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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 19, 2012    
Three months before the big day, my boyfriend and I packed our bags, left our Brooklyn apartment and headed to Singapore. As far as wedding planning goes, this may not have been the most practical, or even responsible decision – luckily, thanks to the internet and my incredibly organised mother on location, we were able to pull it off.

Unfortunately, the bridal party was not going to be able to travel 15,339km for a proper girls’ night out. As a substitute, I flew solo and headed to a spa where I could be pampered prior to the big day, in an attempt to limit the chances of Bridezilla popping out between Singapore and Miami – where our wedding was to be celebrated.


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what kind of listing is this?

Who passes off their pre-wedding plans and stories as an Overview for a Spa club? Much as that's bewildering, I'm also surprised to see this listing because Wen Luxe Spa has been defunct for nearly a year now, as far as I know.

I used to have a manicure package with Wen Luxe Spa, but some cronies under the pretense of supporting the Case Trust Spa Initiative took over the "fulfillment" of my package. That, of course, is if you'd define hard-selling and harassment as part of the fulfillment. Wish I had remembered the sorry chain that took over Wen Luxe Spa's accounts, so that I can do up a proper flaming review of the "establishment", but I was too busy hanging up after the 10,000th time they called.

In other words, if you're drawn by the "cheap as peanuts" prices advertised in spa packages, then be prepared for some major monkey business. You get what you pay for, especially true for the dismal array of spa establishments in Singapore.

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they closed down.
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