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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 19, 2012    
A soft eastern touch always goes a long way to work out those kinks in your back, neck and shoulders. No, we're not going down the Geisha or Teahouse Girl route but how about some terrific traditional Chinese acupressure massages that will rock your senses or more appropriately your tensed muscles.

Qi Mantra is the name you want to meditate on, every time your muscles scream for a well-deserved massage.

If your mind rebels against traditional Chinese treatments - thinking of the pungent oils and non-bedside manners of the local sinseh - fear not because Qi Mantra is the modern take on an old method of traditional Chinese acupressure.

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Best way to soothe those aches away

These people mean business when it comes to massages.

I was completely blown away during my first visit to Qi Mantra - I had purchased a Groupon to try it out with the boyfriend, and was completely not expecting the level of expertise displayed by the masseuse! At the end of that first session, we ended up signing up for a massage package each. The total damage came down to about $360 for 6 massages, an hour each, but with the option to convert one of the sessions into a one and a half hour session. Prices have since gone up, but I'm not too sure what the new price scheme is like.

Sure, Chinatown has got lots of cheaper massage places, but I like the classy feel of the place and the fact that there are quite a few outlets about town. This means that I can pop into any one of them at anytime. Qi Mantra also sends out SMS-es informing us occasionally of free perks for members - rewarding their existing clientele!

Ah, now for the massages. Two massages that I've tried are the Power Blast and the Breezy Bliss. The Power Blast is REALLY hard. But it really helps to get rid of the knots in your shoulders after a few sessions. I love the breezy bliss, it's a gentler massage and it really helps to perk me up especially after a stressful week. I guess the Power Blast would be more enjoyed by men, since more strength is used in the technique.

And have I mentioned that the quality of the masseuse ladies never waver? They must go through some pretty strict training regime over there.

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Not too bad

I visited the branch at Raffles City Shopping Centre once after purchasing a coupon worth $28 on Groupon. The original price for the massage is actually $50 if I’m not wrong.

The massage room is clean and judging from the skills, the masseur is well-trained. Throughout the whole session, the masseur was really quiet which was great since peace is much needed during a massage session. However, it would also be better if she could consistently check on the customer on whether she is using too little or too much force etc.

After the session, I was served a cup of tea where many other massage parlours would do so too. At the same time, the receptionist took the chance to inform me of the problem areas I have based on the masseur’s judgement. I knew that was coming since coupon is often one of the marketing strategies to capture new consumers. However, I had no intention in signing up a package and rejected the offer. The receptionist remained professional and thanked me for visiting. So, I guess there is nothing much to complain about their service.

Price wise, I thought it is much comparable to other massage parlours. Definitely worth visiting again!

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