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Dawn Yang is one of the celebrity bloggers in Singapore and has also set up an online store Lexi Lyla in the year 2010.


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Thriving on shallow media attention

All those debates and controversies on Dawn Yang's aesthetic appearance are really pointless. Did she have plastic surgery? Are her boobs real? Is her accent fake? Okay, whatever it is, I have to give it to her for having a really convincing accent; fake or genuine, I don't know. She is thriving on all these mindless squabbles, and her online career hinges on all these superficial controversies.

I honestly think she does not have any substantial career to hold on to - other than providing fashion advice that are pretty much common sense. Her posts often leave me feeling blank - because her posts are quite mindless and I learn nothing from reading them.

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She's pretty especially in photos. As mentioned by many people, her blog is terribly boring as it lacks depth, since she tends to write politically-correct stuff (for fear of public lashing again, I guess).

She does have a right to conceal the fact that she had plastic surgery, but the main reason people dislike her is because she bashed others who had plastic surgery. I think she had learned her lesson as she admitted to plastic surgery in an interview a few years ago. I think people should give her another chance as what she did was not that terrible.

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(Updated: December 26, 2012)

Pretty but boring

Once touted as one of Singapore's best bloggers, Dawn Yang was definitely at the top of the blogging scene a few years back together with Xiaxue, which definitely struck some controversy between the two. However, Dawn Yang seems to have disappeared under the radar as of late, and when coupled with the rising number of younger bloggers, Dawn Yang's blog hits seemed to have gone down the hill as well.

Personally, I am not the biggest fan of Dawn Yang. Sure, she may ooze femininity and class, but I've read her blog before, and I have to say I wasn't particularly taken. Her blog generally consists of long, rambling posts on meals, clothes, luxe bags and events, which bores me out of my mind.

I do believe that locals discredit her more than they ought to though. Most local netizens tend to side with Xiaxue after the infamous fight between Dawn Yang and Xiaxue a few years ago, but I'd thought that she definitely had a right to conceal the fact that she'd gone through plastic surgery, the same way some of us deny the fact that we don't brush our teeth before sleep (though if I may add, I definitely do brush my teeth!).

Generally a pretty woman, who probably has brains to go along with her looks, judging from the success of her online store. She could definitely do with more interesting blog content though.

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(Updated: December 26, 2012)

She's still alive?

Much as I can empathise her dislike for her old looks, I would rather have a girl who puts brains first instead of boobs on the forefront.

She's pretty definitely, and since the whole world is getting into plastic surgery, there's not much to condemn her for doing so. Just that she did it successfully and beautifully compared to many others.

However, if life is about high class wines, branded clothes, boozes, parties, cars, boys, boobs and more boobs, it's bad for digestion. Well, life is beyond all these right?

She may get lots of attention right now, the perfect man along the way might be proven more difficult in future.

Oh well, invest more in knowledge and other skills may allow one's inner beauty to rise above those boobs..

And yes, we know those two meat are pretty.. so cut down on photos of them k?

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(Updated: December 26, 2012)

A good person

Being a personal friend, this girl is heavily misunderstood if you judge her on a surface level. If you know her personally, none of her friends will say she is a terrible person because she is the nicest, sweetest girl and someone with a really good heart.

Sometimes when controversy hits, no matter how much you write or explain things, people will just twist things to put you in a bad light because they already have a deep rooted preconceived notion that you are a bad person. I guess the best is to just walk away and focus on the good, and of course the people who matter.

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(Updated: December 26, 2012)

A pretty face

People somehow always compare her with another famous blogger Xiaxue. I will do that too. But I somehow, im still bias towards Xiaxue. Somehow, XX feels more real and true to me unlike Dawn. I don't know her very well, so i cannot say much, but as a reader of both blogs, i must say i prefer XX's writing and content as compared to hers.

I've heard that they are at loggerheads and up till now i still don't really know the story. But one thing is that i admire XX for her candidness and openness to what she does and what types of surgeries she has gone through unlike Dawn, which many have speculated to have done more than she claims.

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