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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on April 04, 2013    

Dasani is a brand derived from the Coca Cola company. They are bottles of water sprinkled with drops of natural flavour to enhance the taste of an ordinary H2O. It was officially launched to public in 1999. Dasani drinks are now distributed internationally from America to United Kingdom and Singapore. Dasani drinks are commonly sold at 7-11 and Golden Village.

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I just bought Dasani's mineral water today since I forgot to bring my water bottle out and really needed to quench my thirst after running to catch the bus. It sells for pretty cheap at supermarkets but I've seen it selling for over a dollar at some smaller shops, so beware of where you buy this from.

Dasani's mineral water honestly tastes a bit weird, but that's just my personal opinion. It just has this indescribable, slightly strange taste to it, but it's easy to ignore when you're on the verge of dehydration. It isn't like those mineral water where it sells for really, really cheap and taste like sewage water. The quality of Dasani's mineral water is fine, I think, but I just don't really like how it tastes.

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Same Same La

I'm not sure how to begin reviewing Dasani. It is simply a brand of water that is imported and distributed by Coca-Cola in Singapore, but is the product of Malaysia. Looking at the nutritional information, I don't think it's mineral water because it lacks that mineral taste and there is nothing in the nutritional label that tells me of the presence of minerals in the water.

I like that Dasani water tastes clean and pure and that is inexpensive, unlike other brands like Fiji water which are not worth it, and when you pay more for branding instead. Dasani is also easily found and available in many convenience stores and shops, so getting a bottle is not difficult. They also have hot and cold water dispensers for home and office use so businesses can also get them.

Overall, Dasani is a wise brand choice for anyone looking to grab a quick bottle of water due to its good and affordable price and ease of finding.

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To be honest, Dasani water tastes just like water from any other brand. Perhaps the only brands I've ever drank from that tasted different are Evian and Fiji Water - their water tasted purer and less filtered somehow.

Dasani water, on the other hand, almost tastes like tap water. I really couldn't tell the difference. One thing I like about Dasani water though, is that the bottle is slightly longer and thinner than normal plastic water bottles. This makes it easy for me to slot the bottle into thin bags or thin compartments. It is also easier to grip the bottle especially for people with smaller hands. Other than this, I find no other parts about Dasani water that triumps other brands.

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Thoughtful Design of Bottle.

Yes, Dasani's water tastes exactly the same as other brand's water. And although it doesn't stand out in terms of quality, it definitely stands out in terms of packaging.

I honestly like Dasani's bottle. It's thinner and taller than other bottles, making it appear more elegant and unique. The gap between the two cylinders also make for a better grip compared to other brands. Its dumbbell-like form is a unique and thoughtful design which I greatly appreciate. It is also because of that that I prefer it over other brands.

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Water for the community event

Pardon me but it seems that at every community event I've been to, Dasani is often there as well as the drinking water of choice. I've always wondered why there are so many brands of mineral water rampant in Singapore. I find that the only two types of water that tastes different from each other are distilled water vs mineral water. And even then, i wouldn't notice that if i was really thirsty and was aiming to just quench my thirst.

Hence, I bought a bottle of water just to specially proof taste for the natural flavour that Dasani claims to have added in as a flavour enhancer. I liked the taste of the water as it really does taste better than ordinary water that came out of the water cooler. The texture is smoother and the after taste is indeed more refreshing, but slightly.

Overall, while Dasani might be a cut above ordinary water. I still feel that brands like Ice Mountain truly command the price it holds. There are much more ways that Dasani can improve but ultimately I don't see much point doing too much R & D for the product. After all, its just water, you just drink it.

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Just H2O

Oh c'mon water is just water and everything else to me is just marketing nonsense. When you are thirsty and walking down the aisles of the supermarket, do you actually bother reading the labels of every bottle of water or are like you me, just picking out the cheapest. I picked out 2 bottles of these as they were going at 2 for 65cents, the cheapest on the rack.

Taste-wise, I am not even going to bother to pretend that I am a connoisseur of water, the bottle of water taste like good ole H2O. Although I have to admit that I prefer this to other brands, some of which taste very strongly of minerals and sometimes even taste of chemicals, so by tasting like good ole H2O, this brand probably does have an edge over the others.

Thirst quenching and good enough for me.

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Just another bottle of water...

When I first saw the brand Dasani, I wasn't very sure of it and didn't buy it. I preferred choosing Ice Mountain, my trusty brand of mineral water whenever I forget to bring my water bottle out. When I am not sure of something, I usually stay away from it but come one day, I had no choice. I needed a drink so badly and the Mama shop didn't carry Ice Mountain. I needed plain water because sweet drinks would make me even more thirsty. I took the Dasani and paid 70 cents for it. Ice Mountain would have been that price as well.

Actually the taste is similar to Ice Mountain but I didn't quite like the bottle shape of the Dasani bottle. It was longish and unnecessary. I much prefer the traditional round Ice Mountain bottles. The plastic bottle also felt a little flimsy. The water did not carry a weird taste but hey, mineral water is still mineral water. We can't detect any differences in them unless you are a mineral water expert! Water is still water and it did quench my thirst. If I ever have a choice, I will still drink Ice Mountain but if that isn't available, I wouldn't mind choosing Dasani.

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Water taste more 'smoother'

When I buy the drink, the water actually does taste more smoother and softer than tap water ! It's quite a nice and refreshing and I didn't realize it's because they added some natural enhancers. Quite an interesting tidbit there.

BUT, that does not justify the high price of this bottled drink. I still think free water from home beats anything else! On the rare occasion where I do buy bottled water, I will pick Dasani. It's a refreshingly different kind of water.

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