endless photos of her face. She is pretty and I think she has great complexion but really, no one needs to see *that* many photos with just a minuscule difference in the tilt of her face or something. She does give warnings so we can avoid them but sometimes, it means scrolling a lot just to read more of her entertaining writing.

Overall, her writing is clear and her blog makes for a fun, easy read.

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Pretty blogger!

If I remember correctly, Sophie Willocq was one of the champions in The New Paper's New Face 2005. She rightfully deserves that title! Really one of the more beautiful women around!

I've read her blog and her life seems to be really interesting, with numerous overseas trips and blog posts on topics like beauty. But I guess there's just something that doesn't make her blog as eye-catching and unique as Xiaxue's or Kay Kay's. Which is why I prefer following her Twitter for more updates.

I love how despite she's Eurasian, her Singlish sounds just like any other normal Singaporean! Completely natural and just wow, I wish I could hear her speak more! I guess its because most of her blogger friends like Qiuqiu made her speak the way she is now.

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Writes well

Definitely one of the better writers. For the most part, she uses proper English in complete sentences, which are mostly free of vulgarity. Something which cannot be said of some other popular blogs, where half the sentences are in broken English or ending with some profanity or another.

Since I treat them as mere entertainment, I don’t give two hoots if their blogpost has any real substance behind it. As long as it’s entertaining, it’s passable. And for the most part, Sophie is entertaining. She doesn’t actively attempt to shape your views on things outside of her “expertise”, like fashion and beauty. Instead, she helps you kill time with her descriptions of her day and numerous photos of herself.

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(Updated: November 16, 2013)

Another one of those pretty bloggers

She has legs that go on forever and a really pretty face to boot.
I knew her through Xiaxue actually, where she was captured in a picture of them three, XX, qiuqiu and her supporting George Yeoh during the elections. It created quite some hoo ha actually, even though sophie wasn't really involved in the saga.

That was when i took notice of her. A 22 yr old french chinese, she has been blogging for 6 yrs already and is slowly climbing the popularity ladder. I've read her blog and mostly the blogs are mainly like the other blogs, which have random ramblings and many many photoshopped and unedited pictures of themselves. Not that i'm complaining, i wouldn't mind some entertainment. However, XX's blog still draw me more because of her way of writing, and i also realized that Xiaxue's blog entries are more well written with substance.

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